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Hey there, don't be scared! Come hang out on my Discord [CLICK TO LAUNCH DISCORD]

Also, check out OutOf.Cards, a community for HearthPwn Refugees!

I'm Flux, HearthPwn's Ex Community Manager and was responsible for a bunch of stuff here on the site. You saw me maintaining our news articles, keeping our guides up to date, keeping the forums clean, or relaying information between the devs and you whether its feedback or bug reports. I'm also known to swing the banhammer on people breaking our rules; please don't do that.

If you need any help with HearthPwn or have tips to submit, you can always send me a private message. You can also hit us up on the Site Feedback forums which is a great place to report any bugs you may find while roaming the site. Sometimes my inbox gets crowded, and I do need to sleep on occasion, but I do try my best to get to everyone's messages as soon as time permits!

My favourite video game series of all time is World of Warcraft, followed by The Legend of Zelda; The Link to the Past is still the best game in the series for the record followed by Breath of the Wild and Majora's Mask. I've been playing Blizzard titles since StarCraft came out and have spent way more time that I'd like to admit chasing mount drops in WoW. I've been a member of the Hearthstone community since the day the game was announced, with the same going for HearthPwn as I was brought on for the site launch (woo 6+ years!). I left June 11, 2019.

You can of course find me across social media. If you want to give me a follow on Twitter and preferably send me dank memes, you can find me @Fluxflashor. I also occasionally stream silliness over on


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