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Wheelchair Accessable (Post Undertaker Nerf Ramp)

  • Last updated Feb 7, 2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 8900
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/30/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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My Greetings! This is my take on Ramp Druid in the new meta, or the Mech-Mage-Madness-Meta as I like to call it. It's not drastically different from other Ramp Druid decks from the past, but that doesn't mean its not effective. I've used this deck to climb, and climb fast as it's extremely effective in this meta. I've been updating it as the days go by as the meta is constantly shifting and you need to be quick on your toes if you want to stay ahead of it. Keep coming back and checking up on the deck as I'll be making changes here and there and updating the description as well. Leave a like if you like the deck, played it and kicked some ass, or if you just like the name! If you're going do downvote the deck, please comment as to why so I can better understand how to improve it! I'm not claiming the strategy and style of this deck as my own by any means, I'm just trying to give you guys the best deck possible with a bit of my flavor in it! I've put a lot of time into this write-up so I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for checking out the deck! 

Note: "**" means that something has been updated recently. This is so people who have already read the writeup can go right to areas that have been updated without having to scan through the entire thing looking for the differences. 

Basic Strategy**: 

The deck doesn't play much differently from any other Ramp Druid, other than the fact that it is not running any piece of the combo (Force of NatureSavage Roar). You want to ramp into your large minions with Wild Growth and Innervate. After you spend all your cards doing so, refill your hand with those amazing Ancient of Lores. Or, if you're in dire need of health, use the Ancient Secrets choice to get your health back to a safe level. No need for Antique Healbot here! Use Kel'Thuzad bring back your Taunts and Deathrattles for amazing value. This is the most successful Ramp Druid deck I've ever played and I hope it is the same for you guys! Enjoy the rest of the write up! 


Mulligan Strategy**: 

The Mulligan for Ramp Druid is pretty simple. Always keep Innervate and Wild Growth. Keep Shade of Naxxramas if you are second or if you're first and have Innervate. Wrath should also be kept in most situations. Against another druid you want to throw it back to guarantee a Wild Growth as the card is key in that matchup. Keep Swipe against Paladin, always. Its the only way to deal with the Muster for Battle on turn 3. You can also keep Mind Control Tech against Paladin if you don't already have a Swipe in hand. You can also keep Piloted Shredder if you have a way to ramp into it, preferably The CoinInnervate on turn one. I'll go a bit deeper into the Mulligan Strategy for individual matchups in the Matchups section. 

 What I Know About Matchups Curently**: 

This section is one that will get updated as I encounter more decks. I can't give accurate results from only 1-2 games against a specific deck so I wont have every type of deck there is here. 

Paladin - You will run into both midrange and control Paladin, but either way, the strategy is pretty much the same. Kill the 1/1s to avoid insane Quartermaster value, Wrath the Knife Juggler, and avoid massive Equality + Consecration combos that will eat your board. The matchup is pretty winnable if you just control the board and can ramp up quickly. It will take a bit of luck when it comes to drawing Swipe but otherwise the games can be pretty close. Make sure to save your Keeper of the Grove to silence his Tirion Fordring and Sylvanas Windrunner. Don't blow it by using it to deal 2 damage to a Silver Hand Recruit or something silly like that. Never use both Keepers before he plays Tirion. 

Minion Mage / Mech Mage - These matchups can be pretty hard as you don't have the AoE or the speed to combat them. If you don't know what minion mage is check out Razoir's amazing deck Last Boss: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/159244-razoirs-last-boss-legend-minion-mage. So to win these matchups you have to make really good use of your AoE and try to ramp into your big taunts to save your face. Watch out for Kel'Thuzad in the minion mage deck and try to save your silence for him and Sylvanas Windrunner. Mech Mage is the deck that actually prompted so much change to this deck, so it's a really easy matchup unless you draw like crap and they draw averagely or really well. You don't want to keep Keeper of the GroveShade of Naxxramas, or even the Swipes as they wont do enough. You want to dig for your ramp and get behind some taunts. Save your Wrath for Mechwarper or an early Snowchugger. This deck is really well tuned against Mech Mage and you can typically dumpster them pretty easily. 

Hunter - Hunter? Oh right I forgot they still existed. I've actually faced (and proceeded to decimate) two Hunters today and I'm pretty surprised. They are an easy matchup as you can just keep the board clear and not worry about an insane 6/7 Undertaker on turn 3. You've got enough taunts and healing with the Ancient of Lore if you need it. They are pretty easy, easier than mechmage as they don't have as much burst or the late game Archmage Antonidus to get that extra reach. 

Priest - I haven't faced too many priests but the ones I have I was able to beat pretty easily. Avoid the Mind Control that 90% of them run by not playing Sneed's Old Shredder onto an empty board when YOU can't deal with it. That's how you play against Priest, you have to make sure that whatever might get MC'd, you can deal with. Save your Keeper of the Grove to silence Sylvanas Windrunner and you'll be fine. Pretty easy matchup. 

Rogue - I've faced about five Miracle Rogues, or Oil Rogues, which are absolutely frightening. Without the Combo it is really hard to finish them off before they finish you off. They just sap your taunts and destroy you. They actually run minions now too that you'll have to trade with making it even harder to get them low before you get low and their burst is insane with Tinker's Sharpsword Oil. I've only faced one Mech Rogue and it was an easy win. They are like Mech Mages but worse, much easier to beat.

Shaman - Haven't seen many Shamans either. They're not in a great place either. This one could be a pretty hard matchup too as they have a lot of removal and silence for your big drops. If you can ramp up quickly enough you should be able to outpower them and stomp them. Watch out for big Lightning Storms and always kill the Wrath of Air Totem. Thankfully there aren't many as the few I've faced have either been close games or loses. They can develop their board a bit faster than you can and get massive tempo swings. Druid isn't great at coming back with their lack of AoE and removal so try to get an early upper hand. 

Zoo and Handlock - Zoo is pretty scarce now but is pretty easy. The more midrange versions are actually kind of scary as they put on pressure and still have late game threats that need to be dealt with. When Dr. Boom gets nerfed that matchup will get easier but the playstyle is pretty much the same as against normal Zoo. Ramp up early, keep their board as clear as possible, and get behind taunts with a Kel'Thuzad. Handlock though, is a really tough matchup. They have quite a bit of removal and giant minions, literally GIANT. It is probably the hard as you don't have enough removal to get rid of all their giants and you don't have the burst to just kill them. Running the combo or having a second Big Game Hunter would better this matchup but they are quite uncommon with Mech Mage running about. I wouldn't recommend teching against something that is uncommon in the meta. 

Control Warrior - Is another tough matchup. They have so much removal and survivability AND big drops that it can be a tough matchup. Ramp up and get big minions out while keeping their board as clear as possible. Getting value out of Sylvanas, Sneed's, and KT is important in this matchup. Definitely do not be afraid to take damage as you'll be Alexstrasza'd anyway. Brawl is a threat as well so don't overextend into it unless you feel lucky. Grommash Hellscream is their finisher so stay above 12 health or 14 if they have a Death's Bite equipped. I have won this matchup but that was only because they burned their Grommash early. I assume the did it because they feared my own combo, but it is extremely difficult to win after burning your burst against most classes as Control Warrior. 

 Replacements/Other Good Cards**: 

This will get updated quite frequently as well for a while until it is complete enough for my tastes. Making this deck cheaper isn't really realistic as Druid is just an expensive class to play effectively. If you don't have that much dust I would have to recommend that you try a different deck :( 

Grove Tender - is an O.K. card for ramp. The issue is it helps your opponent ramp too, so it kind of messes up the point of it. Yes you can use the full mana crystal it gives you that turn but, get this, so can your opponent! They will have one mana more the next turn a turn sooner than you will. I prefer Wild Growth over this card in most situations, especially now that the meta has slowed down as this cards advantage over Wild Growth was in against aggro. '

The Combo - Force of Nature + Savage Roar is a pretty staple Druid combo that deals quite a bit of damage. I don't run it because I believe the meta is a bit too fast to get away with having cards in your hand that you can't play. I've seen some decks out there that are still running the combo, but they trade that for less consistency and less late game minions. If aggressive decks start to disappear or get nerfed and the meta changes to a slower pace I will likely try to fit the combo back in.  Until then, I prefer big minions! 

Tree of Life - is one of my favorite cards, but it's highly impractical. It can be really good against aggro decks, but so can something like Ancient of War. It doesn't do enough to justify running it especially with all the awesome new cards. I did run it for a while while I messed around with all the new cards though and it was definitely fun. If you want to have fun, try this card out. 

Malorne - is a great legendary, but is unbelievably slow. I love Malorne so much, but he doesn't really do enough to justify running him. He helps the Control Warrior matchup significantly (I used to run Malorne in mid December and I faced a number of control warriors) as he eats up their removal and doesn't go away. His 9 attack knocks off their armor easily or kills their Ragnaros the Firelord/Alexstrasza/Dr. Boom only to come back a few turns later. He is too slow for most other matchups though, and I would have to say he isn't good enough to take a spot right now. 

Cenarius - is another great replacement for Foe Reaper 4000 as he also works well against aggro and both of them apply an impact on turn 9 (Foe Reaper attacks Cenarius taunts up). 

Bloodmage Thalnos - is currently in the deck thanks to a suggestion by Maniax21. I really like it and it can be replaced by a Zombie Chow or any other early-midgame  drop of your choice. 

Ironbeak Owl - gives you another Silence that you should need with the two Keeper of the Groves we have in the deck. If you know your matchups, you will be saving your silences for the true threats: Tirion FordringSylvanas WindrunnerSavannah Highmane, etc.

A Second Big Game Hunter - would help the matchup against Handlock significantly, but hurt most other matchups. Its hard enough to remove any card that's in the deck already, swapping one for a card that only helps one matchup is not a great idea. I guess it helps against control warrior as well, but there are better options to improve that matchup.

Harvest Golem - used to be ran back in the day, but now Shade of Naxxramas outshines it. Harvest Golem is much better against aggro than Shade of Naxxramas, but in the control matchup Shade is just better. 

Kezan Mystic - would be a fun card to run. It only really hits Hunter and Mage and although Mage is extremely popular, Hunter isn't. This means that only about 30% of your games (if you're that lucky) will be against someone with secrets. Then there's the matter of them getting into play and you having the Mystic when its there and bla bla. I don't see myself running it any time soon. 

Mechanical Yeti - would be really good for the Spare Parts. The Rusty Horn combos with The Black KnightReversing Switch and Whirling Blades could push things into Big Game Hunter range. I actually want to test these out instead of the Piloted Shredders as it could be better. 

Violet Teacher - fits into more of an aggressive Druid deck, like Token Druid. I've never really played too many games with Token Druid decks, but I know enough to say its not the same as this deck at all. Bigger minions are better than Violet Teacher.

Antique Healbot - is like a worse Ancient of Lore. He heals you (and gives out hugs) sure, but he can't ever give you the option to draw you cards. That 3 health difference can sometimes be a game changer, but it just doesn't do enough to effect the board. Druid needs things that can shape the board as they are have the weakest removal abilities of any class as a trade-off for bigger minions and mana manipulation. Healing doesn't do enough. Never run Antique Healbot

Azure Drake - is a good card that provides board presence and draws you cards. I feel that Ancient of Lore provides you with enough draw power that you don't need any more. With the addition of Bloodmage Thalnos also you have the spell damage bonus plus card draw. If the meta slows down they might be better than Sludge Belchers, but not right now. 

Faceless Manipulator - is a definitely one I'd like to run, and you could run in place of missing cards. He still works in the slow meta as everyone is running Dr. Boom which is a nice big 7/7. I wish I could find a way to fit him into the deck because he's really fun. 

Harrison Jones - is a card I've tested out, but wasn't quite good enough. I don't think the meta is filled with enough weapon using decks to justify it. Although there are many paladins, and when you can't get the Silence for Tirion Fordring you can at least turn the deathrattle into 3 cards with Harrison. Maybe in the future, but not right now. 

Loatheb - is alright, but I don't like running him that much right now. He is definitely good and can save you at times, but I can't think of what in the deck I'd take out for him. Everything in the deck is as good as him already if not better. If you're missing some cards he's a great fit as he is "free" with Naxx and pretty good. 

Cairne Bloodhoof - was a fearsome foe back when Bloodmage Thalnos was. He still is pretty good, but people seem to have forgotten about him in favor of Piloted Sky Golem; and when you look at it, it's pretty obvious why. Cairne Bloodhoof is a 4/5 that drops a 4/5 so he'll never have more than 4 attack. Piloted Sky Golem on the other hand, is a 6/4 that on average drops about 3.1 attack and 4.3 health (more info/source). This is obviously worse than the consistent 4/5 Baine Bloodhoof that drops from Cairne Bloodhoof, but it typically has some kind of effect to make up for it. On top of that, Piloted Sky Golem has mech benefits (though this deck has no mech-synergy). Its kind of sad to see a legendary, especially Cairne Bloodhoof, get out-shined by an epic. 

Piloted Sky Golem - with what was said about Cairne Bloodhoof, would be a good card to run. The deck currently has only 2 real 6 drops, and one of those is situational. That only leaves Sylvanas Windrunner, which in some matchups you want to play on just the right turn or after they blow their silence. Most of the 5 drops in this deck are still good to play on turn 6, but Piloted Sky Golem would probably still be better. Sky Golem is a good replacement for either The Black Knight or Sylvanas Windrunner if you don't have one of them. 

Dr. Boom - is not in this deck for a few reasons, which I'll get into down below in its own section when I have the time. He is certainly a powerful card, though, I wont deny that. The main issue with him currently is the fact that the deck already has 4 really strong 7 drop minions. 

Ragnaros the Firelord - is a great card, but with all the Big Game Hunters running rampant, I can feel safe playing him. I can't see myself running him at any point in time I don't think, as Big Game Hunters will only become more abundant as the meta slows down. 

Ysera - is even slower than Sneed's Old Shredder! She's definitely a powerful legendary, that with enough time can just straight up win you games, but it takes way too long. Another fear of running her is the ShrinkmeisterCabal Shadow Priest. That wouldn't happen too often but if it did it would likely result in an almost guaranteed loss. I can't see myself running Ysera in this deck. 



Big Changes!

So, I just updated the deck (2/2/15) by taking out Troggzor the EarthinatorKel'ThuzadAzure Drake, and Sen'jin Shieldmasta. In addition to this, I removed the Force of Nature Savage Roar combo. To fill in for these missing cards, I threw in the second Sludge Belcher, brought back Foe Reaper 4000! Added the two Zombie Chows and two Ancient of Wars. 

"Why so much change?" you may ask. The truth is, I was wrong about the meta and where it would go after the Undertaker nerf. I expected a new dawn of Control and harmony, where all the games would be between like-minded value seekers who enjoyed the game for the skillful plays. This was but a dream, and it will remain a dream. Now that that piece of poetry is complete, I made a mistake. Now, I've corrected that mistake! The meta has only just recently changed, and I'd expect you all to be on your toes as it will change again just as quickly as it did recently. Every so often, people find things that work, and they will find something that people will enjoy and want to play. I will be updating the deck as much as I can and tweaking it according to the meta I encounter.

Remember, you can always tweak the deck to better suit your needs in the meta you face. I wont be the same rank as you all the time and I'll probably be playing at different times in the day, so I will likely be facing a different group of players as you. Do not expect this deck to win every matchup either, Handlock, Control Warrior and Aggro Decks with great draws (while you have bad draws) are typically bad matchups. of course, the last one goes for pretty much every deck hahaha. Always have fun, and if you're not having fun, play something else for a while! Go play Demonlock in casual mode or something fun! In the end its just a game, take it easy! 

Bloodmage Thalnos over Zombie Chow and Sen'jin Shieldmasta over Piloted Shredder

Maniax21 suggested in the comments that I should try out Bloodmage Thalnos instead of the second Zombie Chow, and after trying it out, I really like the change. Having 2 Zombie Chows is good against aggro decks but against control, drawing it late game is useless, and sometimes harmful. I still wanted Zombie Chow in the deck, but I didn't want any cards to be a dead card in my hand. I kept one because it is still amazing in the early game against aggro. Bloodmage Thalnos is really good with Wrath and Swipe and draws you a card as well. The fact that the card draw is a deathrattle also gives it slight synergy with Kel'Thuzad as you can bring it back to life and get more deathrattle value!

The other switch I made was a Piloted Shredder for a Sen'jin Shieldmasta. A lot of people suggested this and I do like the switch. I still like having one Piloted Shredder as the 4 attack makes a difference and it has more synergy with Kel'Thuzad than Sen'Jin. I also like this change as Sen'jin Shieldmasta is strong right now and occasionally baits out The Black Knight

I recommend you make these changes as well as they've worked for me quite well! Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! Now get out there and climb that ladder!