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Turtle Dragon Priest

  • Last updated Apr 11, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 24 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: Theorycraft
  • Deck Archetype: Randuin Wrynn
  • Crafting Cost: 9300
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/9/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Deck Write Up Contents 

  • Major Update to Turtle Dragon Priest
  • Turtle Dragon Priest: Turtles and Birds part I: Deathwing's Vision Story
  • Turtle Dragon Priest: Card Explanation 

Major Update to Turtle Dragon Priest

Inspired by Hearthpwn's

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Minion (20) Ability (10)
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I created this deck to be just as gimmicky, but found it was really fun to play. 

I will keep this page going, but I have converted TD Priest into a Reno-esque deck for Standard. All new story and deck write up are included. Link below.

Turtle Dragon Priest (Updated)
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Turtle Priest: Turtles and Birds part I: Deathwing's Vision

You see. When Deathwing was just a young dragon, he thought Mind Control was going to solve all his childhood problems. Maybe the Pterrordax Hatchling family down by the river would leave his buddies and him alone.

Then (insert suspenseful music) one day he had a vision! Not just any vision, but a Mind Vision. He saw Elise the Trailblazer and Hemet, Jungle Hunter hunting Tortollan Shellraiser and Nesting Roc families as they migrated. Hell, even Eggnapper was in the vision. It was at this time that Ysera, being the dreamweaver and all, came into his vision and said he needed to seek out one special Drakonid Operative. This operative would put him in contact with a Stonehill Defender. Not just any Stonehill Defender but THE one who had a Pterrordax Hatchling for a mount. I know! I'm shocked too!

Deathwing was ecstatic and when I say ecstatic... I mean... ECSTATIC! Deathwing flew out to Stormwind City and met with Anduin. Yea. That guy. Anduin was sitting there petting a Vicious Fledgling like a boss. I mean... who says Anduin can't be as badass as his dad? Anyone?

After listening to Deathwing's story, Anduin formed his own plan. This plan would be dangerous as it would mean that one dangerous creature would need to be Free From Amber. I don't know who Amber is, but she sounds dangerous if Anduin is worried about it.

Anywho.... by freeing this creature from the amber, one could unlock the elements for their own use.

That's right, kids.... power.... lots of power.... and.... and fire, yes! Noooo, not a Primordial Drake.... Something FAR MORE POWERFUL!

Deathwing travelled and fought and ate and fought more until finally the creature was free. That creature happened to be a Tortollan Primalist. Yea. You know what those are... don't you?

Anyway. A GIGANTIC Twilight Drake arrived at the last second, insulted Deathwing; causing him to burn in fire with rage, and thus causing the Cataclysm.

Wait... no... not THAT Cataclysm.... "THE" Cataclysm. You know the one... the one where you play this deck and DESTROY your opponents with Turtles and Birds.... oh... and Dragons.... WE ALL LOVE DRAGONS..... Don't we? ........ DON'T WE?


Now, if you think this is still child's play... I mean... Cataclysms, birds, turtles, dragons; I mean... the list goes on and on... don't say I didn't warn you when someone casts Thoughtsteal on you and you lose to your own card.... well... a copy of your own card...

Turtle Dragon Priest Card Explanation

Mind Vision: This card can be a curse or a blessing depending on when you use it. Most people tend to use it on curve... but let me tell you. True Turtle power comes from patience. Use it when you think you have a opportunity. 

Eggnapper: Eggnapper is in the deck simply because he's slightly sticky. A 3/1 body that gives you two raptors when it dies... I mean... This isn't science and I'm sure there's better out there... but... meh. :D 

Pterrordax Hatchling: This little guy (cute to boot) has helped keep me safe either as a taunt or if he happens to hatch into this little poisonous thing. I could replace him, but meh... it wouldn't be Turtles and Birds otherwise. 

Stonehill Defender: A 1/4 with Taunt... perfect for keeping those pesky little pirates hitting you more than they can and an awesome opportunity to get another taunt that will save you from getting attacked even more. 

Thoughtsteal: Like Mind Vision; this card can either be a curse or a blessing. Use it when you think you might have some luck. 

Viscious Fledgling This guy can become a real pain in the shell if he's not taken care of. I like to give him windfury. 

Tortollan Shellraiser: A Taunt with buffing powers. This guy is amazing!

Drakonid Operative: The discover feature of this card really brings his usefulness out. He's still a strong card on his own though.

Elise the Trailblazer: Hailed by Trump as being the new Loatheb; time and time again Elise has given me some really interesting and neck saving packs. Just don't play Hemet with the pack sitting in your deck. I did that once... almost flipped the table. :3

Nesting Roc: Ah ha! More birds! Yay! This guy provides more taunt power to your arsenal (provided you have other minions out). Trust me. Use him to his full potential.

Hemet, Jungle Hunter: Hemet. Let me tell you about Hemet. A well played Mind Vision yielded me with a copy of Queen Carnassa. People really dislike it when you take their quest rewards. Especially if you play it after you just got rid of a bunch of cheap casting cards in your deck and then swarm them with their own stuff. 

Free From Amber: I still have no idea who Amber is (see story above... kind of an inside joke). Joking aside. This card really adds a bit of flavor to the game, especially when your opponent just overcame all the taunts you had out. I'm looking at you Soggoth the Slitherer

Tortollan Primalist: OMG. I love this card!!! This card... wooooweee.... has certainly handed me the game on occasion or at least tilted the game back into my favor. I've had issues with it too; don't get me wrong, but... yea. 

Ysera: Who doesn't love a bit of "MOST AWESOME DRAGON EVER" in their deck? Ysera has been almost an auto-include in many decks for good reason. 

Deathwing: The "Hero" of our story (see above). When your opponent and you are in fatigue and they just played their last card... you'll be happy you saved this guy. Trust me......... he kills stuff.... 

Mind Control: 10 mana. Get a minion of your choice (provided you can target it) from your opponent. Yes please!

Final Notes

I'm not done with this write up as I would like to include a mulligan suggestion area, card replacement area, as well as strategies and fun experiences I've had with this deck. Stay tuned for more soon! (4/10/2017 3:26am)

Please do not craft cards in this deck for this deck's purposes until I work out all the kinks. The deck is definitely not viable against aggro decks. I would feel really bad if you used your dust to craft some of these cards only to find out you don't enjoy the deck and it's playability.