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    posted a message on Dragon Priest in Wild. Any recommendations?

    I've been playing many different iterations of Dragon Priest over the years, adapting it with each expansion and I have hit Legend with it before (although these days I hover around Rank 5 playing casually).

    Dragon Priest is a bit different from 2+ years ago where you could pile on well-stated minions and win the game that way, these days you need a win condition. You could go with the old Divine Spirit + Inner Fire as somebody above as suggested, but I'm finding Mind Blast with Alexstrasza and DK's hero power still catches people off guard when they play complacently and think they are safe at 16 or so health. Sometimes you can even out-aggro Aggro decks! 

    Wild Dragon Mind Blast
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    posted a message on Naxx worth it or should I......

    I'll say it's worth it just because I love Naxxramas both in Hearthstone and in WoW. Had some good memories back in Vanilla, we must have been one of the few guilds that didn't disband to the notorious "guild killer", haha.

    But on topic, in terms of value there is Loatheb for one, but there's also Sludge BelcherVoidcallerDeathlord, and Mad Scientist which are all used in top performing archetypes.

    To a lesser extent Death's BitePoison SeedsHaunted CreeperNerubian Egg and Avenge see some play.

    Naxxramas has aged very well. For every other Adventure I would advise just crafting the essential cards if you are tight on dust (or money), but Naxx is worth buying the whole lot if you play Wild often.

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    posted a message on Shouldn't Nightmare Amalgam be considered a treant?

    As mentioned above, they are not a family in the same way Dragons, Elementals ect are.

    Effects which synergize with Treants only work with minions whose name is exactly Treant. So that goes for the classic Treant and also the Witchwood Treant (same name, different artworks).

    There are other cards like Volcanic Lumberer which is actually a Treant but doesn't gain any synergy.

    Come to think of it, it's about time we had a new minion family...the last new one was Elemental in Un'goro. 

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    posted a message on Wild is not Unfixable. It is just Hearthstone team being lazy.

    Baku is fine now that Level Up! was nerfed. Odd Paladins are a lot less common, and the only other deck that uses Baku in Wild is Odd Rogue, which is decent but not out of control.

    Not too sure about Genn, Even Shaman's winrate is very high but the deck has never seemed that threatening to me. Any decent Control or Reno deck, or Big Priest, can shut it down pretty easily. And Genn doesn't cause issues with any other class. If they were going to nerf anything for Shaman, I'd rather it be Totem Golem or Thing from Below.

    Barnes is the main offender. With all the nerfs over the last year or so, Big Priest has remained unaffected and has grown stronger. Kingsbane Rogue was the "anti Big Priest" deck but that has become much less common since the Leeching Poison nerf. The deck uses a lot of nonsense filler spells, which can easily be replaced with other Big Priest supporting cards in future expansions. I am 100% positive Barnes will be nerfed eventually, but they are taking their sweet time with it.

    Fix Barnes and Wild becomes an awesome mode to play on. Probably the best state it would ever see.

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    posted a message on Mind Blast

    The card which allows Control Priests to out-aggro Aggro decks.

    Also comes with a 50% (+/-) chance to receive an angry "friend" request afterwards.

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Leeching Poison

    Not the nerf I was expecting, but a clever one nonetheless.

    Spending all game masturbating over your Kingsbane is going to have a hell of a lot less value when you're not getting healed for 16 each turn.

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    posted a message on Aaaand...priest sucks again

    Priest got some god awful cards in this expansion (as they have done with the last few expansions), Mass Hysteria and Grave Horror are the only acceptable ones, but they certainly aren't archetype defining.

    It's bad timing too, as next Spring all of Priest's good cards will be rotating (Shadow VisionsDuskbreakerShadow Essence, Psychic ScreamShadowreaper AnduinObsidian Statue ect ect).

    They better have something good planned for the next expansion, otherwise Priest will go back to the Classic days of being Tier 50.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Hero Card - Zul'jin

    I'm not sure what to think of this one.

    The decks that would want to use this, are the kind of decks that will also be using Deathstalker Rexxar.

    However you will want to play Zul'jin first (despite being 10 mana) and Rexxar later (despite being 6 mana). Adding a fat overpowered minion to your hand each turn has a hell of a lot more lasting value than 2 mana deal 2 damage.

    I mean, you can consider that DK Rexxar will be rotating next Spring, but so will KaC so all of Spell Hunter's main support will be gone (Greater Emerald SpellstoneTo My Side!, Rhok'delar and some others).

    Not saying it is a bad card. Just pretty strange. Unless they make some more Spell Hunter support in the next set.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card Reveal - Wardruid Loti

    Very versatile card. All the kind of decks that used Fandral Staghelm will use this too (along with Fandral, for extra amusement).

    It won't be used in Aggro or Combo decks, but seems pretty decent for everything else.


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    posted a message on F2P player and King Rastakhan

    Most players with a decently large collection (70%+ of all cards) that repeatedly claim to be "EFF TWO PEE" have probably spent some money at some point down the line, whether they will admit it or not. Even if it's just a small amount like for the Welcome Bundle or Naxxramas when it was first released, or indeed, a pre-order of an expansion.

    And you know what? There's nothing wrong with it.

    You are paying a small amount for a hobby you enjoy.

    And Blizzard is not a charity, they are a business after some return for investment, if the game was completely 100% free...there would be no game.

    Don't get lost in spontaneous spending. Spend a bit every now and then if you have some disposable income, it's a lot less than you would spend going out getting wasted, has a lot more value in terms of time spent...and does not come with a hangover.

    The key is willpower. Be a responsible adult.

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