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Makabi's Midrange Hunter - Rank 5 to Legend

  • Last updated May 3, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 1940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/24/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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With this deck I hitted legend in 2,5 hours from rank 3-3* on European server ;)

Check out my stream: https://www.twitch.tv/makabihs

I had insane WR - 90%

This deck is pretty good almost against every deck right now. It's very flexible so you can decide whether you wanna play more agressive or control the game.

Here is a link with proof: http://imgur.com/a/6nrgl

Mulligan: Generally you are looking for low cost cards but also remember abour curve. The best starting minions are: AlleycatFiery BatCrackling Razormaw, [card]Kindly Grandmother and Animal Companion. You can also keep Houndmaster if you have a coin in your hand especially with Rat Pack

General playing style: Feel free to do all trades in the early game. Most of your enemies won't keep up with getting control over the board. When you have 2-3 minions in 4th turn without having any minion on enemy's side you can concider this game as a win. You just must remember about big removals of each class like Fan of KnivesConsecration or Holy Nova.  Also remember about very nice combo AlleycatNesting Roc which can give you some additional security in l8 game. Also remember about combo Tundra Rhino + deathrattle minions (beasts from Savannah Highmane or Rat Pack also get charge after their deaths).

I spent 2h to write this mulli so if you can leave me + I would appreciate it ;)

vs Priest

This one is very tricky, and very enjoyable to play against (atleast for me). As distinct from other match ups, we won't hurry in this game. First of all you must remember about 2 very annoying priests cards: Northshire Cleric and Potion of Madness. The best card for us in opening hand is Eaglehorn Bow to kill his Northshire Cleric and Radiant Elemental. Never play something like turn 1 Fiery Bat and turn 2 Kindly Grandmother because he can steal your 1/1 and break it to clear your board and get 3/2 for free. Rat Pack also can be stolen so play him togheter with Houndmaster at 7 turn or you can play him on 3rd turn if there are no minions over 2 atack on the board till this time. You can easly use Deadly Shot on Priest of the Feast escpecially when it is buffed to avoid big comeback with Divine SpiritInner Fire. 4-Attack minions are perfect vs Priest so Nesting Roc is one of the greatest cards and play your Houndmaster on 2-Attack minions like Fiery BatLeokRat Pack or Hyena. Try to keep 2-3 minions alive all the time and control the board. You should be aware only for 1 copy of Dragonfire Potion and in some cases Holy Nova, but this card is very easy to dodge ;). This match up is very easy if you play correct so as I said before, don't hurry and outsmart him !

 vs Mage

So here we have two mages; Control or Freeze. Two of them should be easy match ups for us. Firstly Freeze Mage. This one is very easy, since he has no respond to our early drops. Don't be afraid to spam the board with AlleycatKindly GrandmotherCrackling Razormaw etc. Also keep Stampeding Kodo in your hand to get rid off his combo in 5th turn Frost NovaDoomsayer. Freeze mages also run 2x Blizzard and 1x Flamestrike so try to play around them. Your Nesting Roc and Savannah Highmane are just perfect to counter those spells and makes very nice tempo. Also try to break his Iceblock ASAP, it should be easy since freeze mages don't play alot of minions and if he survives at 1 hp and put another secret, use Steady Shot at the beginning of next turn to avoid activation of Ice Barrier
Against Control Mage it's little harder but still we are in favorable position. Try to kill his Mana Wyrm, ArcanologistMedivh's Valet in early. If you do this you can be sure that till 7 turn there won't be any bigger danger from his side, so you can focus on building the board. At 7th turn be aware of Firelands Portal. If he casts it on your minion, its gr8 ! Likewise against Freeze Mage, you should focus on breaking his Ice Block ASAP, so he won't be able to do his three-turn combo Alexstrasza + Fireball Ice Block + Pyroblast. Also your Deadly Shot is intended only for Archmage Antonidas or Alexstrasza ;)

 vs Warlock

To be honest I played maybe once against Warlock this season, and he was typical Discard Zoo. In this situation we are much stronger than him. Both of decks are meant to get the control over the board with playing low cost minions and kill the opponent in the mid-game. Our deck has much better tools to do it, because of value from minions' deathrattle's, buffs and taunts. The only adventage Warlock has is drawing cards. but with decent opening hand (1-2-3 drop) and Deadly Shot on Darkshire Councilman on turn 3 we can become ahead very easly. Trade all minions and play Nesting Roc on turn 5 to stop his Doomguard. Also always count the lethal since yours and his hero's abilities have nice synergy = 4 dmg ;D 

 vs Druid

Token Druid is the only deck played this season (ofcourse to climb the ladder) and this match up is mostly 50/50 for us. We want to stop him right from the beginning and for that task we need good 1-2-3 mana drops, so we don't want Jeweled MacawKindly Grandmother or Rat Pack. Try to get Alleycat (even 2 of them in starting hand are good), Crackling Razormaw and Animal Companion. Fast fed Scavenging Hyena can also very help you to clear enemy minions. I also recommend you to keep Eaglehorn Bow to kill his minions fast enough and not let him buff'em. It seems like Unleash the Hounds should be good against this match up, but unfortunatelly it's not. Generally till' 3rd turn druid has no minions with 1 health. Most of them have 2-3 or even more, thats why minions like Misha are much more efficient. Don't be afraid to play Nesting Roc in 5th turn just for tempo (without taunt). It will help you get control and you can always play Houndmaster on it later. 

*Tip: Most of token druids I met didn't run Swipe so you can keep your 1 health minions on board. Also don't hurry to kill all minions from Living Mana, You can play Nesting Roc and force him to trade all of them into your 4/7 taunt. He will have to do this since he has no mana even for play Savage Roar and trade more efficiently ;)

 vs Hunter

This is the match up where in my opinion my deck SHINES :D ! It seems to be very standard Midrange Hunter and it is, but these small changes I made, make our deck stronger against other hunters. This game is 100% about board control. We keep all 1-2 mana drops and Houndmaster if we have 1,2 mana drop and coin. The most known Midrange Hunter deck consists 2 pairs of Unleash the Hounds and Tundra Rhino, which in my opinion are not so efficient against mirror deck. Because of having only 1 copy of each of those cards, we are more likely to draw better cards like Savannah HighmaneAnimal Companion and get better board. We also play Deadly Shot which used on Nesting Roc or something similar big can win the game. 
Control the board and win the game.

 vs Paladin

Unfortunately it is our worst enemy. Both Aggro Murloc and Midrange Murloc are very efficacious against us. But let me start from the easier one; Aggro Murloc. This deck has better early game than our. We have no time to play slow minions like Kindly Grandmother or Jeweled Macaw even they are 1 and 2 mana cost minions. We are looking for AlleycatCrackling RazormawScavenging Hyena and Animal Companion. Also you should keep Eaglehorn Bow to kill Murloc Warleader in 3rd turn and slow him a lil'bit. From the 6th turn we are starting to be stronger. We can play Unleash the Hounds to kill his murlocs and play Nesting Roc to secure our face. The golden rule against Aggro Murloc is TO CLEAR ALL MURLOCS! Once he has nothing to adapt with his Gentle Megasaur he prolly lost.
Midrange paladin is harder. We should start playing aggresive but still try to control the early stage of the game. Use Unleash the Hounds before turn 6 to avoid big value from Sunkeeper Tarim and keep your Deadly Shot for turn 8 Tirion Fordring or Ragnaros, Lightlord. I had big troubles against this deck and the only way to win I figured out is to keep playing most of minions in to face (after 6turn) and finish him by Kill Command

 vs Rogue

Rogues are very easy for us ! First thing you have to know is that rogues have big problems to clear big boards. The only counter against us is Vanish and it's very rarely played because of its high cost. Against Quest Rogue just focus on pressuring him with ur minions and clearing all minions which can be returned to their hand. Try to avoid having 1health minions on board to dodge Fan of Knives. Unleash the Hounds is nice to clear his low cost minion before he plays Crystal Core but till this time the game should be won just by your tempo. If you got nice board till turn 4 you can start playing agressive and provide lethal in next turns. You should not worry about your minions because as I mentioned before, rogues have big problems with AoE clear, so they will try to get their quest ASAP but in most of cases it is too late. With Miracle Rogue it may be little harder but still we are in favorable position. Play your 1,2,3-4 mana minions and force your enemy to start clearing the board instead of playing big minions. Also play your Houndmaster on some low costed minions like Kindly Grandmother or Fiery Bat to avoid giving him a big value from Vilespine Slayer. And ofcourse Deadly Shot is intended to kill Edwin VanCleef.

 vs Shaman

During my journey to legend with this deck I met only several Shamans and all of them were Elemental decks so I will focus on how to play against this archetype. This enemy is pretty easy for us. You should keep all 1-2mana cost minions except maybe Jeweled Macaw because we want to make a strong pressure stright from the beginning. Also don't be afraid to play early Scavenging Hyena and make it fat to encourage enemy to cast Hex on it. By this you can provide security to your 6turn Savannah Highmane. Cards like Kindly Grandmother and Rat Pack are very strong against 3turn Lighting Storm. Don't hurry in going face because nowadays Shamans have very nice sustain and can heal themselves for a lot with Hot Spring GuardianJinyu WaterspeakerTidal Surge and Kalimos, Primal Lord. Also several of shamans play Bloodlust that's why you can use your Unleash the Hounds to clear their low cost minions when you feel the danger. 

 vs Warrior: 

Nowadays we can face 2 kinds of warriors: Quest or Pirate. Let me start from the 1st one  It should be easy match up for us. We should pressure him just by our good low cost minions. Cards like Kindly GrandmotherCrackling Razormaw and Animal Companion are very favorable against this enemy. Just remember about Ravaging Ghoul at the 3rd turn and Brawl at 5th. You can easly counter these cards by playing minions with more than 1 health or with good Deathrattle like Kindly Grandmother or Rat Pack. If you have a good opening hand concider keeping Stampeding Kodo to destroy Alley Armorsmith in 5 turn. If you do this, the game is yours ;)
Against Pirate Warrior it is generally a race. Who will get better board faster, wins the game. In this case keep all cards like AlleycatFiery BatCrackling Razormaw, Scavenging Hyena and Animal Companion. If you can play Alleycat at first turn and in 2nd Scavenging Hyena and trades cats, you will get enough big minion to face future threat ;) Don't be afraid to use your Deadly Shot to kill Frothing Berserker. If u survived till 6-7 turn and you still have minions on the board, you won the game. Pirate Warriors have no ability to come back and cards like Houndmaster and Nesting Roc will provide you good security.