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    Everyone is complaining about that weapon should have belonged to Shaman or Paladin but I can see the connection with the hunter honestly and liked it.

    Dwarven Gryphon Riders uses hammers most of the time and they all are like hunters more than paladins/shamans so I liked the flavor here.

    Look how they themed hunter in this expansion around Gryphons/Riders/Dwarves and Primordial Dragons. I think it fits well and I have been playing hunter for a while in past. Also this Stormhammer is a ranged weapon with lightning power of it.

    The term "Hunter" doesn't mean Ranger tho.

    See Falstad Wildhammer for example. He is a Gryphon Rider and using a weapon like it.


    I liked the flavor of it tbh.

    I can leave  now.

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    Doomhammer is inspired by Mjölnir, not this weapon.

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    posted a message on Legends of Runeterra - discussion, analysis and first impressions
    Quote from FortyDust >>

    I just read up on the way cards are acquired in Runeterra, and I can say with some confidence that the game is utterly doomed.

    By limiting the number of cards you can create with a weekly cap, they are essentially saying the people who have been playing the longest and logging in every day are automatically going to have the biggest collections.

    That may seem great at first -- keeps things from being all "pay to win" as the kids like to say these days.

    However, think down the road a bit. This model is going to be a huge turn-off for new players. No one is going to want to pick up a new game if there is literally no way to catch up with veterans. People complain about it enough in Hearthstone, saying it's a crime that you have to pay money to be able to compete. Well, in Runeterra, you literally cannot compete at all until you've put in your time!

    Maybe I'm mistaken about how all of this works, or maybe I missed a piece of the puzzle. But as I understand the system now, it's terrible and the game will never have whales, meaning it will never make any money.

    If publishers would stop all the pretense of "free to play" and just admit that games actually cost money -- that they need to have a cost in order to survive -- we could move to a model where people just pay one set price and get all the cards. We need to set aside this collectible model as a relic of gaming history. It kind of made sense for physical cards, but it will never make sense for digital ones.

    Firstly sorry for necroing this thread but i need to point something out.

    I have come back to hearthpwn for this comment. Not here for a long time.

    I did liked your comments and point of view back in the days that i'm very active in this forum so that's the reason I care what you said.

    Your arguments are fair enough but you are skipping something. The support power of riot. I can give an example of my country. There are so much people who wants to play hearthstone, especially people under 22. English training isn't well enough here. You need to do something extra to learn it and people (especially younger ones) don't care so much. The community here tried to make blizzard give language support. They have even started a petition for it. Blizzard still refuses to give us Turkish hearthstone experience.The only thing in Turkish about Blizzard games and Especially for Hearthstone (for mobile concerns) are advertisements and even advertisements have become Turkish yet, before 3-4 months ago. I really don't care so much because I am playing all of my games in English because of my old habits. Even the game is in Turkish, I can't understand the game terms well enough. That's so sad but I have grown like this. Anyways; People here don't decide to play Hearthstone because they can't understand the game and they don't want to play it because they think it is hard to learn by playing (not the game, the terms, all the cards etc. even it is not that hard). The point here is Riot already translated League of Legends to Turkish years ago and now they will bring Legends of Runeterra in Turkish with the closed beta with sounds, not just texts. There are so much people here who waits for the game. It is thousands of peoples not just a little group. LoL is the only game with 50k+ Turkish viewers in Twitch and they are only local viewers, not from any other countries like english-speaking streamers. I'm sure they will do this support for other countries too that Blizzard or Wizards of the coast have never gave before like Turkey. This will bring some absolute difference to the market. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a racist or a national nazi here, just wanted to say how LoR might affect the market.

    And There are so much riot fans that they can bring to the game. It is even not the same community with card game players. Riot will bring their own playerbase to the game with TFT and LoL together. We all know how they will rise in years with only selling cosmetics. I didn't even buy once but I know how people, even people under 18 spending real money to cosmetics. They are buying because they are happy with the game. Support team is well enough. They are buying stuff because they like, not for reaching people. When you buy for reaching people, you know you are doing a bad thing because it makes you obsessed with the game and you become addicted to the game. But with riot's way, You are buying stuff because you like it and it worked for League of Legends before. There is no reason it doesn't fit in LoR either. I don't agree that LoR will be HS killer. Of course there might be some changeovers, but Riot will bring their own players to the Card Game market for sure because of the stuff I have mentioned in this and above paragraph.

    For your concerns about how new players collect cards, it is all of the games' concern in my opinion. I mean, I personally think that People who plays a game for 5 years and started yet shouldn't be equal. There must be some differences because of his loyalty and spent time. Although this thought of mine, I found the Legends of Runeterra safe enough to start late. There are experience system with Regional rewards. You can choose your way to collect. When you go for a region (Think it like classes in hearthstone) You are collecting that region's cards. So you are collecting what you want mostly unlike hearthstone or MTG:A. I don't think a new player will experience bad times to collect or complete the set because region system's first rewards are generous enough and easy to get. you can claim regions first rewards in 4-5 days with casual playing.

    You might be right about daily logins and weekly cap but there is a case here. Weekly Vaults. It is one of the most important part of the economy of the LoR. there are 1-13 tiers for that and rewards are so generous. When you complete all of the daily quests in a week (daily quests give experience points and you need experience points to level up your tier for Weekly Vaults) you end up tier 10 Weekly Vaults. It is 3 Platinum Chests.

    I don't think we will need to buy those weekly wildcards. There are a thread in reddit about economy of Runeterra. I may quote something I wrote in another website here if you are really interested;

    <header class="source">Quote From Almaniarra</header>

    If you are interested in, u/rhemyst from reddit also made a simulation about set completion using Python who is asked that question and also promised to do maths about it :) ,

    Here is the link; https://www.reddit.com/r/LegendsOfRuneterra/comments/dtnizg/a_simulation_of_set_completion_for_various_levels/

    and here is the post and the results; All are quote from the post itself and thanks to u/rhemyst from Reddit again.

    I used it compute the average progression values for several "involvement levels" and compute the set completion over 4 month.

    The system makes several assumptions:

    • Collection starts absolutely empty

    • You save you shards for champions, then epics, then rares, etc...

    • You always spend your wildcards, even on commons and rares. It's not optimal in terms of progression, but I believe it's more realistic to assume most people will not want to sit on 50+ wildcards until they can just complete a whole rarity level at once.

    • You always level your vault to a given level every single week.

    • I used the "upgrade" values provided by Riot in the above thread. Those could change.

    I tested various "involvement levels", with various properties:

    • Casual: level 6 vault every week. Vault gets less efficient after level 6, unless you reach level 10

    • Serious: level 10 vault every week. This also means about 1 region every month.

    • Pro: level 13 vault every week

    According to u/herazalila, the above levels represent about 2h, 4h30 and 18h per week.


    • Whale: buys 3 epic and 3 champion wildcards every week (that's about 12€)

    • Dolphin: buys 1 epic and 1 champion wildcards every week

    • Fish: never buys anything

    Here are the set completion, as percentage, over the course of 4 months. The line in bold is the example given by Riot : by leveling the vault to 10 every week, you get to about 75 completion after 4 month, i.e. when a new set is released. This would indicated that my simulation is accurate.

    EDIT: thank you all for you comments. I need to clarify a few things before you look at those numbers.

    • Like I said, I ignored the prologue, tutorial and the possibility to buy a starter set. Those the bellow number should thus be a bit higher. I can redo the simulation when the have the exact data for it, during the next beta. EDIT: assuming I got the right data, with the prologue and starter set you'd reach 75% in 12 weeks as a Serious Fish.

    • On the other hand, my simulation does not account for the fact that when leveling a region, you only gain cards from that region. Which means that you are more likely to get duplicates, and that slows you down a bit. So those numbers below should be a bit lower.

    • But, at the same time, it means that the "completion percentage" is actually higher for the regions you leveled. Values below are only computed on the total set.

    • I used the region rewards order provided by Riot in their blog post. Those rewards are sorted in value. In practice, regions rewards are not sorted (you get some very nice rewards in the early levels). In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't change much. In practice, it means the beginning of your progression can be faster.

    • Overall, you can always add or remove a few points from those numbers depending on how you level regions, how you spend your shards, etc... It's just a broad estimate.

        Week 4 Week 8 Week 12 Week 16
      Casual, Fish 9 19 26 34
      Casual, Dolphin 10 20 28 37
      Casual, Whale 11 23 33 43
      Serious, Fish 24 45 63 77
      Serious, Dolphin 24 47 66 80
      Serious, Whale 26 50 70 85
      Pro, Fish 38 67 87 93
      Pro, Dolphin 39 68 89 96
      Pro, Whale 40 72 92 100


     I sensed that The Riot's plan is making money from only cosmetics like League of Legends because these number shows that noone will feel like they need to buy extra wildcards for what they want to play. You can simply play whatever you like, like everything in the game content are for free. I feel like they would make the game all cards open but they wanted to keep the spirit of collecting cards, (it is the core mechanic of the card games for me tbh, collecting cards, opening packs(chests and capsules are simply booster packs in LoR) etc.)  and keep your progress alive.

    So even for money-making for riot and new player issues, I don't think The game will be doomed. The only condition that LoR might be doomed could only be about mechanical or gameplay experience. I don't think it will be dead game because of in-game or normal economy. Ah and that doesn't mean I think that game might die because of mechanics etc. I'm just saying the possibilities. I found mechanics of LoR enjoyable, balanced and better suited more than MTG:A or Hearthstone. There may be so much similarities (you may call it steal but I don't think like that), but LoR really suited well all of those with some extras. (Spell mana is completely new mechanic (Don't know if it is in a game other than HS, MTG:A, TES:L, Pokemon TCG:O, Artifact or Eternal tho.), level-up is looking like Pokemon's evolve but different than that, Mostly mixed up HS Quest and Pokemon Evolve.)

    Oh hey, And I don't think one really must leave other card games to be able to play this game. If the game can give what it promises, there is no need to leave other games. I am planning to continue Hearthstone(more than casually) and MTG:A(casually) while playing Legends of Runeterra. If i really like it in time, I may support riot for spending money to cosmetics because If i like, I will want game to live more and be happy to spend money because of I like unlike it is a necessity in hearthstone/MTG:A . :) )

    Sorry for that; I can't skip this;

    Quote from SneezingMeerkat >>

    Here's my take.

    Legends of Runeterra looks and feels like it was developed from the start to be a mobile game, there are a few tooltips and descriptions of cards and mechanics that desperately need to be ironed out (which is what a beta is for), it also feels very uninspired, most if not all of it's mechanics are taken from other games.


     They already don't refuse that. They are saying that "we like card games, but we feel all of them are so stressing to collect and make progress so we wanted to make own version of them."
    I'm not saying this for defending riot, Just pointed out that you should know that it doesn't give you so much new stuff if you decided to start the game. I don't agree that LoR isn't uninspired tho. Just Spell Mana is enough to say that the game is inspired. The game is placing market to correct bad-sides of card games. That is their argument and I agree with them because I see that they find solutions most of them. 3 copies of cards are great for mulligan, Spell mana is great for early/mid game planning, being damaged while MTG's block system is one of the great mechanics of the game etc. There are similarities but game is original whatever you say.


    Again, Sorry for necro-ing. I will leave the forum again when/after or if I get response to this post. Thanks everyone who reads this long essay and sorry for textwall. (if you really read ) :P.

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    posted a message on Farewell HearthPwn...

    see you on outof.cards,

    You guys really should join that site because these admins and moderators deserves support. Let's make outof.cards better than hearthpwn. :)

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    This is the first time I've been sad about a site shutdown. I can't find to say more words for that really. I hope all of the Hearthpwn community will be on outof.cards cuz even I'm pissed off so hard sometimes, I like you guys. :(

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    posted a message on Do you guys also find the meta insanely boring?
    Quote from BA5 >>
    Quote from Almaniarra >>
    Quote from XoBoater >>

    Yes, and this has been the biggest problem in this game for ages. The interesting cards always suck, the interesting decks always suck. Why? Because Aggro decks are way overpowered in this game, and have been almost since the beginning, and that is what most people are going to play, because they have the quickest games and the highest win rate (and the cheapest dust cost most times).

    And this is a bad thing ? C'mon, it makes the game more f2p friendly and lets f2p players also win.

    Do you prefer a game which you can only win with a 15k+ dust-costed deck ?

     The discussion isn't about aggro vs. control or how much dust a deck cost, it is about the meta being stale / boring.


    Most (if not all) current meta decks are over 5k+ dust anyways. At the moment i almost enjoy playing low ranks 25-15 the most. This is where you see more budget decks and where skill actual matters and not who high-rolls first.

     I know the discussion is not about deck costs but I just answered a guy who thinks the problem is only about aggro. That's all.

    In another thread I already wrote what I feel and what some players feel like playing hearthstone. I guess we feel same thing already. :)

    Quote from Almaniarra >>
    Quote from MaximGorkij >>
    Quote from user-100394506 >>
    Quote from Padge >>
    Quote from user-100394506 >>
    Quote from Shadowrisen >>
    Quote from Kwakdizzle >>

    It's fine to say you don't like the new expansion, but your supporting arguments carry no weight at all. Nothing new in the game? Mech hunter, control shaman, bomb warrior, togwaggle rogue, new token druid, they're new and classesplay very differently from the previous expansion. Next to that, rotation means the game feels so fresh. Not having to play around psychcic scream, fungalmancer, or know that I lose my chance to close the game due to a Frostlich Jaina or Bloodreaver Guldan feels sooo good.

    Sometimes it's the responsibility of the player to try something new, not just for the game to add it. Go try some new decks. You may enjoy them.

     Indeed.  It is amazing to see how little concern people have for whether or not the words they type are even remotely tethered to reality.

    No new decks?  You're an idiot.

    Bomb Warrior OP?  Provably false

    Uninteractive?  Words mean meanings regardless of what euphemism you want to use for "deck I don't like"

     Man check the votes you will see how is right. 

    after less than one week:

    12,8% Bad

    60,4% Good

    26,8% So and so

    What do you think that will be the result after 1 month or even worst 2 or 3? The disappointment for this expansion like now is really high. Nearly half of the people, after less than one week thinks that this expansion is not good. So, probably you the the idiot. And yes. It is full of bomb warrior. 

     12.8% is nearly half of 'the people' ? 

    You seem desperate to convince people to be unhappy and drag as many as you can into your little hole of sadness. Why? Why are you pushing and pushing for people to not like it? It's pathetic mate. 

    12.8% will be higher than it actually is as well. Forums traditionally have a higher portion of bitches on it, people are more busy enjoying a game than going and writing about it but the sad lot who are unhappy seem to prefer camping out and trying to convince others of the same. It's not just hearthstone, same with every game forum I've been part of. Pretty much all of those have been called bad, boring, dying etc and yet are still going, still being enjoyed but the forums are still flooded with the same, asinine cretins that haunt the Internet.

    What do you like, man? What makes you happy? What game do you enjoy? Is this the ONLY game you play? Can't you play something else whilst this period you're not enjoying is going on? 

    There's plenty of new games, sekiro could keep you busy for hours, play warcraft, maybe try out something like black desert online  play magic the gathering or take up a sport or hobby. The world is your oyster. 

     What problems do you have man? 12,8%+ 26,8%. If you have issues in understanding data thinks the contrary. 

    60,4% of the people like the new expansion after one week. DO you think that this is a good result? What do you think that is the acceptance of the people after a new game expansion? 80%/90% when it is good. 60,4% after one week will be after 2/3 month less than 40% of acceptance. 

    Ah by the way: Why should I convince people to dislike the expansion? I really don't care. I hope that people like it. I like Hearthstone and I want people to play it. I am disappointed. THat's it. 

    I think someone else have problems handling the data of the poll.  Why you count the 26,8% between unhappies? I 12% people don't like chocolate, 60% likes chocolate and 28% are indifferent, you cannot say nearly half of the people dislike chocolate.

    BTW, even with your "statistics skills" 39.6% is closer to one third than to one half. 


     because it is statistics. All can conjure a benefit from some kind of weird numbers.

    and for whom said that "there are only 3 decks in rank 1 - 3 " What do you expect ?

    I mean it was always like that. Nothing ever changed for 6 years. My friends are refusing to play netdecks and they are losing on purpose at rank 16 because they don't want to play against same decks. I am also doing that after 1st season I mean for my checkpoints like if i am at 8 i am losing on purpose if i climb to 6 because casual is full of those "whiners" with their hyper aggro decks to farm golds on us. Ranked 20-15 has best variety of decks for standard. Wild is different.  Wild casual is playable.

    People knows how to enjoy but forum whiners don't know it seems. Love or hate, Competitive playing brings that. They are rushing same decks because they want only wins not enjoyement or anything. Their enjoyement stlye lies under winning. They don't care which decks they are facing, They don't care they are playing "cool" synergies or not. They only care for their win. There will be always 3-5 decks on top ladder. Do you want to enjoy the game by playing against different decks ? Don't play for a while and stay at lower ranks.

    I'm also climbing first seasons of new expansions and I know how you are climbing to those 1-3 ranks. You are also grinding with those decks and you are doing that since 1st season. Don't try to fool other forum users.


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    posted a message on Do you guys also find the meta insanely boring?
    Quote from XoBoater >>

    Yes, and this has been the biggest problem in this game for ages. The interesting cards always suck, the interesting decks always suck. Why? Because Aggro decks are way overpowered in this game, and have been almost since the beginning, and that is what most people are going to play, because they have the quickest games and the highest win rate (and the cheapest dust cost most times).

    And this is a bad thing ? C'mon, it makes the game more f2p friendly and lets f2p players also win.

    You forum elitists think like medieval aristocrats. "who cares common folk". I mean, you know that decent number of players can't really afford all the cards and 10k+ decks.

    It is a f2p game with microtransactions and in order to keep playing, they also need to win. They "might" spend their money in some day. It is the logic behind this kind of games and this is the logic which the companies that decided to develop this kind of game embraced.

    I was a f2p player before boomsday since beta and i can understand how it feels.

    Do you prefer a game which you can only win with a 15k+ dust-costed deck ? I don't think so.

    Ok, It feels bad. I also don't like aggro playstyle so much and feel worse when an interesting card didn't work as intended but this is what keeps the game alive.

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    posted a message on Plot Twist Warlock with Dollmaster Dorian
    Quote from Deck_Fiend >>

    I went a totally different way with a token warlock deck. plot twist is great though for reshuffling in your broodmothers for healing or just to try and get better cards. 

    a cool trick is to use the soularium and then shuffle all 3 of the cards back in to your deck (with the rest of your hand) to then draw an extra 3 cards (none are discarded) you can also send the coin to your deck for something else, and then turn the coin to a legendary with Rafaam.

    I would like to try one of the slower decks, but I'm missing a lot of the cards for your doll master version. 

    Deck is pretty good though. 

    Plot Twist Imp Slinger.
    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (16) Ability (14)
    Loading Collection

    This deck seems fun and strong. I guess even stronger than my slower version. But i still don't have The Soularium and Leeroy Jenkins. I've tried a big charge Plot Twist with Charged Devilsaur + Doomguard + Fel Lord Betrug in wild. Most of the time you could deal 14-24 dmg to face. That deck would be more powerful if i have Leeroy Jenkins no doubt, but well, my collection really doesn't let me playing aggro decks. :) I will give your version a try If i could get Leeroy Jenkins :)

    Quote from dw1994 >>

    # 2x (1) Mortal Coil
    # 2x (1) Potion Vendor
    # 2x (2) Acidic Swamp Ooze
    # 2x (2) Plot Twist
    # 2x (2) Sunfury Protector
    # 2x (3) Augmented Elekk
    # 2x (3) Faceless Rager
    # 2x (4) Hellfire
    # 2x (4) Twilight Drake
    # 2x (5) Omega Agent
    # 1x (5) Zilliax
    # 2x (6) Aranasi Broodmother
    # 1x (6) Dread Infernal
    # 2x (6) Siphon Soul
    # 1x (7) Lord Godfrey
    # 1x (9) Lord Jaraxxus
    # 2x (12) Mountain Giant

    I made this deck today and it is pretty fun. I don't have the cards, but do you think that Dorian or Belrug are stronger than Omega Agents?

    Dollmaster Dorian helps you to get some little taunts + cheap health recovers (like using Mortal Coils on your 1/1 Deranged Doctor etc.) and Betrug helps you deal with bigger threats and also recovers huge missing healths. using Mechanical Whelp with Betrug also helps you get 7/7 on board after you deal with your opponents board. I have changed my Augmented Elekks with Mechanical Whelps because most of the time Elekks are dead cards because of Dorian and Betrug.

    For your question, I really don't know which is stronger because I don't have Omega Agents and couldn't try them in this deck. but betrug and dorian are key cards for my deck, this deck has been built around them so I don't think agents will be more powerful than those 2. :)

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    posted a message on Dr. Boom's Ignoblegarden Has Begun! Free Packs, Cards, Tavern Brawl

    lol me too ! that was weird.

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    posted a message on Which one should I craft?

    depends which other cards you have I guess.

    If you have khadgar related cards craft Khadgar

    If you have decent rogue collection + Leeroy Jenkins craft Heistbaron Togwaggle

    If you have carpet zoo and/or controllock related cards craft Arch-Villain Rafaam

    All are worth crafting just set your priorities. If you say "I can craft other cards to build a deck for these legendaries" craft which you like to play most. If you like mage craft Khadgar if you like rogue craft Heistbaron Togwaggle and if you like warlock craft Arch-Villain Rafaam.

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    posted a message on You can Baited Arrow kill the enemy Hero for a Devilsaur

    Come devil-y we had killed that hero.

    Stop biting the Innkeeper, you silly creature !!!


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    posted a message on What's the dumbest addition in this expansion?

    it's Toxfin for me. Murloc Shaman doesn't even need to put some tech cards (silence) anymore or put the card itself to their deck really thanks to Underbelly Angler and I wanted to vote for Underbelly Angler too because that's the card which makes Toxfin more ridiculous and dumb.

    Btw @Kingcarnage sorry for the fight which we made some days ago. I just wanted to comment here to bring peace. :P

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    posted a message on Question about Deck Tracker

    Hello guys;

    Is there a way to make it track stats on different computers ? I am using one laptop and one tabletop to play. I'm loginning in my account but it didn't share the stats, replays etc. so I wonder that. If there's something to do, can you explain ?

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    posted a message on Remove The Coin

    Is this real !?

    My eyes are bleeding.

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    posted a message on Priest - deckideas, there must be good and viable deck

     Well, I have already opened a thread for my deck but wanted to share it here too.

    [RoS] Control Priest
    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (23) Ability (7)
    Loading Collection

    I am sitting on %60 winrate with this deck on rank 4;

    If you want to check it thread is here;


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