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    This Brawl is AWESOME! I think I only prefer the 1-mana 1/1s over this one.

    Would be great if they had make it so randomly generated cards are ony generated from the sets available when the deck we play were made

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    You'd rather run Corridor Creeper over it.

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    posted a message on Dungeon Run Completions Thread!
    Quote from Cogito_Ergo_Sum >>

    Just won with all classes yesterday! ^-^

    Here's all the decks I won with in chronological order!

    Ramp Quest Druid: As it turns out, 3 Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbounds on turn 3 is pretty good!

    Spellslinger Priest: Do you want to cast a spell? I wanna cast ALL the spells!

    Deathrattle Jade Rogue: Jades, Wanted dead...

    Battlecry Jade Shaman: Or alive!

    Big Casino Mage: Oh, oh, it's magic...and a bunch of Pyroblasts/Deck of Wonders.

    Control Beast Hunter: Kathrena Winterwisp is like a cat lady. Except with Swamp King Dreds.

    Rod of Roasting Warrior: I kid you not this works....granted you have 200 hp and a ton of Taunts.

    Control Healadin: WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE?!

    Adapt Demonlock: Galvadon is jealous.

     Damn you, Cogito! You're always so organized. I never though of actually taking screenshot of my victories
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    posted a message on What hearthstone does right

    The two things I like the most about Hearthstone:

    1. Really easy to understand every card and the meta. Playing for only a couple hours a new player may get to know almost every mechanic. Even some really important ones such as the order in which effects triggers and how certain cards interact, for example, how Mirror Entity interacts with Potion of Polymorph. How Spell Damage works with Greater Arcane Missiles. How Aldor Peacekeeper changes the attack of minions next to a Flametongue Totem. Can the Lifesteal Frost Lich Jaina gives your Elementals be silenced? How the hell does Crystal Core affects minions? Maybe the latter requires more than a couple hours to understand. But, overall, Hearthstone is really easy to get into, to learn.

    2. You can play it while doing other shit. I can play my turn, swap taps, do something else until I see the icon getting orange on the windows bar. That's what pushed me away from The Elder Scrolls: Legends even though I am a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls and know near to nothing about WoW's lore. It's great to play HS while watching Netflix, Twitch whatever...

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    posted a message on How to make Hearthstone a lucrative yet fair game?

    Recently Nox has made a video talking about reward mechanics in Dungeon Runs, he mentions how there is a huge gap between casual with an incomplete or average collection and those with a full collection or at least all the cards necessary to play a Tier 1 deck.

    He says it very well, Blizzard is a business, they need to profit from Hearthstone. That's the thing, I think they could be a lucrative business without such a bad experience for the new players or even the average ones with few cards necessary in Tier 1 decks.

    Tomorrow Kobolds and Catacombs is going live, as a new expansion always does, it will reshape the meta. Even Tier 1 decks right now such as Big Druid or Highlander Priest will be modified, and the ones that don't adapt, will be worse than the ones that pretend a new expansion has not been released. This requires every competitve player to open loads of packs trying to get all the good commons, most of the good rares, a couple of decent epics and maybe a meta-defining legendary. They have a few options to aquire these packs...

    1. Do the dailies and win 30 times to gain 100 games. Doing this for a month you will most like get around 4500 gold;
    2. Go infinite on arena, which requires some skill and most players can't achieve;
    3. Buy the pre-order and/or some packs with actual money.

    How much is the pre-order worth? In a few currencies: US$49.99 USD/€49,99 EUR/£44.99 GBP/R$110,00 BRL...
    Maybe you're not used to these currencies, a great way to visualize how much that money is worth is using the Big Mac Index:

    US$49.99 USD = 9.4 Big Macs
    €49,99 EUR = 12.8 Big Macs
    £44.99 GBP = 14.1 Big Macs
    R$110,00 BRL = 6.7 Big Macs (Good god, buy it on Wednesdays and you will get over 13.1 here in Brazil)

    So, I think that's a better way to visualize... That's a lot of money. Not a lot of casual players are willing to pay over 10 Big Macs on an expansion!

    So is the only way to please us to make everything cheaper and say "Screw those greedy businessmen in Blizzard's HQ"? I think it isn't.

    The problem is that Blizzard is a F2P game that doesn't feel F2P at all to the casual players. Unlike other games such as Ovewatch, LoL, CS:GO, you don't start a brand new account having all the tools but experience at your reach. "But most of these games are not free to play!" you might say, little Timmy. Yeah, they aren't... But Ovewatch is giving Blizzard itself hundreds of millions, most of which isn't from the actual game sales, but from the microtransactions. All these games profit a lot from the sales of stuff that do not affect gameplay. And I think Blizzard could do the same with Hearthstone. They don't need to give every player a full collection, it's a CCG after all, but they can make a few things to make them way cheaper.

    These are the things I think Blizzard can do to make Hearthstone more fair money-wise:

    • Give new players a lot of free packs to open! 30, 40 packs or so, they might be able to craft a deck with that;

    • Drop the prices of packs by 50% or so when buying them with money;

    • Make more and cheaper skins. Make every class 4, 5, maybe more skins! And sell them for like US$ 4.99! A skin isn't worth more than a damn Big Mac; I want the Medivh hero skin for a while, but it's worth R$ 22,90. I can buy 2,9 Big Macs with that money! Or 1/4 of a pre-order!

    • Sell some card backs for like US$ 2.49, a lot of people would buy them;

    • Sell custom art for some cards, specially the iconic ones, such as Fireball, Dr. Boom, Lightbomb, Jade Idol, Doomsayer, Prince Keleseth, some cards that carved their history into Hearthstone. This would need to be really cheap: US$ 0.49-0.99 at most!
      You could have Gorehowl or... Gorehowl, for example:

    • Sell custom packs for both gold and money. Some packs in which you can only gain cards from one class or maybe from three classes using the MSoG clans as a reference. I think this is waaaay past due. This would be great for new players that usually main one class. When I started playing Hearthstone back in the Open Beta, I mostly played Druid, Warrior and Warlock. I hated Rogue and Shaman, I would dust every single Rogue and Shaman card I got to craft Druid, Warrior or Warlock ones. That felt bad, disenchanting cards suck, the dust ratio is goddamn awful. If I had the chance to buy packs such as Druid+Neutral I would do that even if they costed a bit more, I would gladly pay 110 or 120 gold. Assuming the pack prices were halfed and  the 40-pack bundle costed US$ 24.99, I would gladly pay US$ 29.99 to get the 40-pack bundle containing only Druid and Neutrals! I think a 20% increase over the price of normal packs would be fair;

    • Disenchant common cards for 10 dust.

    These are the ways I think Hearthstone could be profitable yet fair to its playerbase. Do you think these are good suggestions, do you have other ones?

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    posted a message on Rhok'delar

    I primarily meant mediocre in the sense that it does nothing crazy or unique - Priest and Rogue weapons, for example, have quite unique effects.

    But regarding what you've said, I do think this effect isn't that great. Check the current hunter spell pool, there are just a few useful spells you could get: Animal Companion, Call of the Wild, To My Side! (Assuming you will summon 2), Lesser Emerald Spellstone and Flanking Strike, maybe some secrets so your spellstone is better. And those are the good non-situational ones, Hunters have tons of niche/situational cards. They have a ton of secrets which played alone are just decent, nothing special without actual secret synergy.

    But even if you get really luck with the random hunter spells, what's your win condition either way? Smash Huffer into the enemy's face hoping he won't clear your tokens? Many cards have prooven that pseudo-card draw is far from being actual card draw. Even without this ludicrous condition this card wouldn't be that great, yeah, it would be good. But Hunter is so utterly fucked at the moment that it doesn't need good cards, it needs some freaking broken OP cards to save the class from oblivion.

    All currently in standar hunter spells:

    Animal Companion - Good enough
    Arcane Shot - Useless
    Hunter's Mark - Situational
    Kill Command - If you got a lot of them you can go full SMOrc, but getting just a couple ain't that good.
    Multi-Shot - Situational
    Tracking - Fine
    Deadly Shot - Situational
    Explosive Trap - Situational
    Freezing Trap - Just stalling
    Grievous Bite - Garbage
    On the Hunt - If not to generate a beast to enhance Kill Command, it's garbage
    Play Dead - Situational as hell
    Smuggler's Crate - Useless garbage
    Snipe - Ranges from garbage, to just stalling, to fine
    Unleash the Hounds - Situational
    Cat Trick - Not that bad
    Explosive Shot - Garbage
    Flare - Cycling at least...
    Hidden Cache - Garbage
    Infest - You better have at least 3 tokens for this to be half-decent
    Misdirection - Ranges from garbage, to just stalling, to fine
    Venomstrike Trap - Not that bad
    Bestial Wrath - Garbage
    Call of the Wild - Good one
    Dinomancy - Garbage
    Snake Trap - Not that bad
    Stampede - Garbage
    Toxic Arrow - Garbage
    Crushing Walls - Situational garbage
    To My Side! - Good one
    Lesser Emerald Spellstone - Good if you have some secrets to play along
    Wandering Monster - Not that bad
    Flanking Strike - Good one


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    posted a message on Rhok'delar


    "Guys, we gotta add some LEGENDARY weapons!"
    "What about their stats to mana ratio?"
    "Garbage, just garbage!"
    "So... will they have awesome effects?"


    • Druid: Crazy highroll potential - pff... Let 'em dream!
    • Mage: Some potential, but weird to fit in your deck, to slow for aggro and will probably mill your combo pieces if you dare to use it in Exodia Mage!
    • Paladin: Whatever, no one is going to play that shitty class! - Just make give it a mediocre effect and we're done with it
    • Priest: Let's give Priest - such a bad class at the moment amiright? LOL - the cheapest weapon that with some effort they might stick in a Big Priest list with Lyra the Sunshard and a shitload of spells.
    • Rogue: We already gave rogue a lot of cards with no synergy whatsoever, so... who cares? Let's not pretend this card you can only have one of in your deck will spawn a rogue archetype better than aggro.
    • Shaman: 8-Mana 3/3 - whenever you attack, destroy your own stuff.
    • Warlock: Everyone loves to waste 5 mana for ABSOLUTELY nothing to happen that turn, right?
    • Warrior: People will say we're hating on shaman, let's give warrior a 8-Mana 3/3 weapon as well! So both classes get shit!"

    "What about Hunter?"
    "I saved the best to last, ok. NOW LISTEN CLOSELY! Here's a little lesson in trickery! Sorry I couldn't hold my memes with this one. Here it goes:


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    posted a message on The Darkness

    You can't silence dormant cards

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    posted a message on Lynessa Sunsorrow

    It might be funny as hell LOL

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 6.10 - Discussion Topic

    Hey, is this within the rules? Like Unleash the Hounds, it gets better if the enemy has more minions, it's more dependant on the whole board - as Sea Giant is - then just the enemy's board.

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    posted a message on Expansion Creation Competition - FINALE [Discussion]
    Quote from Livienna >>

    Thank you SO much Cogito, Demon, and Shatterstar!!!! <3 <3 <3 your fast feedback is hugely appreciated. Changes below, would love your thoughts!!!

    Note that I switched the pally and warrior weapons (both with tweaks) because there was no other Chill in the Pally set, and the warrior weapon was too comparable to Fool's Bane/unplayable in that class.


    •  Hunter
      • Ditched Thrice-Loaded Bow
      • Clarification for Elondria's hero power added
      • Changed stats for Beast Whisperer
      • Replaced Tundra Prowler with Icicle Trap
      • Still considering an art change for Spring Awakening
    • Warrior
      • Ditched Rain of Mith'ra
      • Changed text/effect of Ghostly WindsteedStalwart Sentry and Winterspring Warrior
      • Balance/art changes for Meline and her weapon
      • Replaced Blade of Embers with Winter's Edge
    • Paladin
      • Ditched Frigid Nether Drake
      • Replaced Winter's Blade with Fireforge Blade (considering ditch the Immune effect)
      • Balance changes for Dragon DanceDivine Serpent, and Tsulong
    • Also, a number of Rarity changes.

    - Hunter -

    Clarification: Minions that are already Chilled will not be targeted by Elondria's Ice Barrage (unless all enemy minions are already Chilled) similar to how Demented Frostcaller works.

    - Warrior -

    - Paladin -


     As Robot Morty would say "I'am aliveeee"
    • Prideful Saber Pup - Shade of Naxx wasn't popular in Hunter, so I think it won't be OP, but I would change it so it is at the start of your turn, not the end.
    • Spring Awakening - Wasn't it a Druid card? xD
    • Searing Blade - I would redo the wording to avoid the "unaffected" just my humble opinion.
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    posted a message on Which cards surprised you as being good or bad?
    Quote from murlocleader >>

    i thought i would never run Val'kyr Soulclaimer in my decks but it turns out its a pretty good card in my deck. I also thought i would run The Lich King in my decks but Ysera is good enough and i dont want him anymore

    My problem isn't with the Valkyr, but with Tempo/Control warrior in general, I don't think it is good in the current meta. I don't think The Lich King and Ysera are really comparable. Ysera is in a weird spot at the moment. Against aggro it does nothing in the turn it's played, against Control it can be hard removed with ease by most classes. The Lich King, on the other hand, can be played one turn earlier and has Taunt, which makes it considerably better against aggro. I wasn't really disappointed with it :)
    Quote from Dominatrix >>

    For me, its the Cryostasis and Drakkari Defender, i was thinking it would be just ok cards, but they are very good.

    I play both of them in my deck, and it work well: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/871993-snowfury-shaman-moorabi-aya-kalimos

    "Bad" surprises is The Lich King, it's a very good cards, but not as game-changing i was thinking. 

    Thrall, Deathseer was ok cards for me, but it's even worse, probably, for me, the worst DK and the worst shaman cards of this expansion (keep in mind shaman class in general of course, not just in one particular deck).

    Gnomeferatu too, i was very afraid of this card, but nobody play it, so :-/

    Corpsetaker, i was thinking it will be a amazing card, well it's just good, not more.

     I haven't tried Shaman myself this expansion, your deck seems OK, but a bit clunky, I feel that you're just screwed in case of poor draws. I thought Corpsetaker was a bit overhyped, I think I made a good call with her. If you don't get Lifesteal, it's a pretty mediocre card. You most likely only run the Wickerflame Burnbristle for the lifesteal, and if you draw it first, the Corpsetakers are just meh
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    posted a message on Which cards surprised you as being good or bad?

    After we see the cards in play, we usually are not 100% sure if they are really good, really bad or just decent. I want to see how and why people are surprise/mistaken about card quality predictions. I will list my surprises and the reasons, feel free to do the same :)

    The Good Surprises

    1) Spreading Plague - I expected this card to be too clunky to see play, playing 5 Mana for some 1/5s with a summon restriction more complicated than Unleash the Hounds one seemed weak. But the card turned out to be quite good, being able to tank lots of damage in some situations.

    2) Bonemare - It always looked as a good card to me. But I thought it wouldn't be good enough to see play in ranked decks. Clearly I was wrong, this card is played in some Druid and Paladin lists, most of the times I've seen it as a one of. I had success using it in Jade Druid, the Taunt effect can really save you some times!

    3) Skelemancer - I've seen this card a lot recently in Paladin decks, I am not sure if the card is still going through some tests, but when I play against it, it is a really tricky card to deal with. Not sure if it will continue to see play as the meta settles, but it is way better than I originaly thought.

    4) Tainted Zealot - This card is so simple I've never even payed attention to it, but it has found its place in control warlock, in which it is pretty good.

    The Bad Surprises

    1) Fatespinner - I thought the mindgames would make this card find its place in some sort of Druid, but it has not. I've seen no deck with a place for this card.

    2) Gnomeferatu - I thought that this card was comparable to Dirty Rat, but the board impact Dirty Rat has being a 2/6 with Taunt is way better than a mediocre 2/3.

    3) Scourgelord Garrosh - I am really disapointed that this card ain't good. I've always loved control warrior and some people were hyped about this card, saying it could bring control warrior back. So far it did not. Bladestorm is not a really good Hero Power during the late game. And, as it replaces your hero power, you can't even use it reliably in a Quest Taunt Warrior. 

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