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[Tesla] Oil Rogue

  • Last updated Feb 13, 2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/1/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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Hello guys, its me once again with a new deck that I found really good and really consistent. The goal of this deck is to clear the board and heal untill you can burst the enemy for 20+ dmg in 1 turn, its basicly what the old Miracle Rogue did but this deck does it in a different way.

The thing that makes this deck super strong is the fact it doesnt really have any counters... except Control Warrior, but you can deal with that aswell if you get a good hand.

If you guys are interested in some more information chech out the Deck Talk i did with TheChiv

Lets go over some matchups with this deck

Control Warrior - The hardest matchup in the game, if he gets to a huge amount of armor you cant deal that much damage. After cutting Assassins Blade this matchup is based on trying to get Violet Teacher and Control the board, its a super hard matchup but its still winnable

Face Hunter - Not that popular right now (thank you lord for that. A super easy matchup, you have a lot of heals for his direct damage and more than enough damage to deal with his minions. There is basicly no way for him to win. Watch out for Unleash if you have a lot of Violet Tokens

Midrange Hunter - Not as easy as Face Hunter but still fine, with the Undertakernerf this matchup is not as hard as it used to be since you can clear the Undertakers with Eviscerate,Backstab, Si:7 ....
Just try not to waste your removal and you should be golden.

Fatigue Mage - This matchup is really good if you get a good Blade Flurry on his taunts, try to save your Sap for his Doomsayer or when you have lethal. Just try to build up and burst him in 1 turn 

Early Aggro Decks - There are way too many to write a matchup for every single one. Just use your AoE clears early and you should be able to win if they dont get a crazy start. Not much to talk about you are favored in every Aggro matchup.

Paladin - Mulligan for the Fan of Knives for his Muster and just wait for your combo, if its Aggrodin than you should be able to shut down his early game. Save Sap for his Tirion and for when you have lethal. 

Handlock - Save your saps for when you have lethal, this matchup is about 50-50, depends on the draws entirely. Save your Saps for his taunts and try to make use of your Oil + Southsea Deckhand combo

Druid - Midrange Druid is really hard to play since they can kill you turn 6-7 with 3 minions on the board and Savage Roar, try to clear everything you can and stay above 14 turn 7 if they havent used Innervate, 9 if they have. Ramp is kinda easy to beat, try to save your Sap for his Ancient of War since you can deal with his other taunts kinda easy. 

Shaman - Just clear everything you can and make sure they cant combo you down, max DMG they can do from hand is 18 but thats usually not gonna happen since they will use thier Rockbiter to clear your stuff. An okay matchup for you.

Priest - 80-20 for you, its super hard to lose since his deck is only removal and you have nothing for him to remove, just build up your hand and burst him down

I dont think I need to go over the cards because there isnt really a lot of explaining to do.

The main combo of the deck is Southsea Deckhand, Hero Power, Oil, Blade Flurry, its 9 mana and it does 13 damage, its not that impressive for a 4 card combo but it has a Flamestrike included. If you add a Deadly Posion to that combo it becomes 17 Damage and does 6 damage to everything on your opponents side of the field which is more often than not enough to clear his whole board and win you the game. Using your Deadly Posion or Oil on your Assassins Blade will do between 20 and 24 damage to your opponent for 6/9 mana. This deck is really consistent and I currently have about 70% win rate with it on the new patch and 65% win rate on the pre Undertaker nerf patch.

If you dont have Bloodmage Thalnos you can replace him with Kobold Geomancer, its in this deck for the spellpower more than the draw, you have plenty of draw, and if you dont have the Sabotage you can replace it with another Shiv

Hope you guys like this deck im having a ton of fun playing it and it really reminds me of the old Miracle Rogue that we all love. If you guys love the deck feel free to check some of my other decks and follow me on Twitter where i post my deck updates and much more https://twitter.com/MBK_Tesla

CHANGELOG: I feel like the Harrison just ruins your game when played on the assassins blade so I took it out for another oil, some people advised me to put in Loatheb and after some play found it amazing as well as 1 more Sprint in favor of the Shiv