Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 Playoffs - Results & Decklists!

This weekend the Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 saw it's thrilling conclusion, with matches that decided who is going to compete for the World Championship 2021 on December 18th and 19th. We will fill you in with the results of the Top 4 and the decklists of the winners! Congratulations to them and commiserations to the players who missed out.

This week was played in the the Conquest format, which means players bring 4 Class decks, and get one banned by their opponent. They then need to win with each of their remaining 3 decks to get the Best of 5 series win.

Video Recaps

Since we are posting our article close to the ending of Day 3, not all of the matches might have been put onto YouTube yet, so check the official Hearthstone Esports YT Channel for the uploads later here!

  • Playoffs Day 3 Full Recap: here.
  • Playoffs Asia-Pacific Finals Recap: here.
  • Playoffs Europe Finals Recap: here.
  • Playoffs Americas Finals Recap: here.
  • All The Recaps: All Regions.

Top 4 Single Elimination: Americas


McBanterFace 3
Nalguidan 2
muzzy 3
Fled 0
McBanterFace 3
muzzy 2

Players With a World Championship Ticket:

  • Posesi, APAC, 2021 Season 1
  • Glory, APAC, 2021 Season 2
  • Frenetic, EU, 2021 Season 1
  • Gaby, EU, 2021 Season 2
  • Nalguidan, Americas, 2021 Season 1
  • McBanterFace, Americas, 2021 Season 2

Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 Winners Decklists

These are the decks of the Region Winners moving on to the World Championship later this year!

McBanterFace's Americas Grandmasters 2021 Playoffs Season 2 Winner Decks:

Gaby's Europe Grandmasters 2021 Playoffs Season 2 Winner Decks:

Glory's Asia-Pacific Grandmasters 2021 Playoffs Season 2 Winner Decks:


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