Dragon Masters Bundle - Prize Pool Crowdfunding for Masters Tour

Dragon Masters Bundle - Prize Pool Crowdfunding for Masters Tour

After the announcement early in January that the Masters Tour prize pool would see additional prize money with a crowd funding event, we are finally able to get our mitts on it: The Dragon Masters Bundle!

  • Features brand new Pack type: Year of the Dragon Pack
  • These packs can include cards from Rise of the Shadows, Saviors of Uldum, and Descent of Dragons
  • Each pack has 5 cards, with at least 1 Rare of better.
  • Bundle has 25 Year of the Dragon Packs and 1 Random Descent of Dragons Legendary
  • Bundle costs $19.99/19.99 Euro on the store.
  • 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the Masters Tour Prize Pool, up to a maximum of $1,500,000 in prizing for the whole year!
  • Only available until February 11th, 2020, so hurry if you want it!

Quote from blizzard

Prize Pool Crowdfunding – Dragon Masters Bundle

The 2020 Hearthstone Masters crowdfunding bundle has arrived! For just $19.99 you can purchase the Dragon Masters Bundle and receive 25 Year of the Dragon card packs and a random Descent of Dragons Legendary.

But that’s not all: 50% of the proceeds from the Dragon Masters Bundle will directly boost the prize pool at all six 2020 Hearthstone Masters Tour events, up to a maximum of $1,500,000 boost in prizing for the whole year. The additional prizing will be divided between the six tournaments in accordance with the tournament rules, including this weekend’s Masters Tour Arlington.

The Dragon Masters Bundle is available now for a limited time. It is giftable through the Blizzard Shop on the Blizzard App and online here! With the Dragon Masters Bundle you can add to your friend’s collection or get a new player started while supporting Hearthstone esports in the process.

Dragon Masters Bundle



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