The Card Backs of Hearthstone


Card Backs of Hearthstone

Below you will find all of the "basic" card backs that are available in Hearthstone.

Play Hearthstone!

Visit a Fireside Gathering

Obtain Legend Rank

Promotional Card Backs

The following card backs are obtained by promotions run by Blizzard. They may be exclusive to a certain period of time or a specific quantity of merchandise.


Blizzard Collector's Editions

Purchase Warlords of Draenor CE or DDE

"Legacy of the Void"
Purchase SC2 Legacy of the Void CE or DDE

Buy Overwatch Origins or Collector's Editions

"Azeroth is Burning"
Purchase Battle for Azeroth CE or DDE


"Blizzard 2014"
Attend BlizzCon 2014 or buy a Virtual Ticket

"Blizzard 2015"
Attend BlizzCon 2015 or buy a Virtual Ticket

"Welcome Inn"
Attend BlizzCon 2016 or buy a Virtual Ticket

Promotional Events

"Heroes of the Storm"
Reach level 15 in Heroes of the Storm

"Galaxy Gifts"
Login to Hearthstone on a Samsung Galaxy S6

Twitch Prime

"Call of the Light"
Twitch Prime Oktoberbrawl

"Call of the Void"
Twitch Prime Oktoberbrawl

Tavern Brawls

These card backs are obtained through Tavern Brawls.

"Winter Veil Wreath"
Winter Veil Brawl

"Secret Level"
Diablo 20th Ann. Brawl

Pre-Order Card Backs

Sometimes when a card expansion releases Blizzard add a promotional card back to those who pre-order a package associated with the expansion. These card backs are only available up until the release of that expansion, and then are locked away forever.

"Molten Core"
Pre-order all 5 wings of Blackrock Mountain

"The Grand Tournament"
Pre-Order 50 TGT Card Packs

"Eyes of C'Thun"
Pre-order 50 Old Gods Card Packs

"Karazhan Nights"
Purchase all of Karazhan within 1 week of release.

Pre-Order 50 Un'Goro Card Packs

Pre-order 50 Frozen Throne Card Packs

"For the Hoard!"
Pre-Order 50 Kobolds & Catacombs Card Packs

ESports Card Backs

These card backs may be somewhat difficult to obtain due to organizational or regional requirements.

"Dalaran Flame"
Join a 25+ Person TeSPA Chapter

"Power Core"
Attend select ESports events

"Thrill of Victory"
Attend Certain Hearthstone Events

"Golden Celebration"
Place Highly in Official Competitive Events

Adventure Card Backs

Completing Heroic wings in Hearthstone Adventures rewards you with a card back. These are the rewards you will receive for completing a specific adventure.

"Heroic Naxxramas"
Clear Heroic Naxxramas

Clear Heroic BRM

"Staff of Origination"
Clear Heroic LOE

"The Blue Portal"
Clear Heroic Kara

"Candle King"
Dungeon Run w/ 9 Classes

Ranked Participation Card Backs

The following card backs are rewarded to those who reach Rank 20 in each ranked gameplay season. Card backs are awarded when the next season starts, which is currently on the first of each month.Once a particular season has ended, the card back for it can never be obtained again.



Season 1 (April 2014)

"Black Temple"
Season 2 (May 2014)

Season 3 (June 2014)

Season 4 (July 2014)

Season 5 (Aug. 2014)

Season 6 (Sept. 2014)

"Hallow's End"
Season 7 (Oct. 2014)

Season 8 (Nov. 2014)

Season 9 (Dec. 2014)


Season 10 (Jan. 2015)

"Lunar New Year"
Season 11 (Feb. 2015)

Season 12 (March 2015)

Season 13 (April 2015)

Season 14 (May 2015)

Season 15 (Jun. 2015)

Season 16 (July 2015)

"Tournament Grounds"
Season 17 (Aug 2015)

Season 18 (Sept 2015)

Season 19 (Oct. 2015)

"Explorer's Map"
Season 20 (Nov 2015)

Season 21 (Dec 2015)


"Love Is in the Air"
Season 22 (Jan 2016)

"Thunder Bluff"
Season 23 (Feb 2016)

Season 24 (March 2016)

"Clutch of Yogg-Saron"
Season 25 (April 2016)

"Shadowmoon Valley"
Season 26 (May 2016)

Season 27 (June 2016)

"Tanned Tinyfins"
Season 28 (July 2016)

"Medivh's Invitation"
Season 29 (Aug 2016)

Season 30 (Sept 2016)

Season 31 (Oct 2016)

Season 32 (Nov 2016)

"Jade Lotus"
Season 33 (Dec 2016)


"Grimy Goons"
Season 34 (Jan 2017)

Season 35 (Feb 2017)

"Year of the Kraken"
Season 36 (Mar 2017)

"Un'Goro Mystery"
Season 37 (Apr 2017)

Season 38 (May 2017)

"The Magic of Dalaran"
Season 39 (June 2017)

Season 40 (July 2017)

"Blood Knight"
Season 41 (Aug 2017)

"Frost Knight"
Season 42 (Sept 2017)

"Unholy Knight"
Season 43 (Oct 2017)

"Gone Fishin'"
Season 44 (Nov 2017)

Season 45 (Dec 2017)


Season 46 (Jan 2018)

Hero Card Backs

The following card backs are obtained when purchasing new heroes from the store.

Buy Alleria Windrunner

Buy Medivh

Buy Magni Bronzebeard

Twitch Prime Nov 2016


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