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[KFT] Kazakus Control Mage

  • Last updated Sep 27, 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 12480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/19/2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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Mok'ra people. I was playing a C'thun Control Warrior this season but after the axe nerf i thought better to try something else. I always loved Kazakus decks and this one is incredibly fun to play and also very strong in current meta. I've been testing this for a few days now and found the perfect list to share with you.

Kazakus himself is a great card. His 5 mana spells can be amazing against aggro decks. On the other hand Inkmaster Solia makes him better for mage than priest cos you can use his huge 10 mana spells on turn 7 which can be crucial again. Other thing makes this deck fun is ofc Medivh, the Guardian. While we have big spells in this deck he can create some big dudes for us during end game. The Lich King and Frost Lich Jaina will help us to survive during late game.

Why no Pyroblast? This is a question i would expect. Ofc it's an amazing card to finish off the opponent especially if you have Alex in your deck. But while the meta is still fast and have many aggro decks getting a 10 mana cost pyro in hand would make it a dead card until turn 10. Also there is a chance to getting one from Babbling Book or Cabalist's Tome. And a better chance to discover it with Primordial Glyph. But when i see i'm safe and can finish my opponent off after Medivh or Alex play, i usually try to get a 8 damage Kazakus spell. It can be smilar to Pyro effect.

I'll share more details soon. Hope you like this. Good luck and have fun.


Mulligan Guide;



You'll most likely face a Jade or Beasty aggro druid. So always keep Skulking Geist and Frostbolt or try to get them in your starting hand. If you starting with The Coin and your opponent is a jade druid be patient and play the geist on turn 5. If you are facing an aggro/beast druid don't play your Frostbolt on their Enchanted Raven. Always keep it for Vicious Fledgling






You shouldn't lose board control against hunter until turn 5 or 6. So you should mulligan for your 1-2 mana minions and spells. You can even keep your Volcanic Potion. Once you avoid an early Houndmaster play you'll probably get the whole control. And if hunter has nothing on board between turn 5-7 you'll probably win it easily.


A reminder: Using Polymorph on Kindly Grandmother is not a good idea. The real target is standing below;


>>> Savannah Highmane <<<























Other Mulligan Tips;


If you want some success with this deck you just shouldn't replace any cards. And it's really fun to play with current list. 



Kazakus (Totally unreplacable): You just can't replace Kazakus, he is the main legendary making the tricks and he is the reason this deck has no duplicates.

Inkmaster Solia (Almost unreplacable): Replacing her will significantly reduce the power of the deck. Cos while the decklist contains many huge mana cost spells you'll also create a 10 mana cost Kazakus spell and when Solia reduce their costs to 0 mana you get very nice results.

Medivh, the Guardian (Shouldn't be replaced) You can replace Medivh but again you'll be weak during late game. While this deck has no cards like N'zoth, Alex, Medivh helps to get a nice end game board to finish off your opponent. Especially while there are many big spells like i mentioned for Solia. You better have him if you want the whole fun and power of this deck.

Frost Lich Jaina (Shouldn't be replaced). Jaina is great against controlish decks and there are many DK priests and warlocks in meta atm. We also got Pyros in this deck and he brings great healing during end game.

The Lich King (Replacable): LK is one replacable legendary in this list. But i guess most of the people already crafted him. He is a taunt one anyways and better to have him too.

Pyros (Replacable): You can replace Pyros but it has some nice synergy with frost lich jaina. You may get 10 heals during end game and it can help you to survive.



Primordial Glyph: You just shouldn't replace this card. No explanations needed but it can make you find great spells that cost 2 less. For example playing a Flamestrike on turn 5 can be crucial to survive while playing against an aggro deck.

Ice Block: One word: unreplacable.

Cabalist's Tome: This is not as important as glyph or ice block but again you can get 3 incredible useful spells. So you better have a tome too.

Meteor: You may replace meteor but don't forget it can one shot big minions like Ysera, the lich king, primordial drake and they are in many decks in current meta.

Skulking Geist: If you don't like tech cards you can remove him but even jade druids got some nerf with Innervate, there are still many Evolve shamans around. And destroying both of their evolves means like +90% chance to win against them.


Cards Fitting This Deck;

- Sindragosa

- Alexstrasza

- Elise the Trailblazer

- The Black Knight

- Pyroblast

- Greater Arcane Missiles

- Doomsayer

- Gluttonous Ooze

- Arcane Giant

- Kabal Crystal Runner

- Potion of Polymorph

- Mind Control Tech

- Eater of Secrets

- Avian Watcher

- Stampeding Kodo

- Faceless Summoner

- Kabal Chemist

- Spellbreaker


 Defeating a Bloodreaver Control Warlock; (More videos soon)

HS Replays (Ranked);






















































Climbing Proofs;

I started to play this on Sep.19 / Rank15 and instantly climbed Rank12 for now. I played a smilar deck to Rank 6 during Season 40 and this one has the potantial as well.


Rank 12 after defeating a meta Priest;


Rank 11 after defeating a Huntard;


Rank 10 after defeating a DK Hunter;


Rank 9 after defeating an Evolve/Jade Shaman;


Rank 8 after defeating a Hunter;


Rank 7 after defeating a Kazakus Priest;


Rank 6 after defeating an Evolve Shaman;


Rank 5 after defeating a Mirror Mage;

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