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    posted a message on The Fury of Kael'thas is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    mmmmm fair point, I have to agree

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    posted a message on Best DH COUNTER Decks

    Farming with warrior

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    posted a message on The Fury of Kael'thas is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    So you're telling me I can add extra card draw in place of Kael and still play my busted OTK demon hunter?

    ah wait, already did that an hour ago.

    bad timing for this brawl, otherwise it would be interesting. Right now most everyone is druid, mage, or obviously demon hunter

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    posted a message on New ranked system feels great to play

    Not perfect, but an improvement for sure, imo.

    It definitely improves your initial experience every season with the star bonuses. Gaining 8-11 stars for a single win without even starting a win streak is gonna make most players' (definitely including me... I know myself, and it feels good when it happens!) brains dump dopamine like crazy, regardless of it being in bronze where you can't lose rank anyways.

    Getting a start that doesn't punish you will help people who start off on a bad foot to not give up on ladder so quickly, since all it can take is 4-5 losses in a row to misplays or draw rng, or even a ridiculous discovery string that swings against you, and suddenly Hearthstone is the worst game ever and why did you ever think you could enjoy this stupid pile of garbage.

    Getting some initial boosters can mitigate those feelings with "at least I'm not tanking my rank" and "just one win netted me X stars!" It's mind games, but it works.

    Also, the MMR seems to feel extremely fair, and anyone who complains about it seems to say the same thing: "They're just as good as me!" which is the stupidest argument I've ever seen. It's complaining about an even playing field.

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    posted a message on zilliax the best legendary ever imho(not cause it is broken just for his versatility)
    Quote from Macinstosh >>

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End is still the best legendary in the game. You can't change my mind. 

     Like arguing the sky is blue: an established fact that cannot be disputed, for there is no logic that stands against it. Hail Yogg

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    Ever see a man's life fade from his eyes?

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    posted a message on This new ranked system is a joke.

    First things first, this will happen every month. Everyone gets set back to bronze and matchmaking will take a bit to really refine as everyone's MMR is composed based on games played.

    So far, I've spoken with a few players who have done some testing and here's how the matchmaking seems to work (unofficially, of course):

    Based on your skill, efficiency, deck composition, and rank, you'll get matched with people who best line up with you. 

    For example, you'll face a player who makes a lot of mistakes if you make a lot of mistakes, too. You'll face a lot more meta decks if you run meta decks, too. Running off-meta? Your opponent is likely to be doing the same. Win streak? Your opponent probably has one going, too.

    Don't let the initial newness/weirdness of ladder turn you off from it. Get a feel for how it works and how you can best approach it.

    Best of luck!

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    posted a message on zilliax the best legendary ever imho(not cause it is broken just for his versatility)

    As much as I enjoyed Zill, he's gotta go. His saturation in the meta from day 1 has been off the charts. Even if you wanted to put him in a face hunter or similar deck, he wouldn't be awful because he's outrageously good. If for no other reason than he instantly became the new Ragnaros/Sylvanas/Azure, he's had his time in the sun and now it's off into wild where he'll continue to be an excellent card.

    SN1P-SN4P can eat my whole butt. I hate that card and couldn't be happier that it's leaving.

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    posted a message on PALADINS BACK BABY!!!

    Libram of Hope is outrageous. Get all our libram discounts in and you have a two card 6-mana heal for 16 with two 8/8's. And you can discover another that will get the discount since the effect is for "that game" and not for librams in your hand or deck; any libram you get will be discounted.

    Incredibly powerful, but we'll see how paladin fares in reality once the whole set drops and we can see the full potential of the set.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Epic Card Revealed - Nagrand Slam

    Better if you discover it, might end up being a niche play, but that's a solid 12 to the face if there's no opposing minions 

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    posted a message on YOGG SARON IS BACK!!!!

    This was the best use of 1600 dust I've ever spent. Time to lose 7 times in a row on ladder, baybeeeee

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    posted a message on [Heroic] Amazing Reno/Galakrond

    Worth not trying to out-value turn 1 8/8's with taunt.

    Small note: it's faster to do the combo with Topsy than with Smite. Smite's animation is longer

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds is a stupid waste of energy.


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    posted a message on All-Star Squad - Tavern Brawl #243

    had a time getting a turn 1 concede with Pogo Hoppers on my first match. Decided it was my last match before the copycats flooded the whole mode

    interactivity: 0/10
    replayability: 0/10 (playing is a relative term here)
    ez pack: 10/10

    Bad brawl design (no variation once everyone catches on to what's busted good), but thanks for rewarding my laziness, Blizzard. A cool 135 dust.

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    posted a message on Is Sky Gen'ral Kragg even worth keeping?

    outrageous tempo value for quest decks, but it's best suited for Unseal the Vault imo. I've had huge success with Gen'ral

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