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    posted a message on [SA] Miracles Still Exist

    I'm glad you like the deck! I think Whirlkick Master is amazing in this deck because of Secret Passage. SP is better than a lot of card draw options, but it doesn't combo with Gadgetzan Auctioneer very easily. Now you can play Secret Passage into Whirlkick Master for only 3 mana and play a couple Combo cards for a bit of extra fuel!

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    posted a message on Patch 18.0.2 - Balance Changes - Kael'thas, Illucia & Battlegrounds

    Elemenals have high Spell synergy. As of right now, there are no spells in BG other than the cards you get to discover a minion from after playing a golden or triple card, Bananas from King Mukkla, and the Treasure Maps from Elise.

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    posted a message on Eudora nerf, Rank reset, Murloc nerfs, Beast buffs, Tide Razor & Nat Pagle changes

    What's the purpose of this Thread? you could have commented on the news post created by the devs or mods here.

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    posted a message on Do you still wait or craft?

    Other players have different collections, playstyles, gold and dust resources, everything! You do you man, if you see something you like, go get it. Don't let anyone else make you second guess yourself.

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    posted a message on List of the Cards Affected by the Discover Effect Changes

    Here's a comprehensive list of all the cards that are (or might be) affected by the update to the Discover and random card generation mechanics. I figured I'd take the time to sort through all the cards in case someone (like myself) wanted a sort of tactile reference. This has taken quite some time to sort through so I hope you like it!

    Interesting notes:

    • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Tri-class cards are placed in the Neutral section and next to each-other regardless of cost
    • Primalfin Lookout has been nerfed with this update and this also currently affects Battlegrounds
    • Many of the Rogue cards listed are only affected in the Rogue vs. Rogue match-up for card texts that state "opponent's class" rather than "another class"
    • I'm not 100% sure on cards like Steeldancer and Sneed's Old Shredder as they are summoning minions rather than generating actual cards
    • Similarly with Arch-Villain Rafaam but he may have already excluded himself anyways, does anyone know?


    Demon Hunter



    Nature Studies, Emerald Explorer


    Primordial Explorer, Marked Shot


    Arcane Breath, Evocation, Magic Trick, Tome of Intellect, Dune Sculptor, Messenger Raven, Azure Explorer, Jandice Barov, Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron


    Bronze Explorer, Lightforged Crusader


    Disciple of Galakrond, Renew


    Steeldancer, Jandice Barov


    Underbelly Angler


    Twisted Knowledge, Arch-Villain Rafaam


    Sky Raider, Frightened Flunky, Steeldancer 


    Jar Dealer, Brightwing, King Phaoris



    Raven Idol


    Jeweled Macaw, Webspinner, Ball of Spiders


    Lesser Ruby Spellstone, Primordial Glyph, Blast Wave, Cabalist's Tome, Toki, Time-Tinker, Astromancer


     Murloc Knight, Prince Liam


     Confessor Paletress


    Undercity Huckster, Pick Pocket, Blink Fox, Burgle, Face Collector, Shaku, the Collector, Academic Espionage, Gurubashi Hypemon


     Finders Keepers, Menacing NimbusHaunting Visions






    Gravelsnout Knight, Grimestreet Informant, Kabal Courier, Lotus Agents, Primalfin Lookout, Stonehill Defender, Griftah, Spiteful Summoner (but who uses 6-cost spells with her anyways)Sneed's Old Shredder

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    posted a message on Fist of Ra-den? Any good?

    Yeah, the Atiesh effect was arguably better when you're simply looking for stats and such.

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    posted a message on #DeletePriest

    A win condition against priest should be run them out of 'stuff' but right now with Galakrond and other steal/Mind Control effects it becomes a game of you vs. yourself with some of the best control cards sprinkled in to take any advantage away you may have had. Even if you play Archivist Elysiana there's a chance they can steal it with Thoughtsteal or something and ruin a large portion of your win condition.

    Additionally, they have extreme importance in killing their minions due to the amount of buffs and win-more cards they have when ahead at all, just like Divine Spirit Inner Fire days, but less power spiky. Either give other classes more tools on the same power level or tone Priest down a little bit.

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    posted a message on Future HOF/Classic/Basic Rotation

    In a recent news post, this was stated:

    They're asking about which cards we would like to see in Standard (from wild) beside Whizbang the Wonderful (as a reference to the new Basic/Classic Set).


    I've come up with one change for each class I'd like to see, feel free to add your own thoughts and suggestions here as well.


    Moonfire -> Druid of the Saber This will lessen the number of 0 mana spells Druid has and let them focus more on minion based strategies, rather than flinging spells like Mage and Priest should.


    Bestial Wrath -> Feign Death Bestial Wrath is an okay tempo card, but Hunter has Deathrattle support right now so I think it would be a good time to make this change. It's also somewhat redundant with Overwhelm.


    Frost Nova. It's time for this card to rotate. Maybe for something like Flame Lance since HOF'd Basic cards are made Common rarity, or maybe a new card entirely. But it's time.


    Holy Wrath -> Crystal Lion Holy Wrath can live on and do crazy things in Wild. Shirvallah already rotated so now Paladin has nothing to do with the burst potential. Crystal Lion won't disrupt the number of rare cards and fits the general SHR Paladin theme.


    Priest just got an overhaul, so no changes here


    Kidnapper -> Shadowcaster


    Headcrack -> Burgle

    Simple changes here. Cards that never see play being traded for decent cards. I saw Shadowcaster suggested on Reddit and decided to include it here.


    Windspeaker -> Ancestral Knowledge

    Far Sight and Mana Tide Totem are Shaman's only generic card draw other than Ancestral Knowledge. If Blizzard wants to keep printing control cards for Shaman, they need a way to find them in order to survive.


    Lord Jaraxxus -> Mal'Ganis

    The Eredar Lord just isn't enough to close out a game with the amount of pressure every deck in Standard can apply now. Mal'Ganis needs to come back or another impactful late-game legendary needs to be added/created.


    Frothing Berserker -> Sparring Partner

    There has been a lot more support for a Taunt theme in warrior than a tempo or self damage theme. And I couldn't find any reasonable replacements for Charge! or Warsong Commander.


    I've heard fun suggestions like Nexus-Champion Saraad and OG Reno Jackson, so I'll let you guys continue with the Neturals and any other class cards you would like to see make a comeback. Blizz also mentioned Evolve and N'Zoth, the Corruptor being on their list to bring back at least temporarily again.

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    posted a message on What we need for shaman

    I was also looking as Shaman the other day wondering why i felt empty handed all the time. Then i saw the last time generic card draw was printed for Shaman was Ancestral Knowledge back in The Grand Tournament!

    There's a little bit of Overload support with the 5 mana 5 damage elemental, but the 10 mana spell is difficult to cast without a lot of decent cheap spells and Kael'Thas like Druid can use and there's not much else to build a deck around.

    As far as legendaries go, you can build around the new Ras Frostwhisper, Vessina, and Instructor Fireheart is just a good card. Galakrond is a deck in and of itself, but every other legendary in Shaman is RNG highroll or plain weak.

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    posted a message on Nerf Predictions
    Quote from AsclepiusMD >>

    Lightning Bloom to "Refresh two mana crystals" still with the Overload (2) that way the insane combos (I'm guessing it was intended for such) can still exist but not ramp much.
    Argent Braggart to 3 mana
    Sorcerer's Apprentice will read "Cards cannot be reduced to less than one (1)"
    Hand of A'dal to "+2/+1"
    Kael'thas Sunstrider to third spell costs (1)
    Secret Passage to cost 2 or 3 or reduce amount of cards to 4

    Or probably bring old cards back that were considered "problematic"

    Or rotate some older expansions here and there similar to that event we had last year.

     I like the refresh take on Lightning Bloom. Apprentice is a new one and seems reasonable but maybe not necessary yet. Not sure if rogue is good enough to warrant a Secret Passage nerf right now, but it may 'limit design space' as Blizz would say. Spellbreaker can stay in HOF. If you wanna silence things play Priest, or now Demon Hunter I guess.

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    posted a message on Why are they waiting so much?
    Quote from Reinan23 >>
    Quote from P4dge >>

    You finding something boring is purely subjective and doesn't indicate anything is broken. What indicates whether something is broken or not is highlighted in win rates that are higher than they should be as well as a lack of counter to the cards or deck. There are decks that can counter druid nicely, it isn't broken. I expect they will want a slightly higher data sample to assess if it needs toning down a bit and the sample will indicate what it is that needs toning down. 

    This community seems to have a real struggle with words and what they mean. Terms like broken and OP are used so often and so often I correctly that it just an inconsistent mess of various people complaining about something they personally find bad. You can't physically manage a business like that, you would be making changes daily as well as reverting changes because almost anytime you do change something, there will be happy people and there will be unhappy people. You need to weigh it up and go for the best solution for the masses. 

     Terms of broken and OP are used often because the game is indeed unbalanced, it's their new philosophy make everything broken to nerfs later, it is not news to anyone , we all know that.

    People are right to complain.

     In the words of Kibler, why does everyone jump to the conclusion that new cards are needing nerfs rather than 'how can I beat this'. 

    I think we need to spend more time making our own deck with our own ideas rather than net-decking the first week of every expansion and yelling "Uncle" when something starts winning more that you expected.

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    posted a message on I Am Disappointed in the Hearthpwn Community

    I wish we can just say we're disappointed in humanity. Every gaming community has some levels of toxicity that were never seen just a few years ago. Racism, while slowly fading, is still present and real. We're not keeping up with how our friends and families are doing and everyone's mental health is suffering because of it (even if not plainly noticeable)

    It's much harder to realize something is missing in comparison to something in the way unless you've been there before. (a pro gamer watching a novice would instantly see misplays or something small like positioning mistakes). The same way we struggle to have certain information available to clients in my line of work and a feeling of emptiness that you suddenly realize after so long not realizing it was there.

    I'm going to try the best I can to bring positivism in every aspect of my life from now on, at work, home, or here in my free time. Hopefully it can spread, maybe starting with you, and with that, I hope you all have a good night and wake up well in the morning :)

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    posted a message on Lorekeeper Porkelt Bug?

     that's weird. You drew a 3 mana Secret after the Medivh's Valet. I wonder if the Forgotten Torch Shuffle messed up the Polkelt effect? or maybe 'Shuffle' in HS actually means 'reorder the cards in your deck'.

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    posted a message on Deck with highest Skillcap

    I want to say a variant of Miracle Rogue myself, but I wasn't around in the Patron Warrior days. YOu id say standard, so Trump made a good Control Warrior and I still like to experiment with Miracle Rogue and Whirlkick Master, but it's all up to you and your dust bank.

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    posted a message on Ben Lee Talks About The Battle Pass And A Progression System

    They had a fraction of the current design team at the time, so the creative capacity has expanded. Sure, it means you need to open more packs for all the cards, but the just made the most massive change ever by expanding the no-duplicates to all rarities. The person complaining about wanting dust up above? You got that dust previously from duplicate commons and rares, maybe an epic or two. 

    Also, to anyone who thinks Hearthstone is expensive: you have never played a Mobile Hero RPG long enough to count. There's millionaires that are popular for playing those sorts of games. Poker players, business men, whatever, they still don't have the whole collection of heroes or whatever and they dump THOUSANDS of dollars a MONTH into those games. 

    Enjoy Hearthstone for what it is, and what it's becoming. Not what you think it should be. Sure, you can join the development team and prove me wrong, but then why are you wasting time in a non-official form like this? Go to Twitter and talk to the Hearthstone team that's active there. Get your business or digital art degree, make something happen in the world of Hearthstone, then you can talk like you own the game.

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