The Caverns Below

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Card Clarifications

  • The effect happens to minions which are played and summoned. For example, Frogs and Sheep from Hex and Polymorph would become 4/4. (Source)
  • Cards on the battlefield when Crystal Core is played will become a 4/4 regardless of active buffs on them. You can later on buff them with cards and they will retain those stats. (Source)
  • Example: Edwin VanCleef's effect works as normal if he's in your hand after Crystal Core is played. It will just add the +2/+2 to the 4/4. (Source)
  • The reward for this quest is Crystal Core.

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Card Text

Quest: Play four minions
with the same name.
Reward: Crystal Core.

Flavor Text

Why can't it ever be The Taverns Below?

Card Sounds