The Trump Theorycraft Train to Un'Goro

The Trump Theorycraft Train to Un'Goro

The self-proclaimed Mayor of Value Town has been up to his usual post-reveal theorycraft now that the entire Journey to Un'Goro set is out in the wild, and oh boy does he have some ideas. Below you can find all of Trump's creations. It sure will be interesting to see if any of them can go further than his Old Gods C'Thun Druid!

Thanks to ShadowsOfSense for putting these lists together from Trump VODs! A true hero.

Spotlight: Elemental Tempo Mage

No Mage Quest here but we do see the Elemental tribe make a strong appearance alongside the new Mage Legendary, Pyros. The goal is to always have something awesome to drop on the field and to use Elementals throughout to always active their synergies.

Lots of common Mage tools in the deck, so let's highlight some of the new cards you'll be playing with.

Elise the Trailblazer

Awesomesauce. Seriously, this card is going to be great since you've got some good draw to help thin out your deck, improving the changes of obtaining your pack. The value of the pack is higher than a normal pack you'd buy out of the store as you are on average going to get a Legendary but will at the very least get a rare. It should also be noted that the expansion contains 22 Elemental minions, which are great for synergies within your deck.

The 2 Mana to play Un'Goro Pack is just so silly. You should be sent to jail for getting 5 cards for that cheap because its an absolute steal, especially when that hand thins out late game! This card is the new Loatheb.


The better Firelands Portal! You'll cut out the RNG factor and due to the amount of Elementals in your deck, and Elemental generation potential, you should almost always be able to play this later on in the game.

Tol'vir Stoneshaper

This is one annoying stone cat, and beats out the classic Sen'jin Shieldmasta by a mile. It should help kick any aggro you find to the curb and be a nice annoyance like our old friend Sludge Belcher to anyone else you come across. Play it alongside one of those cheap Elemental tokens you received early on via Igneous Elemental to keep the synergy rolling onto your next turn.

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Spotlight: Quest Rogue

Rogue isn't dead! Well, at least we hope it isn't! The deck makes use of the new Rogue Quest, The Caverns Below which grants Crystal Core.

  • The deck plays off of low-cost minions which can be played whenever drawn and to get out tons of damage once your Quest completes for the ultimate in value.
  • You should use Mimic Pod or Thistle Tea to draw one of your cheap minions.
  • Shadowstep or Youthful Brewmaster will help bring that minion back to hand to get extra plays. Shadowstep preferably!
  • The quest will complete very quickly and then you just need to go crazy! 5/5 Patches the Pirate - the Dream! 

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All The Decks!

In total, we've got 12 theorycrafted Un'Goro decks from Trump. Do you have any awesome ideas for new decks?

Deck Cost
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Beast Druid 4640
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Hunter 5480
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Mage 8960
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Elemental Mage 4880
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Midrange Paladin 8840
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest N'Zoth Priest 6320
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Rogue 9400
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Elemental Shaman 6880
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Murloc Shaman 5760
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Discardlock 2620
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Handlock 5340
 Trump's Un'Goro Theorycraft - Quest Warrior 7520


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