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    posted a message on Is it just me or does 'Shadows' look half-cocked?

    I really like old charact and mechanics coming back. In fact, I'm a bit disappointed to know each villain class will only have one card using old mechanics.

    Also, I think Kel'thuzad would've been a better representative of the first year, since Dr. Boom already came back very recently. I guess they wanted Hearthstone villains, not WoW villains (yes, Boom is original from WoW, but he only became relevant in Hearthstone)

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase IV [Discussion Topic]
    Quote from Noah_McGrath >>

    I want your opinions on this. Hearthcards added a new birder called "Scales", which would be fitting for my lizardfolk oriented cardart, but i don't really like the spell border.

    What i previously used (Blood mage):

    How "Scales" looks like:

    The blue on the spell border doesn't really fit with the fire&blood theme of my class, but i wanted to see your opinions. Should i use "Scales" from now on or continue with "Blood mage"?

     I like Scales a bit better. Both are fine though.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.11 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from DestroyerR >>

    @Wailor Awesome, thanks! Which one do you like better, if I may ask?

     I'd say Snake in the Boot. It's the most elegant one, IMO.

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    Quote from DestroyerR >>

    @linkblade91 so just to be clear, Murloc is ok now right? If it isn’t, these have GOT to count:

    Or this:

     Given I proposed the theme, I think I can answer. All your cards, including the current Murloc Holmes, count.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.11 - Discussion Topic

     How bout these?

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    posted a message on Returning mechanics in RoS

    Rogue might get an Unidentified card, Secrets would be lame since the last ones are rotating and Secrets are only ever good if you at least 2 different ones to keep your opponents guessing. They might just go for the Spellstone approach though (aka 2 upgrades with conditions)

    It's diffiult to say whether Warrior will go back to GVG or just take BOomsday mechanics. I suspect at least one magnetic minion.

     I guess they will focus on GvG, since in that way each villain represents a Hearthstone year. I wouldn't be surprised if they represented both GvG and BDP, though.


    Quote from Arivaali >>

    I hope for good dragons neutral and priest ones.
    To be honest it is the only thing I wait from the expansion.

     I don't think Priest will receive Dragons, since they didn't have a big role in WOG. If I had to guess, I'd say Mage and maybe Paladin will receive a bunch of Dragons, though.

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    posted a message on Returning mechanics in RoS

    The next expansion, Rise of Shadows, will feature some old mechanics from past expansions: Warrior will have stuff from GvG (and maybe BDP), Warlock from LoE, Priest from WOG, Rogue from K&C and Shaman from Witchwood.

    We already know Priest has received a Forbidden card and Warlock has the "turn all minions into legendaries" effect.

    What other mechanics from previous expansions are you looking forward?

    Personally, I'd love if Warrior got some Spare Parts and Rogue got Secrets and an Unidentified card.

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    posted a message on Rafaam adds legendaries from wild pool or standard pool ?
    Quote from bblader1 >>

    I'd honestly rather pull Madam Goya over Harbringer Celestia.

    Which probably says something about how good "turn your deck into legendaries" actually is. I don't know why they keep trying to make this effect work. It hasn't been good. It isn't going to BE good. Discard Warlock is less of a lost cause. And not even High Priestess Jek'lik could save that one.

    Ermmm... Not really.

    Back in the day, Elise Starseeker was used in many Control decks, especially Warrior. I mean, things have changed and the effect is probably unable to compete with broken stuff we have nowadays, but it isn't worthless.

    I don't think this card will make the cut, but I believe it's much better than Oblivitron and Swampqueen Hagatha.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.10 - Final Poll
    Quote from whatTheHeck >>

    Yay, finalist! Thanks for all those who voted!

     Your cards were really cool :)

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    posted a message on New Priest Spell - Lazul's Scheme

    All Forbidden cards were Epic... Except Forbidden Ritual

    All Unidentified cards were Common... Except Unidentified Maul

    All Schemes were Rare... Until this thing appeared.

    Blizzard loves triggering my OCD lol

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase IV [Discussion Topic]

    I have been a bit absent from this in the last days, since I didn't have much time. I must say I'm pretty happy with the length of these phases, since they're a ton of work.

    Anyways, here's my submission draft. Do you think I showcased the right cards? I chose cards that represented all my themes instead of the coolest ones, but I'm not sure if that's the best strategy.


    It's not magic, but it's not science either: alchemy is an ancient discipline that studies the mutating nature of matter and energy. Whether it is by combining several ingredients into a potion with surprising effects or by transmutting metals of any kind, Alchemists always have what they need.

    • In Journey to Un'goro, Pestlezugg joins Paleochemist Nydia, in her quest to find the Eternis, a legendary element that can only be found in this primordial crater. They will find a lot of things in their expedition:
      • Elementals. The best way to Discover a New Element is to study these fascinating creatures. So, grab your Expedition Journal and write down everything you can!
      • Potion synergy. Un'goro features several plants whose Exotic Frangances can enhance your Potions' properties. Local Tortollan Witchdoctors are experts on this art, so any open-minded Alchemist would love to learn a thing or two from them.
      • Shuffling. Many minerals found in Un'goro are formed after millions of years of being exposed to the high pressure and temperature of underground Basaltic Rivers. The longer this process takes, the purer the minerals become - just ask any Gold Elemental!
    • In Knights of the Frozen Throne, our favorite Alchemist resurrects as Plaguebringer Pestlezugg, a mischievous Death Knight whose mission is to Spread the Plague in the name of The Lich King. His laboratory is divided into two R&D departaments:
      • 1/1 minions. Whether you want to transform them into Ghouls or to combine them into a Stitched Nightmare tiny minions are great test subjects for your abhorrent experiments.
      • Expensive minions. Small guys are fine, but sometimes you have to think big! Some creations our lab has proudly produced are the huge Infused Abomination and the deadly Mercury Spawn. Oh, and don't worry if they die - some Grave Homunculus will always be ready to clean the mess!

    Keyword Section

    Transmute is a keyword that can "transform" a useless card into a useful one. Both the shuffled and the drawn cards might have to meet a certain criteria, which makes it more predictable.

    Example Cards

    • Discover a New Element is the main piece of the midrange Elemental Alchemist archetype. The Reward provides an infinite array of Elementals, but I don't believe this would be anywhere near the power level of Jade Idol Druid.
    • Magnetite Shard might look simple, but it has synergy with almost everything in both sets. It counts towards the Quest, is a great follow-up for Scourge Scholar and is very strong if it's in your hand when you play Plaguebringer Pestlezugg.
    • Tortollan Witchdoctor is my card for Challenge #1. It's also a nice showcase of the Potion and shuffle themes that exist in Un'goro.
    • Plaguebringer Pestlezugg is designed to work with token decks, like the 1/1 archetype from KFT, since both the Battlecry and the Hero Power are best used on small minions.
    • Grave Homunculus is a tool for the expensive minion archetype pushed in KFT. It is especially strong combined with Infused Abomination.


    The Lich King Fight

    Being a minion-based class, Unstable Blood will shot down the main strategy of the Alchemist, as well as Murloc decks which tend to be effective against The Lich King. Thus, a control or combo strategy will be needed.

    Remaining Cards

    Journey to Un'Goro

    • Herbal Essence only exists because I thought it was a funny reference to the shampoo trade mark. It also has pretty good synergy with Exotic Fragances.

    • Expedition Journal provides a bit of fuel for the Quest. Keep in mind it has pretty bad synergy with Fire Fly.
    • Gold Elemental supports Transmute and other shuffle effects. It has especially good synergy with the Quest reward.
    • Exotic Fragances rewards the player for having a lot of Potions in their hand. It looks like a dangerous card, but I've already designed all Potions for future sets and it isn't broken with any of them.

    • Basaltic River fits within the Un'goro theme of shuffling, as well as in the Alchemist's general theme of clunky AoE. In the future, the class will receive some tools to give this card more consistency.
    • Primal Iron Melter is pretty good with the Quest, both before and after completing it.

    • Paleochemist Nydia upgrades your basic Hero Power, which let's face it, is pretty awful. While she is very similar to the Death Knight on surface, Nydia is a more general tool that can be used in midrange decks (like Elemental Alchemist), while Plaguebringer Pestlezugg is only effective in token decks.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne

    • Vampiric Ichor is kind of a filler. I just wanted to print a Potion for KFT and this fitted very well within the expansion (although not so much with the class identity in this expansion).
    • Twisted Genetist is a pretty good card for the 1/1 Alchemist.
    • Mercury Spawn is my card for Challenge #3, because of her Elemental tag. She is also good for both the 1/1 and expensive archetypes.

    • Scourge Scholar is a strong piece of the 1/1 archetype. She can be used in the early game with stuff like Magnetite Shard or in the late game with the Basic card Escape the Lab, which fills your board with Homunculi.
    • Wicked Crystalization can be used to fetch expensive minions for that archetype, and is also very effective for combo decks that will come later.
    • Infused Abomination is designed to have synergy with Grave Homunculus.

    • Stitched Nightmare rewards you with a huge body for playing a lot of 1/1 minions. It might be too slow for a token deck, but hey, so are Lord Walden and Plaguebringer Pestlezugg, so they might work together as a way to top a midrange deck.

    • Lord Walden is a pretty great preparation for the DK.

    Artwork Credits

    Coming Soon™

    Previous Phases

    Phase I - Introduction

    Phase II - Basic Set

    Phase III - Classic Set

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.10 - Submission Topic

    Sadistic Succubus makes sure cards like Flame Imp , Kobold Librarian or Spirit Bomb never become dead cards, even if you are low on Health. Heck, you could even run Pit Lord if you're feeling ballsy!

    Martyr's Mace , on the other hand, is more of a standalone card that shines against high Attack minions. It also has nice synergy with neutral cards like Crystallizer . Keep in mind the broken combo with High Priest Thekal would not work, just like he doesn't work with Time Out!

    Both cards share the same pain-related theme, each within the class fantasy.

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    posted a message on More villains in League of Evil
    Quote from CheeseEtc >>

    I'm disappointed that Kel'Thuzad isn't part of the league of EVIL. As a famous Hearthstone boss AND a former member of the Kirin Tor, he has TWO good reasons to join them. Blizzard pls.

     Agreed. I wish he would've been the representative of the first year instead of Boom, who feels kinda overused.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.10 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from whatTheHeck >>

    Well, to celebrate the announcement of the new expansion, I decided to make cards based on it! One card for the good guys (mage) and one for the bad ones (warlock).

    "Well, it seems Togwaggle wants more candle... Then he'll have to EARN it!"

    "I like your soul... I think I'll take it!"

    Thoughts about those ones? Not sure if they are too simple.

     They're quite good in fact, it's my second favorite take on the Hero Power cards of this thread, just after linkblade's.

    They only have one small mistake: the words "Guardian" and "Etheral" of their name should be capitalized.

    Other than that, you should be able to reach the finals, IMO.

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