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[Kobold] Big Druid Twing for the Win

  • Last updated Dec 15, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 10 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Ramp Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 18260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/4/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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This deck is based on a big and complicated combo. This looks like:

-Turn 1: wait or replace an Jade Idol for a Jade Golem.
-Turn 2: Wild Growth for 3mana.
-Turn 3: Twig of the World Tree place. [You have 4 mana right now.]
-Turn 4: Nourish for ramp to extra mana. [Then you have 7 mana right now.]
-Turn 5: The things is begin only this turn. You will put down Medivh, the Guardian for Atiesh what destroy your Twinger weapon so you gain 10 mana.
-After this you can put out Kun the Forgotten King and choose the refresh all mana crystals for a free minion. So you have 10 mana, and two 7/7 on the board with an Atiesh.
-After that you play out the Ultimate Infestation. So you have now another 5/5 and a 10 cost minion on the board and drawed many cards.

BUT you can put down Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound for Recruit big minions like Golden Snowflipper Penguin or a Golden Wisp. Or if you are not a lucky person Recruit a Deathwing or a The Lich King

You can use Alexstrasza for set your enemy's HP to 15. And its could be pretty could. Please do not need to explain it. 


So yeah this is a pretty Legendary Combo, and really rare, but if you mind on that you can summon the Legendary Weapon and you can do like anything with this deck to earn Victory.

You can use the Twig of the World Tree and after without ramp you can naturally destroye it with hits, or a simple turn 8 Medivh, the Guardian and do an Ultimate Infestation or just two Swipe for board clear and minion. Or use the nude nerfed Innervate to claim a Golden Snowflipper Penguin for the win. Because he is pretty op and a sure point to road legend. 

You can use the Innervate's for get 2 free mana or just replace them with a Jade Idol or something little early board clear what I recommend to you, because I have a big temptation to do this but this is the meta for get two shitty innervate and things [Yes peoples who can't let go this good past.] But it's can be true it's still a good card because free coin. [Or not..]
[Jade Blossom is could be pretty good for ramp and take a little bit early  board  controll.]

You can have 12 armor from Branching Paths or go a little aggro with +2 Attack to your minions or use it for draw two card like Nourish card draw option.

You can use the Spreading Plague if your enemy have the early board controll and stop him until you put out good cards and take that controll back.

You can already use Barnes to put out Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound in the turn 4 what can do it again that will be 10/10 what is a really strong start I think. [If your opponent is a priest or somebody who can silence, and silence the 1/1 copied Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound that will become an 10/10 so you technicaly have two 10/10 in turn 4 or 5 if you are lucky xd]

And many many more path you can choose to win.

Versus heroes this deck:

-Shaman: You need to take a strong board controll versus Evolve/Devolve and Bloodlust with Swipe and things, you can replace versus him a Primordial Drake and -1 Innervate /or/ -1 Barnes.
-Hunter: Swipe, Wrath and Build a wall from Spreading Plague. Draw 12 armor from Branching Paths or just use Malfurion the Pestilent and he can do nothing versus your if you draw this cards out. Exactly almost every card can counter him.
-Mage: Your hope and luck is the only way to win.
-Warrior: In the new content you have the same thing like with mage.
-Priest: He is really strong, so hard to beat if he have the Shadowreaper Anduin and play out after your super combo that could be not the best, and need to change armor play and hard dmg.
-Rugoe: Absolutly nothing, sexy char who got over buffed by blizzard. You got a "Concede" button at the start of your game. Seriously you can beat her with big minions, but could be hard to beat.
-Druid: Heey brother! you know all of your weak points. I think I dont need to tell it. Press down the "Greetings" button versus this cool guy.
-Warlock: Be carefull with his demons and Bloodreaver Gul'dan
-Paladin: Murlocadin is the same like hunter just stronger. And the other just be carefull with buffs like Blessing of Kings and Dinosize. A pretty balanced hero if you look over all. Feel good to play versus him.


Almost in every case: Wild Growth - Jade Blossom - Mire Keeper - Wrath - Swipe.

Replacements for this deck:

-Innervate -> Jade Idol or Mark of the Wild.
-Earthen Scales -> Mark of Y'Shaarj or Naturalize [Branching Paths is could be better for 12 armor].
-Barnes -> a second Spreading Plague. [But not recommended.]
-The Lich King -> Primordial Drake [But not recommended.] 

That's all. 

I hope this deck will be helpful and I wait advices and notices in the comments, please drop a like if you like it :)


-PAST CHANGES- [Revealed the Whole 'KaC' Expansion]
-1 Barnes.
-2 Innervate.
+1 Oaken Summons.
+1 Spellbreaker.
+1 The Darkness.

Tactics/Mechanics with change: 
Play out the Oaken Summons to recruit The Darkness after next turn Spellbreaker and hit your opponent face with 20 dmg in tun 5. 

Another synergy:
- Turn 1: Wait or The Coin for Wild Growth.
- Turn 2: Wild Growth or Wrath for board control a bit. [You have 3 mana right now.]
- Turn 3: Oaken Summons -> hope for The Darkness.
- Turn 4: Spellbreaker to The Darkness and hit 20 dmg to your opponent face.

You can -2 Mire Keeper to another +1 Oaken Summons and +1 Jade Idol for 50% chance to recruit The Darkness
If you wanna go 100%, then remove -1 Spellbreaker and +1 Defias Cleaner what is not really recommended cuz lot of mana [6] and that could be to much for this combo.     

I. Past Changes: -1 Mire Keeper and +1 Lesser Jasper Spellstone.
Why: More bigger chance to recruit The Darkness and there is a lot of armor so can be usefull.
(But I started to feel there is too many KaC card in this deck..)

II. Past Changes: -1 Spellbreaker and +1 Mire Keeper.
          -And you can replace -1 Branching Paths to +1 Naturalize.
Why: If the news is true silence isn't working with The Darkness, but it's still good with a Naturalize, because destroy a minion and draw two card so better chance to get attack that 20/20 minion. Or if you do not replace the Naturalize it's still good nude The Darkness too.

*III. Past Changes: -1 Oaken Summonsand +1 Lesser Jasper Spellstone.
But: There is an also good replacement is the Naturize if you build this deck for more The Darkness because there is a good chance to draw for your opponent all three Darkness Candle card and activate The Darkness.
Why: Oaken Summons does not work with The Darkness, because if you recruit this minion is loses his battlecry and do not got your oppenent the Darkness Candle cards, so it will be in dormant forever like Sherazin, Seed from Sherazin, Corpse Flower.

IV. Past Changes: -1 Branching Paths and +1 Deathwing, Dragonlord.
Why: Because you dont need 24 armor and the Deathwing, Dragonlord is an essencial card here.

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