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    Got a weird comp? Share it :)

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    Lightfang Enforcer does not hit Dragons. Also they've removed the Brann Hero, not the Brann card. But I do agree Zoobot and Menagerie warden will seem lost without Amalgam. I think Blizzard could replace them with  Battlegrounds exclusive cards that hit Demons instead of Dragons. To boost Demons a bit

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    It does not cost 1, 2 nor 4, so it can't be summoned by Raptor or Shredders
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    You only get the dust value for free if your card is Hall of Famed, if it is nerfed, you have to sell the card, but you will get all the dust spent

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    I think I'll craft and Golden and wait for the nerf

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    This got to be insane in arena

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    Not sure which deck will use this card, but it seems too good to not find its deck

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    Not sure which/if Standard decks will play this, but it works well with many spells: Arcane Intellect, Frost Nova, Luna's Pocket Galaxy, Blizzard...

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    Will all quest rewards be hero powers? And I hope we get any interesting ones because "play X this" is kinda boring. Hope to see some weird requirements such as Rogue or Mage quests

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    Congrats, mate. I remember getting past Rank 15 for the first time back when Naxx went out, it was nice. Good job and keep climbing :D

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    I will answer, but I ain't sure you can read.

    ▪️ Americas: 09 April 10:00 PDT
    ▪️ Europe: 09 April 17:00 GMT
    ▪️ Asia: 10 April 02:00 KS / 01:00 CST
    ▪️ China: 10 April 01:00 CST

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    Will meme rogue actually be good?

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    I think a few people are being a bit to nice with Cora. I mean no disrepect to her. She is a nice caster and all, but let's judge her perfomance on stream today: it was bad.

    I don't know if she was putting her effort or not, but it doesn't matter. We should not be giving consolation prizes. The final result was an incredibly dull stream.

    I have nothing personal against Cora, I like her castings of Blizzard events, but today's stream was completely lackluster.

    I hope they bring more fun personalities (maybe some streamers such as Dog, Thijs or Hafu) in the next reveal streams.

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    Quote from Shatterstar1998 >>

    After much consideration, I decided to go with the third version of Sera for my final submission since that is the most interesting interaction with Gaze effect. I also decided to replace the hero image after this beautiful one I just recently found and decided to showcase Hidden Meteorite instead of Mark of Scorpio.

    Class: The Astromancer

    Hero: Rishi Sterling

    With people of Azeroth sleeping or fighting, astronomers study the star, the sun, the moon and planet surrounding the world. They try their best to make prediction to the future based on the pattern. Unfortunately, let just say that their prediction often backfire to the people of Azeroth as much as it helps them.

    Class Keyword:

    That isn't to say that astromancers are completely wrong. With a little more patient, set up and studying intensely, their prediction have more chance of being useful!

    This is a high RNG class that this keyword allows them to reduce the RNG (atleast temporarily) and plan their turn as well as risk / reward accordingly when they don't draw or can't afford to play the Gaze cards.

    Gaze not only allows the class to play offensively by allow their damage to reliable hit the desirable target, they allow the class to play defensively since their card draw, minion buffs and healing are also pretty random. And yes, Gaze triggers with cards like Mosh'Ogg Announcer.

    Gaze effects not only activate with your own random effect but also your opponent's random effect as well. Which mean that you can protect your minions from devastating effects like Deadly Shot or from Die, Insect! from mowing your important minions or life down too quickly.

    Gaze only activate and disappear on ELIGIBLE targets only. If there is no eligible target, the random effect will proceed with the target selection like normal. If minions with Gaze died from effect like Arcane Missiles mid-casting, the target selection will continue on as normal. If two or more target are Gazed, the target that were Gazed first will be the target for the random effect. If they are Gazed at the same time, the effect will randomly pick among the Gazed targets.


    • High RNG that is balanced by cards that grant Gaze.
    • Reward planning ahead by anticipating their opponent's action. This is present in their Zodiac "Mark" cards as well as being a Secret class.
    • Has somewhat unreliable card draw since they lack Gaze effects that target their hero.
    • Gazing, exploring, recording and summoning the power of the star, planets, sun and moon.


    Demonstrate the random effect that is prevalent in this class. Meteor Shower is an okay card, but become extremely potent burst / removal when combine with a Gaze effect since all four of the missiles shot from this card will focus on the Gazed enemy.

    Weaponized Telescrope and Starscryer Sera are two examples of cards that grant and synergize with Gaze. Cards with Gaze are allowed to have good body since they are basically vanilla minions if you don't have cards that follow up on their Gaze effect. Starscryer Sera show another ways to interact and benefit from Gaze beside random effects.

    Hidden Meteorite and Mark of Leo are the "planning ahead" and disruption effects of this class. Both of them reward anticipating what are your opponent plans and power turns are. Mark of Leo (part of the Zodiac Mark card type similar to Power Word / Shadow Words in Priest) force your opponent into a difficult dilemma of either playing a minion with low health that will be killed instantly or make their minion smaller while Hidden Meteorite allows for you to basically Multi-Shot your opponent with Gaze or potentially some face damage / wipe out their smaller minions.

    Other cards:



    • Meteor Shower: Nice and flavorful, I can picture the animations in my head.
    • Weaponized Telescope: Would give it +1 Durability, the effect doesn't seem that strong at the moment.
    • Starscryer Sera: Would it deal 4 damage to the Gazed character as welll? Or does the "all others" refers to the exclusion of herself as a target? Either way, I think it's a great card!
    • Hidden Meteorite: I think that is waaaay to strong. The 4 random damage seems too overkill to me. Imagine yor opponent with four 1/1s, then he plays a Raid Leader and suddenly loses all his board. The thing I don't like about this card is how unfun it is to play around for some decks. I don't know how to make it feel more fair. Reducing the random damage would be a nice start. Perhaps dealing 4 damage to the played minion and only 2 among all enemies.
    • Endless Curiosity: I like it, pretty simple. Powerful with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, but your class doesn't seem to be going that direction.
    • Blessing of the Star: Fine.
    • Silent Night: I think the wording could be better. "Secret: After your opponent plays a Battlecry minion, put a copy of it into your hand and Counter its Battlecry".
    • Mosh'Ogg Astrologist: That's nice LOL!
    • Celestial Guardian: Nice card for your Classic set, matches your class very well and simply.
    • Doomsday Hysteria: I'd bump it to 3-mana. It's like hitting with Supercollider and not losing health!
    • Mark of Scorpio: I like it :)
    Quote from Giz4Gamer >>

    Infuser [Revised]

    The Infuser class is all about sapping away the strength of the enemy while at the same time bolstering their own. They manipulate the energies around them, infusing them into others and themselves. There are two prominent factions of Infusers; the Flame-Heart and the Ice-Soul. The Flame-Heart specializes in boosting their own offensive power while hampering their opponent's. While the Ice-Soul focuses on bolstering their health while weakening their opponent's. More factions will emerge over time with new focuses.

    In order to capture the flavor of stealing away the strength and vitality of other minions, I created a new keyword: 

    The Absorb keyword can allow a minion to steal from another card or hero. This is most commonly done by Absorbing a creatures Attack or Health. Two prime examples of the Absorb mechanic can be seen in the Classic set:

    It's important to remember that you are stealing from another minion. If the minion doesn't have anything to steal then nothing can be gained. If Flame-Heart Disciple tries to Absorb 2 Attack from a Target Dummy, then he will gain 0 Attack.

    Buffs and debuffs are a common tool in the Infusers arsenal. Neutering a creature's power or haphazardly boost a creatures strengths, Infusers always have a trick up their sleeves.


    • Flame-Heart Disciple: Comparing it with Aldor Peacekeeper, I think it would be OK for it to +1 Health or to Absorb +1 Attack.
    • Master Enchanter Ravius: I think it is too weak. In an optimistic scenario it is a 6/6 Taunt Divine Shield. It may be worse than A New Challenger.... Absorbing from enemies won't be that likely for anything but Taunt. I would raise buff it into a 7/7 at least.
    • Arcane Muzzle: Nice and flavorful!
    • Unstable Catalyst: I think it's too strong at the moment, you can have the +4/+4 on your turn, your opponent may have to deal with a +3/+3 which is pretty annoying on a Taunt for only 2 mana, that considering that it has also screwed him last turn getting attacked by the +4/+4... FeelsBadMan. I would change the -1/-1 into a -2/-2. It becomes more comparable with Power Overwhelming.
    • Ice-Soul Spear: I like it :)
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