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Turtle Dragon Priest (Updated)

  • Last updated Apr 12, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Dragon Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 13240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/11/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Turtle Dragon Priest Deck Contents

  • Deck Overview (with gimmick deck link)
  • Turtle Dragon Priest Gameplay Video (No Audio)
  • Turtle Dragon Priest Pros and Cons
  • Current Tracking Statistics
  • Card Explanations
  • Card Replacement Guide (Version 1)
  • Mulligan Suggestions
  • Bonus: Story: Turtles and Birds: Deathwing's Plight
  • Bulletin regarding upcoming updates to this guide

Deck Overview

Turtle Dragon Priest started out as an attempt to make a gimmicky, fun to play deck. After playing meta decks for a few hours I felt exhausted and Hearthstone should be fun and exciting to play. I started Turtle Dragon Priest, added a story, and threw it together as shown below. After coming to the realization that this is the kind of deck I wanted to play; I decided to tweak it to what you see now for this post. 

Turtle Dragon Priest
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Turtle Dragon Priest Gameplay Video (No Sound)

Current Tracking Statistics

When I can figure out how to upload stats and stuff; I will be more than happy to share what I have acquired for information.

Turtle Dragon Priest vs Secret Mage Rank 18 - Win

Zoolock vs. Turtle Dragon Priest Rank 19 - Loss

Turtle Dragon Priest vs. Quest Rogue - Win

Quest Druid vs. Turtle Dragon Priest Rank 16 - Loss

Turtle Dragon Priest Pros and Cons


  • Aggro tears it to shreds unless luck is on our side
  • Combo decks may give it issues
  • Taunt Warrior is virtually 50/50 shot.
  • The deck is expensive to craft at over 12000 dust!
  • Most decks require luck to be on your side during the draw phase. Turtle Dragon Priest definitely needs luck due to the deck's higher mana cost cards.
  • This deck will not get you laid.


  • The deck is alot of fun to play!
  • It's relatively strong vs Midrange decks and partially strong vs Control decks
  • If played correctly; you are almost guaranteed to put threat after threat down consistently after turn 4. 
  • The deck's decklist could always use tweaking and improving. That means it could cost less than 12000 dust to craft from scratch.
  • Turtle Dragon Priest's Hearthpwn's deck write up (which you are reading) has a story. :o That's awesome enough to be a Pro. 

Card Explanation

Crystalline Oracle: -> This card holds a lot of value in the early game. Sometimes it'll give you mediocre stuff; sometimes it can literally give you the game.

Mind Vision: -> I love to keep this in my opening hand; especially against anything Quest related. Sure. Laugh all you want at this card's past use, but imagining the look of dread on a Quest Warrior's face when Anduin, of all heroes, hits him in the face for 8 damage.

Pint-Size Potion: -> I call this the combo card. Combo wombo. (Doctor Who reference). In association with Shadow Word: Horror; this card has the potential of clearing that board of Quest Rogue's 5/5s to sheer nothingness. Sure. You need to be lucky to have it and 5 mana to cast the combo. This card is all very handy when used with Cabal Shadow Priest to take control of a decent number of things. For example? Ysera. Direhorn Hatchling. Second-Rate Bruiser.

Potion of Madness: -> Another nice little combo card. Not as extravagant as Pint-Size Potion, but noteworthy for some of the funny uses I've used it for. Hint: Acolyte of Pain.

Shadow Visions: -> This card has given me some decent value as well. In a Reno style deck where there are no duplicates; an extra Mind Control, Shadow Word: Horror, Un'Goro Pack. You get the idea.

Curious Glimmerroot: -> Another personal favorite. First, it's adorable. Second, it's useful. Especially if you have a general idea what deck you're playing against. I mean, let's face it, if you see your opponent play Execute; chances are you're going to choose Execute.

Thoughtsteal: -> This card is in the deck more for the possibilities as to what I can get as opposed to it's usefulness. This card is replaceable. Maybe one of the other Shadow Words would give this card slot a bit more use.

Mass Dispel: -> Against Quest Rogue post quest; this card is useless, but other times this card is worth it's mana cost and then some.

Shadow Word: Horror: -> In this meta we're often faced with cheap minions slapping us in the face. It's annoying. Shadow Word: Horror stops that annoying part. It also works REALLY well against post quest Quest Rogue's board of 5/5s when used with Pint-Size Potion

Shifting Shade: -> Just like Crystalline Oracle; this card hold a decent amount of value. It's a creature that needs to be dealt with and often gives you something nice in return for it dying. Besides; it's funny when it gets turned into a sheep or frog. They obviously have no idea what else is up Turtle Dragon Priest's sleeve. :D

Tortollan Shellraiser: -> A smexy taunt. When it dies; it buffs. Turtle love!

Drakonid Operative: -> Very handy; especially if you need that extra little bit of help to clear your opponent's board or make that 9/9 a 1/9 when facing Paladin. In the words of the credit card company "Discover"- "It Pays to Discover"

Raza the Chained: -> An auto include for the 0 hero power cost. After you play this, your opponent will probably think, "Oh god, Reno Jackson!" and then realize the error of their ways. RIP Reno.

Cabal Shadow Priest: -> Handy when stealing a taunt or even more handy when stealing something else under the effects of Pint-Size Potion

Dragonfire Potion: -> Board Clear. Sometimes you lose your own too, but hey, we've got dragons. /nod

Free From Amber: -> I'm still on the fench about this card, but it's gotten me some interesting results. Ysera. is especially handy.

Mistress of Mixtures: -> A cheap minion. 4 heals to your life if it dies. :o

Acidic Swamp Ooze: -> Very handy against Ashbringer, Gorehowl, Arcanite Reaper and other weapons. I'm not sure replacing this card with Harrison Jones is a good idea, but hey, nothing wrong with trying.

Netherspite Historian: -> She gives you more dragons. Dragons are our friends; am I right? :3

Kabal Courier: -> Very helpful when faced with a board of 5/5s and at 5 life. Ice Block if you're lucky.

Stonehill Defender: -> More turtle power; free taunt added to your hand. This guy is great.

Kazakus: -> Wholly dependent on which level of spell you decide to create. He can change the game for you.

Elise the Trailblazer: -> While not the most efficient in the meta currently; when you're lucky enough to crack open a pack and get a life saving card.... priceless. {tear}

Nesting Roc: -> A helpful taunt or just a strong minion on the board. You choose.

Book Wyrm: -> Dragon synergy, an awesome entrance, and style. :)

Hemet, Jungle Hunter: -> Can be useful, but more or less added for flavor.

Primordial Drake: -> This guy likes to kill stuff and he's a taunt. :D

Tortollan Primalist: -> I absolutely LOVE this guy. Sure, the discover ability can sometimes bite you in the ass, but look at that card art. Some personal favorites of his for me are casting Mind Control and Dragonfire Potion

Ysera: -> She is fantastic. A board threat. A board clearer. Free minions.

Deathwing: -> Our "Hero" (See story below) While most of the time, he'll stay in your hand, but when you play him. DESTRUCTION.

Card Replacement Guide (Version 1)

Due to the current meta some cards are better than others for obvious reasons. To keep with the flavor of the deck this guide is meant to assist those who would like to try the deck out without making a large investment in dust.

The deck is fashioned to be a Reno-esque deck, but that doesn't mean it absolutely has to stay that way to be Turtle Dragon Priest.

Anything with a value of 5 or below I will make suggestions on as well as on Epics/Legendaries. You can still keep the flavor of the deck alive; even if you have more than 1 copy of a card in the deck. Any special notes will follow.

Mind Vision:
Value: 7/10

Mistress of Mixtures:
Value: 8/10

Pint-Size Potion:
Value: 8/10

Potion of Madness:
Value: 6/10

Acidic Swamp Ooze:
Value: 5/10
Recommended Change: Shadow Word: Pain
Notes: Simply inserted to combat Gorehowl and other midgame weapons that deal significant damage.

Netherspite Historian:
Value: 9/10

Shadow Visions:
Value: 8/10
Recommended Change: If you don't have this card; it's not the end of the world. Wild Pyromancer and possibly in combination with Power Word: Shield can help a bit.

Curious Glimmerroot:
Value: 6/10
Recommended Change: Shadow Word: Death

Kabal Courier:
Value: 8/10

Stonehill Defender:
Value: 8/10 with potential of being 10/10

Value: 5/10
Recommended Change: Holy Nova, Second-Rate Bruiser

Value: 7/10
Recommended Change: Abomination as he has taunt and deals 2 damage to everything upon death.

Mass Dispel:
Value: 6/10
Recommended Change: Not entirely sure, but if you find something better to fill the slot; please let me know in the comments below.

Shadow Word: Horror:
Value: 8/10

Shifting Shade:
Value: 8/10

Tortollan Shellraiser:
Value: 9/10

Drakonid Operative:
Value: 6/10

Elise the Trailblazer:
Value: 4/10
Recommended Replacement: Second-Rate Bruiser, Shadow Madness, or something else that

Nesting Roc:
Value: 5/10
Recommended Replacement: Not so much a bad card, but it's limited as to what is on the field. Replace as you wish. A good suggestion is Twilight Drake

Raza the Chained:
Value: 7/10
Recommended change: This card is basically why it's a Reno-esque deck along with Kazakus. I'll go over converting it into a non Reno-esque deck soon. A good replacement for this card in combination with Kazakus is the combination Auchenai Shadowpriest and Circle of Healing

Book Wyrm:
Value: 7/10

Cabal Shadow Priest:
Value: 9/10
Notes: Craft if you need to. This card is stellar alone or if used with Pint-Size Potion

Dragonfire Potion:
Value: 9/10
Notes: It's hard to replace this card since you're using Dragons and your opponent probably isn't.

Hemet, Jungle Hunter:
Value: 4/10
Recommended Change: I'm not entirely sure what I'd replace Hemet, Jungle Hunter with, but most likely another taunt.

Free From Amber:
Value: 7/10
Notes: Craft if possible. This card is a lot of fun.

Primordial Drake:
Value: 6/10
Notes: It's high cost and the fact it's epic might throw people off. I'd probably replace it with something that gives you a bit of healing.

Tortollan Primalist:
Value: 20/10
Notes: No joke. This card is literally my favorite card of the whole expansion. I intend on making it golden as soon as possible. Yes. I'm weird. No, I'm not saying it has to be in the deck.
Recommended Change: I.... I can't.... no... I refuse to think of a replacement..... uggggh... fine.... ....... something... with taunt?

Value: 9/10
Notes: I strongly recommend crafting Ysera.

Value: 8/10
Notes: I would advise crafting him, but as he's only really good in this deck and Control Warrior, find a suitable stat replacement.

Mulligan Suggestions

As a golden rule, it's generally best to figure out what you're going up against. With the current meta it's safe to assume aggro or combo are your two safe bets. I would strongly suggest keeping Mind Vision solely for specific quests like Quest Warrior or Quest Druid. Basically try not to keep anything over 4 casting in your hand if you have the coin or 3 casting if you are starting the game. A more updated Mulligan suggestion write up will be made if I get comments asking for more information. This deck write up has been a bit of a time investment for me at it's current state. :)


Story: Turtles and Birds; Deathwing's Plight

Deathwing, as a young dragon, would constantly sneak away from home to learn strange magical arts from Raza the Chained. One such magical power was the ability to summon Shadow Visions. Sure, you think Deathwing is an ass because he's a dragon, but hopefully this story sheds light on the subject.

You see. As Deathwing grew older he found using his powers to be much more fun than not. This is especially true when he had gotten into some severe trouble with a local sect who call themselves Draok. While the Draok appeared to be a good organization from an outsider's view; Baro, a Drakonid Operative within Draok, operated in a different manner. Baro would experiment with the locals using Pint-Size Potion and through torture acquired the information he needed. When he was done with his victims he would use one of the forbidden arts of shadow called Shadow Word: Horror. The poor creatures never stood a chance. Nor will your opponent's minions when you use those cards together!

Anyway... So Deathwing had upset the Draok to the point that a Kabal Courier was sent to the mad-wizard Kazakus. When Kazakus received word from the Draok, he was in the middle of conducting a Mass Dispel in a Mage Tower just north of Dalaran. An army of ghouls led by Marvin, a Shifting Shade, was informed that Kazakus was needed elsewhere, and was put in charge of the operation. A meeting was held where it was decided that Deathwing had overstepped his boundary and would need to be dealt a lesson by the Draok. A double agent Cabal Shadow Priest by the name of Milly overhead the meeting in secret and immediately sent word to Ysera in a dream.

Ysera contacted Deathwing in the form of a Mind Vision explaining everything that was reported to her. As Deathwing was lost in thought from the vision; a Book Wyrm drifted from his grasp and went to the other Dragon Aspects... they were having a party... Elise the Trailblazer was there. She had just led an expedition into Un'goro Crater with Hemet, Jungle Hunter and returned with fascinating results. The Aspects shrugged it off as Deathwing was kind of a pain in the butt. "I don't care if he drinks Dragonfire Potion; I'm not helping him!"; one aspect was heard saying.

Deathwing immediately flew to Stormwind City after his vision from Ysera and requested an audience with King Anduin Wrynn. When Deathwing arrived he had to wait for hours as King Wrynn met with Valadore, a high level Mistress of Mixtures, as they discussed a possible cure for a nasty new drug on the streets called Thoughtsteal. SI:7 had caught wind of the drug during a recent arrest of a Netherspite Historian named Bardy Barks.

After King Wrynn met with his advisors it was finally Deathwing's turn. Meeting with Anduin cannot possibly be explained, but as Deathwing entered the main palace; the sight of Stonehill Defenders and Tortollan Shellraiser[/cards]s was almost overbearing on [card]Deathwing. "I have a meeting with a Tortollan High Priest after you," stated an exhausted looking Anduin Wrynn. "They are very concerned for the safety of each other," Anduin continued as a Tortollan Primalist appeared suddenly beside Deathwing and growled as it slowly backed away from Deathwing. The dragon, now in human form, just laughed.

"I know of your plight," Anduin began. "But know that before I can help you, you need to help me." Anduin stepped up to his throne and sat down. It felt like it had been months since he had been able to sit for any period of time. "In Westfall, near a Nesting Roc mating ground, there is a cave with untold secrets. I, however, am well aware of what is in the cave, but that is not for you to know. I require you to enter the cave and free a creature from amber. Once the creature is Free From Amber return to me and I will help you with Draok with your own legion of Primordial Drakes to take them on head first.

Deathwing thought for a moment as he caught a glimpse of a Curious Glimmerroot that had entered from the side entrance to the throne room. "I accept your request, Wrynn" Deathwing stated moments after.
Not waiting for a response from Anduin; Deathwing walked outside, transformed into a dragon, and flew off toward Westfall. As Deathwing looked down he noticed what looked like a battle beginning between Crystalline Oracles and Acidic Swamp Oozes. Deathwing chuckled to himself lightly.

Coming Soon Bulletin

  • Updated Mulligan Suggestions
  • Video Gameplay (Both wins and losses)
  • More Ranked Match Replays
  • English usage tweaks (I'm not a writer)
  • Follow Ups to Comments / Suggestions

Thank you for checking the deck out; Enjoy and leave a comment :)