Masters Tour: Arlington - Results & Decklists

Hearthstone's 2020 competitive season kicked off this weekend in Texas with Masters Tour: Arlington.  Over 300 players battled it out for their portion of the newly inflated $500,000 prize pool.  Arlington was Hearthstone's first tournament streamed on YouTube following their new eSports deal and the first Masters Tour event hosted by ESL/Dreamhack. With the first event in the books, we'll move on to Bali for Masters Tour: Indonesia in March.  From there we'll see the Grandmasters Season 1 get underway in April.

See below for results and Top 4 decklists.

Day 1 VOD --- Day 2 VOD --- Day 3 VOD



bloodyface 1
Alan870806 3
xBlyzes 3
brimful 2
Alan870806 2
xBlyzes 3


totosh 2
AyRoK 3
Felkeine 3
AyRoK 3
Felkeine 1



xBlyzes 3
AyRoK 1


Alan870806's Masters Tour: Arlington Decks

xBlyzes' Masters Tour: Arlington Decks

AyRoK's Masters Tour: Arlington Decks

Felkeine's Masters Tour: Arlington Decks


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