About Me

"Johnny/Spike" player.

I enjoy Trojan Horse Warlock decks where I hide weird stuff in a deck that looks like something else. Glinda + Meat Wagon/Portal decks are perfect for this. The howlfiend treachery combination isn't bad neither. Also now we have clockwork automaton for pairing with warlock DK for some nasty OTK's. 

I recently got into rogue, this class combines speed and lethality with style, elegance and grace (with a little bit of shady underhandedness and sheer "wtf just happened" as well)

The ability to do cool combination's while maintaining tempo is a novel style of gameplay within Hearthstone and I feel it is the perfect counter style to my Warlock decks.

However I have started to develop more of a mid range/tempo style using Genn greyman and then hiding my Glinda stuff in an evenlock as well. So not all my warlock decks are slow control or combination decks now. 

I've not played many TCG's other than HS. I played Shadowverse (weebstone) for a bit where I did very well with an undead deck. I also play a game on steam called "Eternal" which is very close to Magic the Gathering and probably the best digital game you can play with that style of card gameplay. 

I've been frequenting the Hearthpwn forums on and off for a few years now. This is a great place and the best HS related hub on the internet. 

Thanks to all the mods for keeping the ship sailing in the right direction. 

Looking forward to playing a bounce deck with the new Rogue cards in Boomsday (hearthstone 9th expansion) I think I'm going to be able to make something nuts, that still wins (in true Johnny/Spike fashion) 

I am definitely more Johnny than spike though and having fun is most important. I'd never play a deck I hated just to win games. 


BattleTag "Nurgs" Favorite Class Rogue Region EU