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    How insane would VanCleef be if he had Stealth?

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    If you've seen this dude in an Aggro or Zoo list and are iffy on crafting him, don't be. As we all know, in aggro games every point of damage matters, and Leeroy is simply the best at burst damage and damage/mana. Many times I wouldn't have had Lethal if I were using, say, Argent Commander. You don't realize how good this card until you play it. And it's one of the most fun cards to play too! Everytime you hear 'LEEROOOOOOOOY JENKIIIIIIIIIINSS"  You will breath a sigh of relief as you  destroy your opponents face and win the game on a bang! Definetly up there with stuff like Lord Jaraxxus in terms of just putting a smile on your face. Plus, you get to tilt your opponent after ripping Leeroy straight off the top, the only card that would give you lethal that turn! Don't forget the combo with Unleash the Hounds if you're playing Hunter!

    Ah, so good.

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    Thoughts on replacing Horserider for Unleash? Same mana cost, usually has atleast the same amount of damage, but Unleash is so much better against mid-shaman than horserider.

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    Anyone notice he has a lisp? "my shield for arguth"

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    This is too true. The thing with rockbiter is that it was versatile both as 1 mana deal 3 dmg, allowing early board control, while also serving as a late game finisher when combo'd with Big Al. With this nerf, midrange shaman (the only archetype who uses Al'Akir) will just start using lightning bolt instead of rockbiters (some already are) and thus will cut Al' Akir with it because there will barely be anything to combo him with. the issue of overload is also to be taken in consideration, like you said.

    I honestly can't see the reasoning behind this, rockbiter is fine as it is, sure, the combo with Doomhammer is pretty devastating, but it's a combo. in a game like HS where every point of mana counts, any combo has to be devastating in order to be put into a deck. My hope is that they will reverse this change later on, but it's blizzard we're talking about here. They butchered Warsong and still don't give 2 shits about it. I doubt this will be any different, especially since most people see the nerf as "adequate".

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    For anyone who doesn't have some of these cards and is wondering if they should craft them; I'd say do it. Warrior is and always will be a strong class, and all of these cards (except eater of secrets) are staples in various Warrior decks. They will all beef up your decks and allow your Warrior quests to be done more easily. Perhaps some of you will even start using Warrior for ranked, which is a very good idea, as almost all Warrior decks are Tier 2 or Tier 1. Think of the crafting not as an expense; but as an investment.

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    Too bad priest is the worst class right now

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    I got an Azure Drake in gold from a pack and immediately DE'd him. Come at me rich people

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    My farts are more creative than this card.

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    We can even call it Dr. Broom amirite guis

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