The Card Backs of Hearthstone

The Complete Card Backs Guide

The complete guide to Card Backs, with every Card Back in game, including images, method of obtainment and links to source when available!

 This coin symbol indicates that you can buy that specific card back with your gold in your collection manager 

There are currently -215- card backs in the game.

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Some card backs are available to be unlocked via gold in your card back collection manager.


Obtained by completing simple in-game tasks.

Hearthstone's Default Card Back

Achieve Legend Rank in Ranked Play

Play 3 matches at a Fireside Gathering

Can be used to play with random card backs


Obtained by participating in special Blizzard events.

"Blizzard 2014"
Attend Blizzcon 2014 or purchase a Virtual Ticket

"Blizzard 2015"
Attend Blizzcon 2015 or purchase a Virtual Ticket

"Welcome Inn"
Attend Blizzcon 2016 or purchase a Virtual Ticket

"Blizzard Events 2018"
Attend Blizzcon 2018 or purchase a Virtual Ticket

"Blizzard Events 2019"
Attend Blizzcon 2019 or purchase a Virtual Ticket

"30 Years of Blizzard"
Available in shop during the anniversary event


Obtained by participating in Blizzard sponsored special events.

"Dalaran Flame"
Participate in TeSPA or another collegiate progr.

"Golden Celebration"
High Level finish in an approved eSports event

"Power Core
Attend an approved eSports event

"Thrill of Victory"
Attend an approved eSports event

"Golden Skies"
Participate in an approved eSports event

Game Promotions

Obtained by collaborations with other games.

Purchase Warlords of Draenor Deluxe Edition

"Heroes of the Storm"
Reach level 15 in Heroes of the Storm

"Legacy of the Void"
Purchase SC2 Legacy of the Void Deluxe Edition

Purchase Overwatch Legendary Edition

"Azeroth is Burning"
Purchase Battle for Azeroth Collector's E.

"The Third War"
Purchase Warcraft III Reforged Spoils of War

Promotional Events

Obtained by collaborations with other companies.

"Samsung Galaxy"
Acquired by loggin in on a Samsung Galaxy S6 dev.

(**) Acquired from an Amazon Prime promotion

"Call of the Void"
Acquired from a special promotion

"Call of the Light"
Acquired from a special promotion

"Good Cheer"
Acquired from a special promotion

"Pristine Scenes"
Acquired by loggin in on an iOS device

"Legion Schemes"
Acquired by loggin in on an Android device

"Machine Dreams"
Acquired by loggin in on a PC

"Moonlight Might"
Acquired from OneStore pre-registration

"Unseen Gleams"
Acquired by loggin in on a Huawei device

** This means that the card back was available in the shop at some point as well.

In-Game Events

Obtained by participating in events within the game.

"Winter Veil Wreath
Acquired from Winter Veil 2015-2017 (**)

"Secret Level
Acquired from The Dark Wanderer T. Brawl 2017

"Winter Veil Treat
Acquired from Winter Veil 2018 + 2020

"Mark of Hakkar"
Encounter another player with this card back

"Year of the Dragon
Acquired from logging in during an event

"Dancing Lion"
Acquired in shop during the 2022 Lunar New Year

** This means that the card back was available in the shop at some point as well.

Achievement Card Backs

Obtained by completing certain challenges in the game.

"Heroic Naxxramas"
Defeat Heroic

Defeat Heroic Blackrock Mountain

"Staff of Origination"
Defeat Heroic League of Explorers

"The Blue Portal"
Defeat Heroic One Night in Karazhan

"Candle King"
Defeat Dungeon Run with 9 Classes

"Monster Hunter"
Defeat Hagatha in Monster Hunt

Complete all of Dr. Boom’s puzzles

"Rumble Runner"
Successfully complete a Rumble Run

"Prize of Shadows"
Successfully complete The Dalaran Heist

"Got Away with It!"
Complete The Dalaran Heist in Heroic mode

"Titanic Tasks"
Successfully complete Tombs of Terror

"Tomb Invader"
Complete Tombs of Terror in Heroic mode

"Book of Explorers"
Complete Galakrond's Awakening in HC mode

"Book of E.V.I.L."
Complete Galakrond's Awakening in HC mode

"Rusted Legion"
Successfully complete Trial by Felfire

"Mysteries o/t Phoenix"
Solve the mysteries of Barrens

"Gift of Elune"
Solve the mysteries of Stormwind

"Shimmering Snowflake"
Solve the mysteries of Alterac Valley

"Ghost Ship"
Complete Faelin's Book of Heroes

"Deviate Delight"
Solve the mysteries of Castle Nathria


Acquired by obtaining a Hero skin in Hearthstone.

Acquired from Alleria Windrunner purchase

Acquired from Magni Bronzebeard purchase

Acquired by purchasing Medivh
"Stolen Thunder
Acquired from a special promotion

"Dame Hazelbark
Acquired from Dame Hazelbark purchase

"Banshee Queen
Acquired from Sylvanas Windrunner purchase

"Wondrous Wisdomc.
Acquired by purchasing Khadgar
Acquired from Aranna Starseeker purchase

Acquired from Ragnaros purchase

Acquired from Edwin purchase

"Infernal Armor"
Acquired from Infernal Armor Illidan purchase

"Steel Guardian"
Acquired from St. Gu. Malfurion purchase

"Greatfather Winter"
Acquired from Greatf. Winter Magni purchase

"Diao Chan"
Acquired from Diao Chan Valeera purchase

Acquired from Xuen purchase

Acquired from Leeroy Jenkins purchase

Acquired from Garona purchase

"Magical Guardian Elise
Acquired from Magical Guardian Elise purchase

"Sir Finley Mrrgglton
Acquired from Sir Finley Mrrgglton purchase

"Cookin Reno
Acquired from Cookin' Reno purchase

Pre-Order Card Backs

Obtained by pre-ordering Adventures or Expansions.

"Molten Core
Pre-purchase of Blackrock Mountain

"The Grand Tournam.
Pre-purchase of The Grand Tournament

"Eyes of C'Thun
Pre-purchase of Whispers of the Old Gods (**)

"Karazhan Nights
Purchase of all wins of One Night in K. at launch

Pre-purchase of Journey to Un'goro

Pre-purchase of Knights of the Frozen Throne

"For the Hoard!
Pre-purchase of Kobolds & Catacombs (**)

"In a Dark Wood
Pre-purchase of The Witchwood

Pre-purchase of The Boomsday Project (**)

"Ready to Rumble!"
Pre-purchase of Rastakhan's Rumble (**)

"Jewel of Lazul"
Pre-purchase of Rise of Shadows

"Elise’s Journal"
Pre-purchase of Saviors of Uldum (**)

"League of Explorers
Pre-purchase of Tombs of Terror

"The Shattering"
Pre-purchase of Descent of Dragons

Pre-purchase of Ashes of Outland

Pre-purchase of Scholomance Academy

Pre-purchase of Madness at the Darkmoon Faire

Pre-purchase of Forged in the Barrens

Pre-purchase of United in Stormwind

Pre-purchase of Fract. in Alterac Valley

Pre-purchase of Voyage to the Sunken City

Pre-purchase of Murder at Castle Nathria

Rewards Track

Obtained by completing the Rewards Track (or Tavern Pass).

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire

"Sideshow Glow"
Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Reward Track

"Flight of the Val'kyr"
Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Tavern Pass

Forged in the Barrens

Forged in the Barrens Reward Track

"The Barrens"
Forged in the Barrens Tavern Pass

United in Stormwind

United in Stormwind Reward Track

United in Stormwind Tavern Pass

Fractured in Alterac Valley

"Stormpike Spirit"
Fractured in Alterac Valley Reward Track

"Frostwolf Fervor"
Fractured in Alterac Valley Reward Track

Fractured in Alterac Valley Tavern Pass

Voyage to the Sunken City

Voyage to the Sunken City Reward Track
Voyage to the Sunken City Tavern Pass

Murder at Castle Nathria

"Prince Renathal
Murder at Castle Nathria Tavern Pass

Murder at Castle Nathria Tavern Pass


Ranked Season Card Backs

Each Season players are rewarded with a new card back. Currently, they're obtained by achieving 5 wins on Ladder and previously you could've obtained them by achieving rank 20 in Ranked Play.


Season 1 - Apr. 2014

"Black Temple
Season 2 - May 2014

Season 3 - June 2014

Season 4 - July 2014 (**)

Season 5 - Aug. 2014

Season 6 - Sept. 2014

"Hallow's End
Season 7 - Oct. 2014 (**)

Season 8 - Nov. 2014 (**)

Season 9 - Dec. 2014


Season 10 - Jan. 2015

"Lunar New Year
Season 11 - Feb. 2015 (**)

Season 12 - March 2015 (+)
Season 13 - April 2015 (**)

Season 14 - May 2015

Season 15 - June 2015

Season 16 - July 2015 (**)

"Tournament Groun.
Season 17 - Aug. 2015

Season 18 - Sept. 2015

Season 19 - Oct. 2015

"Explorer's Map
Season 20 - Nov. 2015

Season 21 - Dec. 2015 (**)


"Love Is in the Air
Season 22 - Jan. 2016 (**)

"Thunder Bluff
Season 23 - Feb. 2016 (**)

Season 24 - March 2016

"Clutch of Yogg-Saron
Season 25 - April 2016 (**)

"Shadowmoon Valley
Season 26 - May 2016

Season 27 - June 2016

"Tinyfin Beach
Season 28 - July 2016

"Medivh's Invitation
Season 29 - Aug. 2016

Season 30 - Sept. 2016

Season 31 - Oct. 2016

Season 32 - Nov. 2016

"Jade Lotus
Season 33 - Dec. 2016


"Grimy Goons
Season 34 - Jan. 2017

Season 35 - Feb. 2017 (**)

"Year of the Kraken
Season 36 - March 2017

"Un'goro Mystery
Season 37 - April 2017

Season 38 - May 2017

"T. Magic of Dalaran
Season 39 - June 2017 (**)

Season 40 - July 2017

"Blood Knight
Season 41 - Aug. 2017

"Frost Knight
Season 42 - Sept. 2017

"Unholy Knight
Season 43 - Oct. 2017

"Gone Fishin'
Season 44 - Nov. 2017

Season 45 - Dec. 2017


Season 46 - Jan. 2018

Season 47 - Feb. 2018 (**)

"Year of t. Mammoth
Season 48 - March 2018

"Raise the Roof
Season 49 - April 2018

"Lunara's Garden
Season 50 - May 2018 (**)

"Back in Blue
Season 51 - June 2018

Season 52 - July 2018 (**)

Season 53 - Aug. 2018

"Dr. Boom's Lab
Season 54 - Sept. 2018

Season 55 - Oct. 2018

Season 56 - Nov. 2018

Season 57 - Dec. 2018


Season 58 - Jan. 2019

"Pizza Stone
Season 59 - Feb. 2019 (**)

"Kul Tiras
Season 60 - March 2019

"Card of Shadows
Season 61 - April 2019

"Awesome Blossom
Season 62 - May 2019 (**)

Season 63 - June 2019

Season 64 - July 2019

"Year of the Raven
Season 65 - Aug. 2019

"Sea of Dunes
Season 66 - Sept. 2019

"Darkmoon Faire
Season 67 - Oct. 2019

"Cake of the Dead
Season 68 - Nov. 2019

"Hellfire Peninsula
Season 69 - Dec. 2019


"Shoring Up
Season 70 - Jan. 2020

"Desert Bloom
Season 71 - Feb. 2020

"Playing Koi
Season 72 - March 2020

Season 73 - April 2020

"Swamp Light
Season 74 - May 2020

"Mystic Forest
Season 75 - June 2020

"Rise Up!
Season 76 - July 2020

Season 77 - Aug. 2020

"Faerie Tail
Season 78 - Sept. 2020

"The Breaker
Season 79 - Oct. 2020

"Autumn Leaf
Season 80 - Nov. 2020

"Valorous Virtue"
Season 81 - Dec. 2020


Season 82 - Jan. 2021

"Year of the Phoenix"
Season 83 - Feb. 2021

"Vale of Eternal B."
Season 84 - March 2021

"Cobalt Vault"
Season 85 - April 2021

"Wailing Caverns"
Season 86 - May 2021

"Shamrock n'Roll"
Season 87 - June 2021

"Utgarde Keep"
Season 88 - July 2021
Season 89 - Aug. 2021

Season 90 - Sept. 2021

Season 91 - Oct. 2021

"Carved Autumn"
Season 92 - Nov. 2021

"Scarf of the Hearth"
Season 93 - Dec. 2021


"Take the Cake
Season 94 - Jan. 2022

"Fortune's Favor
Season 95 - Feb. 2022

"Year of the Gryphon
Season 96 - March 2022

"Rain on the Pane
Season 97 - April 2022

"Violet Hold
Season 98 - May 2022

Season 99 - June 2022

Season 100 - July 2022

"Celestial Starlight
Season 101 - August 2022

"Fire Plume
Season 102 - Sept. 2022

Season 103 - Oct. 2022

"Fall Journey
Season 104 - Nov. 2022


** This means that the card back was available in the shop at some point as well.
This means that the card back was available during the Fire Festival event in 2019.

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