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    I made the point in another comment yesterday, but yeah, this is exactly the stuff female players have been calling out not just the past few days but for a long time, in Hearthstone and many other game communities.

    The pinnacle for me was comparing inclusiveness to racism. I couldn't think of a bigger slap to the face for both people affected by racism AND sexism.

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    posted a message on RegisKillbin & Kripparrian Withdraw From Inn-vitational This Week - Blizzard Announces Plans and Replacements

    The comments in this thread are exactly the point that the female players are making and have made for actually quite some time now. The problem isn't the invites, as you correctly stated, it's the attitude toward women, toward this decision, that seeks to discredit moves like this as adamantly as possible.

    To make it about the invites is to miss the point. These female players are opening up about the consistent mistreatment they receive from Hearthstone's community team leaders, from viewers, from fellow players. Representation matters and when it looks like it's being forced right now it's because it has to be, because the culture and atmosphere created by gatekeeper male players is hostile to female gamers. That is the point. That is why this "discussion" isn't much of a discussion, it's female players calling out multiple problems as the establishment saying "You're right, lets' fix this," while outspoken guys with something against this fix for inequality in Hearthstone representation and inclusion are comparing it to racism, which is a wild and frankly disrespectful take.

    Male gamers have been - time and time again - proven to be unreasonably protective of gaming as "theirs" and it manifests in forums like this, where people LOSE THEIR MINDS over two players choosing to use their power, their position as prominent players with the ability to enact change, to give the Hearthstone team a chance to represent their player base more accurately, to give deserving competitive female players a stage that needed to be handed to them not because they weren't qualified but because the mindset in gaming as a whole is "This is for guys," so female players don't get considered on equal ground. If they did, Luna would have been a shoe-in from the start, Slysssa (a better BG player than Kripp) would have made the cut. There are plenty of talented and worthy choices for this corporate tournament (which is another great reason to embrace representation: it's a showcase) whether male or female, so this isn't a problem, this isn't an issue, it's a decision that was made by individuals in the face of multiple accounts by female players showing inequality, and that decision brought something great about.

    I'm not stopping anyone from voicing their opinion, I can't do that because I don't even have the ability to censor people on here. I'm disagreeing with with their opinion.

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    MRA philosophers, unite!

    Every single time there's a hint of equality or representation they swarm with "virtue signaling" and comparing inclusion to racism.


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    posted a message on Book Of Heroes: Gladiator Valeera Is Live Now!

    The last two were the hardest for me, but everything felt exactly like a rogue mirror normally does: draw and go face a lot, and whoever gets what they need first wins.

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    I think it's worse. Tiller has only been around a week and already I'm beating it at 80-90% with hyper aggro, but it needs a nerf because it kills slower decks too easily.

    Secret mage has been around for a while now and even before Sayge, it was extremely good. Now it's actually better with him and Rigged, way more consistent draw. It needs a nerf because it will still be around after tiller gets hit this week (hopefully tomorrow with the incoming server work they posted about in the Battle.net app).

    Nerf secret mage 2021

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    posted a message on The Road to Level 50 - What's Your Choice?

    I almost chose rogue but went with warrior instead. I like it more than Deathwing and the standard portrait is better but only in golden (which I don't have yet). I play warrior more recently so it was a decent compromise.
    Demon hunter portrait is excellent but I have a hard time enjoying the class so that's my next portrait.
    Rogue is good but not AMAZING.
    Hunter is for sure my third pickup because I love the class (but Sylvanas is the best hunter skin, undisputed) and this is the best Rexxar portrait for sure.
    Paladin best skin is Sir Annoy-O because every emote is a BM even if you don't want it to be.
    Warlock best skin is N'Zoth.
    Shaman level 50 is bad, priest level 50 is bad.
    Mage level 50 is boring. Kirin Tor Jaina is the best (but only because they didn't make her DK art from Frozen Throne an option)
    Druid level 50 is super bad.


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    posted a message on A Less Friendly Game of Chess is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    This one is fine. It's just fine. 

    I love the chess piece minion mechanics, and using poisonous rogue is still a crushing swing strategy. It's extremely consistent, and the amount of created by in the main game and most TB's has conditioned us to expect that from everything in HS.

    EZ 530 dust pack, btw (legendary, epic, rare, and two common! high roll city)

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    posted a message on Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Meta Decks - Early December

    Anything that drowns evolve shaman in its own blood deserves a small break before getting nerfed alongside evolve shaman.

    Thank you demon hunter, I hate you very much.

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    posted a message on Randomonium is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    I thought i came here to comment on the brawl, but it seems everyone has come to beat a dead horse with this "ladder is already randomonium" chucklefest of a joke, so now I'm just seeing how many I come across

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    Genuinely cool deck, but that was really the best name you could come up with? A slur?

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