Grandmasters Week 3 Recap - Results & Decklists

Season 2 of the Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 saw its first week this weekend. 48 of the best players in the world began the eight week event with a total of $500,000 and a ticket to the World Championship on the line. The action featured the same format as last season, which saw players start with Swiss Rounds on Wednesday and Thursday. Players were then divided into groups and completed the Group Stages on Friday and Saturday. This led to a 4-man single elimination tournament for each region which wrapped up Sunday.

This third weekend is a different format than last week: Best of Three Specialist. The way it works is that both players bring 1 deck, and both players are allowed to bring 2 variations of that deck with up to 5 cards difference from the main deck. They then play with their Primary version in their first game but can change up their deck in later games to match up against their opponent. Losing twice will eliminate the player and lose them the series.

Video Recaps

Since we are posting our article close to the ending of Day 3, not all of the matches have been put onto YouTube yet, so check the official Hearthstone Esports YT Channel for the uploads later here!




killinallday 2
justsaiyan 0
Eddie 2
NoHandsGamer 1
killinallday 1
Eddie 2



Thijs 0
Viper 2
Casie 1
Seiko 2
Viper 2
Seiko 1



che0nsu 0
blitzchung 2
DawN 2
blitzchung 1
DawN 2

Road to Playoffs

You can see below how the Grand Masters is going to work for this stage and the first 3 weeks in general. It starts with the points being given out, where everyone that even made the weekend play will receive 3 points. We then have the graphic displaying how the Divisions and the road to the playoffs will work.

In every Region the players will be divied up according to points from the first 3 weeks. Meaning the Top 8 points players will go into Division A and the Bottom 8 points players will go to Division B. They then fight it out within their Division over the next 4 weeks before the Playoffs and Relegation matches will be played.

  • First place: 8 points.
  • Second place: 6 points.
  • Third and Fourth place: 5 points.
  • Fifth and Sixth place: 4 points.
  • Seventh and Eighth place: 3 points.
  • Ninth through Twelfth place: 2 points.
  • Thirteenth through Sixteenth place: 1 points.


We will publish the standings after this week with our Preview post next Thursday!



Eddie's Americas Grandmasters Week 3 Winner Decks:

killinallday's Americas Grandmasters Week 3 Runner-Up Decks:


Viper's Europe Grandmasters Week 3 Winner Decks:

Seiko's Europe Grandmasters Week 3 Runner-Up Decks:


DawN's Asia-Pacific Grandmasters Week 3 Winner Decks:

blitzchung's Asia-Pacific Grandmasters Week 3 Runner-Up Decks:



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