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    posted a message on What are Wild players looking forward to this set?


    But seriously, we're looking forward to hopefully getting a little more variety outside of questline hunter, pirate warrior, evenlock, and whatever else people like to run to hate tech those (like Celestial Alignment druid... ugh). I don't think we're super hopeful, but we're gonna try to get something fresh going out here in the wilds

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    For everyone still complaining about ladder lacking Noz matches: I feel for you; I, too, want ladder Noz matches; but just go to casual.

    I went 2 out of 3 Noz matches today in casual and I had a great time. We can still ask for Blizzard to up priority on Noz matchmaking, but at this point we're just crying to ourselves about ladder.

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    posted a message on Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy Cancel Card Reveals over Blizzard Allegations and Law Suit - Trump Too

    I mean, 2 years of work went into gathering evidence. At the very least, something happened o much that the state thought this was worth pursuing, and now it's up to the legal teams to worm through the semantics and try to hash out technicalities and hairsplitting to either pin this on Blizzard or absolve them of at least some of the accusations.

    I think it's safe to put your starting place in this little journey at "guilty, but of how much?"

    Also, for me, "how much" is a great point to make when pouring a glass of water, not when it comes to sexual harassment, inequality, and fostering an environment that seems to have led to the suicide of a woman employed by Blizzard (who died while on a work trip with a male higher-up). Some bets are safe bets, and I'm betting these women didn't manufacture these accounts and attach themselves to a lawsuit that will unquestionably demonize them before the trial even starts in the eyes of many gamers just because they wanted a payout. This stuff is a problem in the gaming community as a whole and can't possibly come as a surprise, seeing how they've handled smaller-scale issues of the same base nature.

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    posted a message on Should Counterspell counter Flare?

    Do I want it to? Yes! It's a flare that exposes everything.
    Should it? No, because by the logic of the game, a spell is nullified by Counterspell. You can't counter a counter if the secret goes off first. The line of logic in the code doesn't allow for that without exceptions.

    Now if they made it a 1-mana 1/1 weapon that had the battlecry or "when attacking" effect of Flare's card text, then absolutely, it makes sense in both flavor and language of the game.

    Side note: this is an OLD argument and we gotta stop rehashing in forums that Blizzard doesn't take seriously. Go on Twitter and @ the dev team with ideas on why you thing Flare should beat Counterspell, or why it deserves a rework.

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    posted a message on Book Of Heroes: Gladiator Valeera Is Live Now!

    The last two were the hardest for me, but everything felt exactly like a rogue mirror normally does: draw and go face a lot, and whoever gets what they need first wins.

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    Two ways to look at this: the complicated way that might get you there and the simple way that will get you there.

    Complicated: research the local meta where you are (D4-D1) on multiple report sites to get an idea of your most likely matchups. Choose the deck that both fits your playstyle and handles those top threats well. Play as often as you can manage to stand, ignore tilt unless it affects your gameplay, push push push. If you find you are facing a localized meta that counters you, switch to the deck that handles that local meta, and push push push.

    Simple: choose the most aggressive deck with the highest winrate, play the life out of the deck as often as you can for as long as you can every day.

    Both of these will get you to legend in 90% of metas. you'll notice the common thread: grind. Only players with 11X bonuses don't truly grind D5-legend. Everyone else is just working on keeping a win rate over 50%.

    It's a numbers game. You can do it, it takes work!

    Best of luck!

    P.S. - I'm sure you can find a friend who is willing to coach while spectating to help with some of the harder decisions that come up in matches, or just to talk to you so you don't get in your own head if you hit a losing streak.

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    posted a message on Control is dead because...
    Quote from hillandder >>
    Quote from Tommykoppo >>

    Control is dead cause.....you people dont know how to play it


    Control is dead because this meta is a failed paper-rock-scissor one.

    If control have a free win vs aggro like Tickatus have vs control then all will be fine, aggro beats Tickatus what beat control what beat aggro, unfortunately this is not the case, aggro is super strong and many control decks like priest or warrior are lacking in good draw engines, very good healing (except paladin) and cheap mass removals.

    Why play control? You have a lost match vs warlocks, a 50/50 vs other controls and no favorable match at all, in other words, you have to strugle vs everything and any hope vs warlocks.

    Warlocks have a hard match vs aggro, a 50/50 vs other warlocks and free win vs anything else.

    Aggro decks have a good match vs warlocks and a 50/50 vs other aggros.

    Like I said, a failed rock-paper-scissor meta, to fix this is easy, just release insanely overpowered and undercosted mass removals, draws engines and healings for other non-warlock control decks, in a way the decks have a very easy free wins against aggro decks, nerf heavily the healing effects for warlocks making them even more weaken vs aggro decks and you get the perfect rock-paper-scissor meta.


    Control is actively suppressed by "created by" meta, outrageous mana cheating, and relative lack of support (ie - for every great control tool there are two better aggro tools per set).

    To the op, Tickatus is a control tool. Amazing in the mirror, perfect vs combo/OTK builds. This card is not broken or unfair, it's just very powerful and - as pointed out by the devs on Twitter and Reddit - meant as a griefer tool. That means he's meant to piss opponents off, by design. It's an intended part of the game. Until Blizzard tones down the volume of consistent high roll and discover pools with highly targetable outcomes, control will rely on cards like Tickatus and rival RNG tools to try and compete.

    Also, I have beaten Tickatus more time than I've lost to that card. It's strong, but it's not broken. It just does its job well.

    Side note: I'm a hunter main that currently runs paladin and non-Tickatus warlock as well in standard, so my bias is toward aggro and decks that don't manifest 20-60 cards more than they started with. I find that stuff utterly aggravating and detrimental to the fun of game for the opponent and encourages more toxic builds than it does fun and competitive ones.

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    posted a message on Eye for an eye bug?

    I was going to get into the wording but it's taken care of so I'll just echo: your attack isn't over until the secret triggers, because "when" means the damage dealt must be traded before the attack is technically over, so it's working correctly.

    It's a tough card to beat sometimes. I've lost to it more than I care to count, but that's just Hearthstone sometimes.

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    posted a message on The Road to Level 50 - What's Your Choice?

    Yes! I think some of the more active animations can betray the look they try to go for and this one is great, really menacing.

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    posted a message on The Road to Level 50 - What's Your Choice?

    I almost chose rogue but went with warrior instead. I like it more than Deathwing and the standard portrait is better but only in golden (which I don't have yet). I play warrior more recently so it was a decent compromise.
    Demon hunter portrait is excellent but I have a hard time enjoying the class so that's my next portrait.
    Rogue is good but not AMAZING.
    Hunter is for sure my third pickup because I love the class (but Sylvanas is the best hunter skin, undisputed) and this is the best Rexxar portrait for sure.
    Paladin best skin is Sir Annoy-O because every emote is a BM even if you don't want it to be.
    Warlock best skin is N'Zoth.
    Shaman level 50 is bad, priest level 50 is bad.
    Mage level 50 is boring. Kirin Tor Jaina is the best (but only because they didn't make her DK art from Frozen Throne an option)
    Druid level 50 is super bad.


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    posted a message on A Less Friendly Game of Chess is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    This one is fine. It's just fine. 

    I love the chess piece minion mechanics, and using poisonous rogue is still a crushing swing strategy. It's extremely consistent, and the amount of created by in the main game and most TB's has conditioned us to expect that from everything in HS.

    EZ 530 dust pack, btw (legendary, epic, rare, and two common! high roll city)

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    posted a message on Roping as a strategy?
    Quote from Pherosizm >>

    This thread was created over a year ago.

    I guess that means that roping is not a new thing people just decided to start doing because of the new system!

    People have been morons for way longer! Great news!

     I think roping now has become something that's no longer exclusively in the realms of either "serious consideration" or "mean dumpster person."

    Blizzard has given players incentive to taking longer turns to maximize their XP. I'm adjusting to it, and getting used to figuring out who is BMing and who is just trying to get XP since we're no longer awarded for wins in cumulative gold. I personally don't feel the need to rope, but I am taking an extra few seconds every round just for the XP before I end my turn.

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    posted a message on Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Meta Decks - Early December

    Anything that drowns evolve shaman in its own blood deserves a small break before getting nerfed alongside evolve shaman.

    Thank you demon hunter, I hate you very much.

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    posted a message on Randomonium is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    I thought i came here to comment on the brawl, but it seems everyone has come to beat a dead horse with this "ladder is already randomonium" chucklefest of a joke, so now I'm just seeing how many I come across

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    posted a message on F2P Legend 1-Day Grind! ******-Proof Huntard

    Genuinely cool deck, but that was really the best name you could come up with? A slur?

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