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Razoir's Last Boss - Legend Minion Mage

  • Last updated Feb 1, 2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 8480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/13/2015 (GvG Launch)
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Razoir's Last Boss - Legend Minion Mage

( Also called "Swiss Army Knife Mage" - 80-90% winrate - rank 5 to legend ) 

Currently testing post-undertaker-nerfs variation. Try at your own risk ! It's not perfected at all. It will be updated frequently

This cool image has been drawn by the super renowned Razoir, yep that's me, it's currently a work in progress and will have a character added with each new subscriber ( who we'll be able to decide which one ). 

Deck News and Updates

Because you have all been such an amazingly nice and respectful community, i've decided to thank you all by releasing a full guide here, with videos of all matchups and detailed explanation. It is currently in progress. 

18.01 - Updated the guide with the first gameplay video of the Handlock Matchup. Cleared out the guide a bit.


19.01 - Updated the guide with new, highly requested, matchup videos ( hunter and mech mage ).


20.1 - Yesterday night, the deck single-handedly won a tournament, granting Anthony Giorgio a perfect score in every single game. Posted the 3 games of the final and added them to the matchup videos. Kudos to him !


22.1 - Savj won a tournament using a variation of this deck, i have added his changes in the swappable cards section. Feel free to test them and tell me how it goes !


24.1 - The deck has been edited, taking into account Savj ideas, it is perhaps the best version as of today. The only change currently discussed is -1 Argus ( because we have Enhanco-o Mechano ) +1 Antique Healbot.

27.1 - This is a sad day... They just decided to nerf Undertaker ! I guess my deck was too strong.

30.1 - Undertaker patch is live ! Here is the version of the deck i'm currently testing.... Try at your own risk.

Currently Testing : 


Hey everyone ! It's Razoir here with a new mage deck ! As i heard from fellow redditers about how nice Strifecro's Echo Mage deck was, i tried to build one. And what resulted what beyond my wildest dreams, i had created the ultimate deck, the ultimate creature of my existence. A true monster. A true Final Boss. With it, i achieved a 80% winrate, from rank 5 to legend ( the deck has been much edited since then ). That seems unreal, well it is, in fact. And i can't believe it myself. This is a minion-based Echo Mage deck with amazing adaptability, it can change forms easily to counter your opponent deck no matter what it is.

Gameplay guide

If you try to playtest this deck, remember it's a very hard deck to play. It's not a copy, paste and go deck. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge. At the level of a Noble demon at least. If you do have those, this deck is a blast.

The deck is very uncommon to play. The aim of the deck is that, at some point of the game, your opponent suddenly discovers that he has no more cards in hand, and that you have a nearly full one. Because the netherworld's army are endless. ( You can kill 893 560 201 374 slimes, there will still be as much as before ). This is achieved by making use of high value cards that often trade 2 or 3 for 1 and the new GvG cards. However, this is not a fatigue deck, you never win because of it, just hand exhaustion.


Try to board control at the highest extent, without unnecessary face so that he gets the worst value of each of his plays. Without falling into AOE range of course. Try to optimize the value of your echos, adapt it for each opponent ( echo BGH against Handlock, MCTech against Zoo, etc.... ) and stop him from drawing at all cost. 


The few weaknesses of this deck are AOE and Weapons, play around them to win ! Never too much minion on board and always trades ! 


There's a few ways to win with this deck, but all will come as long as you stay close to controlling the board to the greatest extent. The different types of win that will come to you are :

  • Winning from board control - Winning by fatigue
  •  Winning by auto-concede when you echoed/mirror entity-ed X card.
  •  Winning by ragequit ( happens a lot )
  • Winning by completely unexpected burst ( happened to me with Sneed into Al'Akir while i had two +1 atk spare parts ) 

Card Breakdown

Because every deck needs one

Spells : 

- Echo of Medivh - The core of the deck, your winning condition is getting value from it. Every card in here has magnificent synergy with it. This card gives a real adaptability to the deck and helps it to change form easily. 


- Mirror Entity - Very Fun and justifies the use of Mad Scientist. You can get some nice echo target with it if you know how and when to use it. Breaks your opponent's play too. Never bad value and can win you games just like that ( Savannah Highmane just asks to be mirrored )


- Unstable Portal - A late addition to the deck. Beyond it's obvious synergy with Echo, it's also just an amazing card by itself and many believe it is the strongest GvG card. Nothing beats a turn 6 Alexstrasza or turn 5 Tirion. ( My all time favorite card to get is Trade Prince Gallywix ). It's weakness comes from the fact that it is pretty random and that you have a ~30% of not getting full value from it. However, i believe that this is a necessary sacrifice for the 50% times where it'll win you the game.

Minions :

- Clockwork Gnome - A nice turn 1, it boosts Undertaker and gives you spare parts that, believe it or not, have amazing value in our deck. Don't hesitate to play them as you don't have Archmage Antonidas in this deck

Whirling Blade / Armor Plating : In a word : Value. Boost your creatures health to kill a minion without dying or to play around AOE, boost your attack to beat a bigger creature. There's also amazing combos that happen far more often than you think. Like my signature move.


Signature move : He has a big minion on board ( let's say Kel'Thuzad ), you play Sylvanas Windrunner to steal it, knowing he has no silences. The, by the book, response from your opponent is playing Sludge Belcher, doing this, he can slow down your Sylvanas Windrunner for 1 or 2 turns. If you have Whirling Blade, you can boost the belcher's attack, ping your sylvanas and run it in the belcher. That way, you'll be guaranteed to take the kel ! How cool ! 


- Emergency Coolant - Not much to say, slow down your opponent's and protect your board for a next turn Echo.


- Reversing Switch - Often Value ( kill an Ancient of War with a Piloted Shredder + ping ). You can also put out unexpected burst when used with high health minions like Water Elemental or Baron Rivendare. Works very well to counter hunter's Savannah Highmane, as you only have to reduce it to one health and use the switch to transform the 6-4 damage burst to 1. One of my favorite parts as there's so much different uses.


- Rusty Horn - Taunt a sylvanas against two giants or set up a taunt to protect you cards for a next turn echo, there's a lot of different uses to this card but i believe it is one of the weakest spare parts.


Time Rewinder - One of the most useful spare parts, you have a few nice battle-cries ( like MCtech or BGH ) and can't completely wreck your opponent if you manage to use them twice : get back board control against Zoo or kill two giants in a turn against handlock, the uses are nice. Though you can also use it to heal your Baron Rivendare or take it back to use it another time ( like i did in the handlock matchup video )

- Undertaker - There's so many deathrattles in this deck for obvious synergy with echos that not adding "Bring out your death" would have been madness. Can win you games on it's own if played early ( and i believe you know that if you ever played against hunter. It is to say, played at all ) but is still an amazing card later on with great synergy with Dr. Boom. It is, of course, a great card to echo. 


- Mad Scientist - Value wise, the most overpowered card in the game. There's really no reason not to take it. In this deck, his deathrattle becomes "summon the next minion your opponent plays". That's pretty overpowered. It also has nice Undertaker synergy.


- Loot Hoarder - We still need a bit of draw, and early game synergy with undertaker is important. 


- Zombie Chow - Am Hesitating between 2 or 1, playing it turn 1 can really wreck a midrange or aggro opponent and it has nice Undertaker synergy. It's most of the time a 1 mana 2/3 cause, most of the time, you don't care much about the opponent's HP.


- Haunted Creeper - When you think Undertaker, you think Haunted Creeper. Not much more to say, it kills Leper Gnomes while still being able to kill Flame Imp. What more can we ask ?


- Big Game Hunter - Echo this ? Goodbye Ragnaros, goodbye Dr.Boom. Giants ? What's that ? 


- Shade of Naxxaramas - While this card might be strange to see, it has three amazing unexpected attributes that just make it the best 3 drop we could have. Firstly, it grows, and grows, and then it becomes strong enough to kill a minion with higher mana cost, and then another minion kills it ( or a spell ) see what i mean ? It's a high value card, often 2 for 1 ! 2. It has stealth, so nice synergy with Echo of Medivh 3. It triggers something from the opponent mind that makes him waste an AOE on it most of the time. Paladin love to consecrate a stealth Shade, they are all proud when they do that and spam "sorry". I spam it back when i have a full board and he doesn't have any AOE left. Dumb Paladin !

- Mind Control Tech - Echo and your opponent cannot play more than 3 minions. Quite the deal as you do not have that restriction. I've become such a fan of this card... When it can be played, it's a 3 or 4 for 1 card so that's just amazing value we can't spit on. And nobody even expect MCtech in Mage !

Defender of Argus - With this deck you'll have such easy time to board control that this card is amazing. Easy to echo too as it rarely dies the turn it is played, it's a life saver against Aggro decks. 

- Piloted Shredder - To keep board control and facilitate Echos. Such an amazing card that seems to give me Lorewalker Chow a bit too much. And trust me, that made me consider putting it in the deck as we have nearly no spells. A shame i don't have it.


- Water Elemental - Nice value overall, not enough resiliency to put two. It's a great turn 4 against any weapon class and they'll often spend too much removal on it.


- Sludge Belcher - Naxxaramas is Sludge Belcher. Seriously, not a deck today doesn't run it. Even Hunter started to use it. Your winning condition against face hunter is playing it turn 5. It's an amazing card to play before an echo or before playing Kel'Thuzad ( auto-concede ). 


- Loatheb - Echo it and your opponent can't play spells for a few turns in a row. Pretty amazing. Nice to protect your board before an echo too of course. Echoing it wins games against fatigue and freeze mage as well most rogues.


- Sylvanas - The best card to echo overall, nice to play on turn 10 with it. Wins game just like that. There's so much silences targets in this deck your opponent won't be able to silence it, and you'll get amazing 3 or 4 - 1 value most of the time. One of my favorite cards and my first golden legendary !


- Dr.Boom - Leaves three bodies that are all nice to echo, i love to play it turn 8 with Finicky Cloakfield for an echo next turn. No living human can survive to two Dr.Boom. ( - Reynad 2015 ). Be careful that most people run BGH today, so if he hasn't already dropped it to counter your aggro, be prepared to have it killed. 


- Sneeds Old Sneeder - A great finisher, as silences will already have been used on your other cards it will be able to stay a few turns on board, and during those few turns you'll be able to Echo him. And then.... Oh wait he conceded ! - Only got top tier legendaries with it as of now. Two King Krushes during the same game were... Well..... Nice ?

Matchups and Mulligans

Mulligans are easy, just go for a nice curve ( 1, 2 or 3 mana minions, perhaps 4 if you have the coin ) keep techs cards only if needed ( like MCtech against Zoo or Hunter or BGH against Handlock ) 


However, matchups are a bit hard to figure out... With such a high winrate, i can only rank them in "very easy" and "easy"matchups.... And those stats are still not very accurate as i have not played that much. But well, that can give you an idea :    

With insight from legend friends, i was able to have an idea of the deck matchups against peoples of the same level as you. Those results are the results of the version of the 20th.


Very Advantaged ( +80-100% winrate)  : Paladin - Ramp Druids - Freeze Mage -Rogue(?) - Shaman - Mech Mage


- Advantaged ( 70-80-% winrate ) : Control Warrior - Combo Druid - Priest - Midrange hunter


- Mixed Results ( 50 - 60+% winrate ) : Face Hunter - Zoo - Handlock 

 Matchup Videos

The first three games are played against high legend player HearthstoneFR / Anthony Giorgio who lent me his help to deliver you a high level game. You'll see him playing around my deck's cards, that's because he knew my exact decklist, ( i didn't know his ^^ ) so don't worry, your games will be far easier.

The next three videos are a record of the 19th tournament final, where my deck granted a perfect score to Anthony Giorgio. Winning every single game on it's own. The opponent is CBDF, legend 180.

The quality is amazingly bad and the music is repetitive but my computer is still not done and i had to do this at the university's computer. 





Mech Mage



Midrange Hunter




Tournament Final 






Ramp Druid




Control Warrior


Swappable cards

The Netherworld army is ever recruiting, the deck is very malleable and all of those card would work perfectly, if you miss a few cards or don't like some of them, just swap with cards from here, with these, it all comes down to personal preference. To me, this list is a bit like a side deck, i consider the to in the deck itself. 

- Duplicate - Can help you replenish your never-ending supply of minions, however, i found that it's too easily seen trough by the opponent and he likes to kill little spiders or a frog and then spam sorry. But then we lose so we just say "Well played".


Counterspell - I'm a big fan of Counterspell, nice board protector, nice combo breaker. However can be a bit slow, and bad against Zooish decks.


- Cairne Bloodhoof - Be it him or Bairne, you are happy to echo him.


Piloted Sky Golem - Same as Cairne. A bit more fun ! But doesn't have the godly value stat ( 4/5 )

- Harisson Jones - Multiplying him denies weapon for your opponent, auto win against warriors, rogue and paladin. There's so much paladins it could be an amazing card, am currently testing it with nice successes as weapons are the weakness of the deck.


- The Black Knight- Was in the first version of my deck. It was pretty amazing as echoing it forbid your opponent to play taunts. A card i'm really hesitating to put back, we'll see how it goes.


- Healbot - Heals are always nice. Helps against aggro and auto-win against rush hunter. However costly and very bad value against control. Can save you, but i wonder if an ice barrier wouldn't be better. And then again, i wouldn't run an ice barrier so perhaps it really isn't worth it.

- Enhanco-o Mechano - I didn't even think about this card before getting it from Sneed into Gazlowe with a spare part. And well, it worked very well, and it's fun. So it fits the deck perfectly. Play it after a low mana creature echo to have a magnificent board or play it on a Kel Board to win the game. I'd be glad to hear your results as i have not tested this card personally.

Savj Suggestions 


Frostbolt and Flamestrike - Those cards are the symbol of mage themselves. They are good in just any deck and would work very well in here too. Improving your Mech Mage, Paladin and Zoo matchups. Feel free to play around with them and tell me how it goes ! I still haven't got the time to try them.


Kezan Mystic - I loathe this card. Nearly as much as i loathe flareCard Name. Why ? Because it can steal Mage secrets, and that's not cool @_# a mage secret must never be stolen. 

Feel free to use it against Huntards though, they more than deserve it. However, if you ever steal my Mirror Entity with this, don't be surprised when the next day your hearthstone account has been reset.... You have been warned.....

Hall of fame 

The brave heroes that have reached legend with this deck. ( not including me of course, that would be cheating )

  • All star Hero : MannerBro ( Got all classes to legend, mage being his last with this deck
  • Virgin Hero : TheDragonrise ( it was his first time )
  • Noble Hero : OrangeBull ( he appears to be very noble-minded )
  • Late-Bloomer Hero : Borimirov ( it was his first time too )
  • Footballer Hero : futhead_Zlatann ( Just look at his name ! )
  • Cemetery Hero : Zeru2150 ( he likes deathrattles )

Commercial ( They really are everywhere... ) 

Stream finally starting after the end of the exams ( february ) ! Let's become rank #1 legend ! Just click near here to be directed to my stream, the stream name is YSRazoir 


I don't deserve the hundred followers i already got, as i never streamed but i've made a new computer from scratch that can now easily handle streaming !


 I was asked for a donation button by a fan, so here it is ! I had never ever thought about doing so but they would be very much much appreciated @[email protected]Donate - Henceforth ! For a golden Last Boss ! 


To people wanting to get better at playing mage, arena, or Hearthstone in general, i can also coach you. I have been a chess teacher for a few years so i have great experience in teaching ^^ i find that extremely fun so i would be glad to have a few students ! Only wednesday night is booked as of now. Just PM me on hearthpwn or send me a mail, i'll answer you right away !  

Thanks for reading, I hope you'll get far with my deck !

I wanted to thank you all for how nice you were, nearly all of the comments you left me had "thanks" in it, there were no stupid posts. It seems that we, mage players, really are the best of the best ! 

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