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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Silver Sword Weapon Paladin834
The Runespear Weapon Shaman833
Woecleaver Weapon Warrior833
Flamereaper Weapon Demon Hunter743
Gladiator's Longbow Weapon Hunter752
Gorehowl Weapon Warrior771
Gorehowl Weapon Warrior771
Libram of Judgment Weapon Paladin753
Rhok'delar Weapon Hunter742
Vinecleaver Weapon Paladin743
Aluneth Weapon Mage603
Hammer of the Naaru Weapon Paladin633
Sul'thraze Weapon Warrior644
Val'anyr Weapon Paladin642
Arcanite Reaper Weapon Warrior552
Boggspine Knuckles Weapon Shaman532
Cavalry Horn Weapon Paladin532
Doomhammer Weapon Shaman528
Doomhammer Weapon Shaman528
Farraki Battleaxe Weapon Paladin533
Fool's Bane Weapon Warrior534
Hammer of Twilight Weapon Shaman542
Piranha Launcher Weapon Hunter524
Skull of the Man'ari Weapon Warlock503
Supercollider Weapon Warrior513
Tentacles for Arms Weapon Warrior522
Warglaives of Azzinoth Weapon Demon Hunter533
Warglaives of Azzinoth Weapon Demon Hunter533
Assassin's Blade Weapon Rogue425
Assassin's Blade Weapon Rogue425
Blacksmithing Hammer Weapon Warrior451
Blood Razor Weapon Warrior422
Brass Knuckles Weapon Warrior423
Charged Hammer Weapon Shaman424
Counterfeit Blade Weapon Rogue442
Death's Bite Weapon Warrior442
Light's Sorrow Weapon Paladin414
Marrowslicer Weapon Demon Hunter442
Obsidian Shard Weapon Rogue433
Outrider's Axe Weapon Warrior433
Poisoned Blade Weapon Rogue413
Reaper's Scythe Weapon Warrior442
Rinling's Rifle Weapon Hunter422
Runed Mithril Rod Weapon Warlock402
Spectral Cutlass Weapon Rogue422
Splitting Axe Weapon Shaman432
The Fist of Ra-den Weapon Shaman414
Truesilver Champion Weapon Paladin442
Truesilver Champion Weapon Paladin442
Twig of the World Tree Weapon Druid415
Venomstrike Bow Weapon Hunter412
Waggle Pick Weapon Rogue442
Wrenchcalibur Weapon Warrior432
Aldrachi Warblades Weapon Demon Hunter322
Aldrachi Warblades Weapon Demon Hunter322
Ancharrr Weapon Warrior322
Bulwark of Azzinoth Weapon Warrior314
Ceremonial Maul Weapon Paladin322
Coghammer Weapon Paladin323
Cogmaster's Wrench Weapon Rogue313
Desert Spear Weapon Hunter313
Dragon Soul Weapon Priest303
Dreadlord's Bite Weapon Demon Hunter322
Eaglehorn Bow Weapon Hunter332
Fiery War Axe Weapon Warrior332
Fiery War Axe Weapon Warrior332
Hooked Scimitar Weapon Rogue322
Ice Breaker Weapon Shaman313
King's Defender Weapon Warrior332
Lightbringer's Hammer Weapon Paladin332
Lion's Frenzy Weapon Demon Hunter302
Livewire Lance Weapon Warrior322
Necrium Blade Weapon Rogue332
Ogre Warmaul Weapon Warrior342
Overlord's Whip Weapon Warrior324
Perdition's Blade Weapon Rogue322
Powermace Weapon Shaman332
Rallying Blade Weapon Paladin332
Seedcloud Buckler Weapon Paladin323
Self-Sharpening Sword Weapon Rogue314
Shadowblade Weapon Rogue332
Stormhammer Weapon Hunter332
Swinetusk Shank Weapon Rogue322
Sword of Justice Weapon Paladin315
Underlight Angling Rod Weapon Paladin332
Unidentified Maul Weapon Paladin322
Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer Weapon Shaman332
Argent Lance Weapon Paladin222
Auctionhouse Gavel Weapon Shaman222
Bladed Gauntlet Weapon Warrior202
Bloodseeker Weapon Hunter222
Celestial Ink Set Weapon Mage202
Glaivezooka Weapon Hunter222
Headhunter's Hatchet Weapon Hunter222
Headhunter's Hatchet Weapon Hunter222
Jade Claws Weapon Shaman222
Likkim Weapon Shaman213
Mysterious Blade Weapon Paladin222
Ringmaster's Baton Weapon Warrior213
Ritual Chopper Weapon Warrior212