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    posted a message on Do u think Devolve will be nerfed?

    No, the card is totally fine. If you're behind, this card does nothing to regain the board since the transformed minions could turn out to be even stronger than before. And if you're ahead you just don't need to play it. There are only a handful of specific matchups where it was able to shine (e.g. vs. the old Aggro Token Druid) and this is how it's supposed to act.

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    posted a message on Classes that will be hit hardest from rotation
    Quote from Velerios >>

    Standard-Issues. Still: if a class is really affected by the rotation, it's priest. Simply because they will lose 1 card: Shadow Visions Losing this card alone destroy priest. Mind Blast for example is only useful because of shadow visions. The next BIG thing priest is losing is Radiant Elemental. First useful 2 drop Priest had, and after the rotation they have around 0 useful 2 drops again.

    Can you please stop moaning about the state of Priest in every single thread? Also, do you really think the loss of Radiant is equal to the loss Druid (UI, Plague, Paths, Spellstone, DK or Twig to name a few) or Warlock are going to suffer from? Otherwise, go ahead and post in the WIld.

    on topic: Mage will need a lot of support (BSM departs and aggressive decks are gone except for Odd Secret Mage maybe) and if they don't want Shaman to remain the one-trick pony it's been for the most part (remember, Even Shaman will be in dire need of some replacements) they have to deliver in April.

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    posted a message on nerf predictions

    Not this again. Take it like a man instead of being a pussy and wait until April.

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    posted a message on OTK Decks

    ITT: waaaah, my no-real-win-condition grinder keeps getting rekt by pesky OTK/Combo decks! Blizz plzzzzz

    Yesterday I watched Allie two-shotting one of those Warriors with Clone Priest while he was at nearly 80 HP. Guess what? It felt so fucking good! You don't like dying to them? Well, you're free to adapt to your local meta (or come over here to rant in the salt thread)

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    posted a message on Casual Ettiquette
    Quote from YJHS2000 >>

    I only play casual if I have a daily quest to finish, no decent deck to do it with, and I'm close to moving up a ladder tier. There's almost no excuse to play casual with a netdeck other than cowardice. Even my fun homebrew/meme decks I usually play on ladder after I tier-up, since I have nothing to lose at rank 15, 10 or 5 and I can try my deck against real decks.

    If you're seriously testing a deck, you're not going to gain much input playing dragon Warlocks, spell-damage Warriors and noobs with all basic cards. Have some fortitude and try it on ladder.  

    Keep casual casual 2019.


    For example, why the heck would you want to check your net-decked Secret Hunters performance vs. supposedly inferior opponents in Casual mode? Do you really think you gain that much experience how to pilot it correctly from stomping homebrews or memes? No, you're just afraid to lose some of your precious ranked stars. Also, many of the T1 lists are so easy to learn, it's almost auto-pilot level but apparently some people still feel the need to feast on weaklings. There's a reason this thread exists: https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/players-and-teams-discussion/222850-new-third-game-mode-real-casual-play-network

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    posted a message on Why is Even Shaman so OP??
    Quote from Joker122 >>

    If you dont get early board clears then its GG. What card does Even Shaman need nerfed??. Deck too strong.

    I think Devolve needs to be 3 mana so its forced to use spellbreakers and not mass dispell like devolve.

    Okay pal, after that you'll cry about Odd Rogue/Paladin or Mech Hunter being the next OP thing trying to SMOrc you to oblivion. You do realize that Shaman has the highest class winrate in Wild but the second lowest (only Druid is worse since the recent nerfs) in Standard, right? Being a board-centric archetype there are so many counters, it ain't even funny. But hey, keep on crying because you're too lazy to switch decks.

    Jeez, those newage Wild players screaming for nerfs all fucking day and night.

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    posted a message on Should Malygos be HOF'ed?
    Quote from ButtSeriously >>
    Quote from RavenSunHP >>

    Malygos deserves to be HoFed just as much as any other card in the game.

    More in detail, Malygos OTK decks differ depending on the class.

    While Ragnaros just filled the top curve for nearly any Tempo or Midrange deck, which is arguably the most common deck type in the game, unlike OTK.

     This is not true, in my opinion. Do you really want to face Malygos OTK decks in the standard format from now until Hearthstone at some point dies ? The decks he enables are all "the same deck", just in different classes. Maly rogue, Maly druid, Maly priest. They all do EXACTLY the same thing, just with different tools. If i were given a choice between cards to HOF : Leeroy, Sylvanas, Ragnaros and Malygos - id choose Malygos every time. At least the other cards are fun to play against.

    Well, do Even Shaman, Beast Hunter or Zoolock (another evergreen btw) operate so much different? Each of them are board-centric Tempo or Aggro decks whose goal is to hold the board while they SMOrc you to oblivion. Also, if you lose to a top-decked Leeroy Jenkins do you really have so much fun as you're pretending?

    tl;dr "I don't like Combo/OTK decks because they tend to two-shot me regularly Blizz plzzz"

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    posted a message on Thing from Below and Even Shaman

    Even Shaman is neither oppressive enough nor suffers from having very polarized matchups (such as old Quest Rogue) to be considered worthy of the ban-- err, nerf hammer. Sure, it's stronger than its Standard counterpart but being a board-centric deck without very powerful comeback mechanisms it's just as likely to get countered by Control as any comparable archetype. Also, Shaman as a class is already just a one-trick pony - do we really want it to become totally obsolete?

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    posted a message on Wild Bundle pack opening


    golden Eadric the Pure

    Flame Leviathan

    Gormok the Impaler


    golden Forbidden Healing

    golden Lunar Visions

    golden Fel Reaver

    plus 4 golden commons, 5 regular epics and 1,1k dust from duplicates - not too shabby I guess. The overall card quality was somewhat low, especially for the legendaries until I opened Mal. But oh well, a free legendary of choice is nothing to complain about ~.~

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    posted a message on Brawl Block: Old and New - Tavern Brawl #187
    Quote from 1xbenx1 >>

    Even Shaman for people who want it!

    Even Mech Brawl
    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (21) Ability (8) Playable Hero (1)
    Loading Collection

    Can beat just about anything you commonly see played. Hagatha is better than most cards in everyone else's deck.

    Unfortunately, such kind of decks tend to get obliterated by Mech Hunter.

    All in all, this Brawl feels pretty boring once you realise that everyone and their mom is playing Even/Odd decks. No different from Ranked.


    It's one of the few Brawls which punishes you for not having at least a somewhat decent Wild collection. If you can't keep up with the pressure applied by Mech Hunter/Even Shaman you'll have a hard time. After banging my head into the wall for a bunch of games I caved in and went for Hunter myself to get that pack and, more importantly, the hell outta there. The only thing to note is nice is that E.M.P. Operative is very much playable in this format. It was quite satisfying to watch my opponent concede right after their over-buffed mech got hit by it.

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    posted a message on Ysera vs Lich King

    The Lich King is an Ironbark Protector which ain't bad for a vanilla card in the first place. Furthermore, being a Taunt minion your opponent needs to trade off his board in case there's no removal. Ysera is a Sleepy Dragon but without Taunt which makes it very awkward to play. Regarding the Dream cards, Dream, Nightmare and Ysera Awakens are strong but certainly not game-ending since Ysera is usually being used in Control decks. Also, Laughing Sister and Emerald Drake are nothing but a huge pile of stats. On the other hand, Anti-Magic Shell or Death Grip (in case you're up vs. a Combo deck) can spell instant win. And the power of Frostmourne or Death Coil isn't really up for debate either. The only thing you might argue is that the chance to get the right Death Knight cards is much lower.

    Remember, even old Dragon Priest lists mostly didn't include Ysera for a reason. But she's an evergreen card and without doubt no bad choice.

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    posted a message on Wild Growth and Fiery War Axe nerfs - when cards are class features

    No class should have access to an evergreen card which has been the core of many successful archetypes. Have you ever wondered why T5 refused to release very strong standalone 1- or 2-drops for Shaman since Un'Goro? Yeah, that's right. Flametongue Totem is the single reason. It's obvious since Aggro Shaman being strong turned out to be so unhealthy for the game that they were forced to obliterate the archetype with the nerfs to Rockbiter Weapon, Spirit Claws and Tuskarr Totemic. Tunnel Trogg and Thing from Below together with Doomhammer were also on the verge of being hammered.

    So, don't expect to see a basic/classic card being played in (multiple) powerful Standard decks forever.

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    posted a message on Zentimo any good?

    You shouldn't build your deck around a 3 mana 1/3 soft taunt which your opponent WILL remove with ease on the following turn, especially in a class which has no access to any card draw at all (Mana Tide Totem or Far Sight are just cycle engines, same goes for Elementary Reaction. Also, all of the Overload-cards are bad in conjunction with Zentimo since there is no way to clear the locked crystals or come back in case your opponent is able to answer your board state.

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    posted a message on hooked new player

    An important advice is to acquire packs for the main purpose of completing the respective set of common and rare cards. If you happen to open a desired epic or legendary card, fine but you should NEVER go for packs when your goal are specific high rarity cards. That would be a waste of resources, be it time, gold or money. So, gold/packs should be used for commons/rares and arcane dust to craft epics/legendaries.

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    posted a message on The Gift Exchange Brawl Has Returned This Week!

    So, this brawl is supposed to offer those who didn't acquire the original Winter Veil card back another chance to get it? Too bad then, I got a classic pack instead :(

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