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    posted a message on HearthPwn Black Friday Amazon Coin Giveaway!

    Patches the Pirate;  I still want Pirate Rogue to be a thing, even if just in Wild.  

    I wonder if any sort of Gang Up-Pirate meme deck can be viable.  Ships Cannon/Raid Leader and just go ham.  

    Probably not strong enough, but perhaps one day in wild...

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    posted a message on New Mage Card - Kabal Lackey
    Quote from Bresson74 >>


    ... it does allow to drop Alex and Ice Block on the same turn without using Emperor.

     Yep; I can't believe not more people are thinking of the card like this.  
    Sometimes you have the 15 damage and Alex in hand to kill; but are unable to find a turn to play them because the enemy is threatening lethal on you.  In minion based combat, the only outs were things like Flamestrike/Blizzard/Frost Nova -> Block, and set up a 2 turn lethal.  You were still vulnerable to direct damage, weapons, and deathrattle spawns which would make the Alex turn dangerous again.  Not to mention it would require the saving of the board freeze for this; which may not be possible depending on how the game has been proceeding.
    Doing Alex -> Lackey -> Iceblock reduces the lethal turn count by one, as well as removing all outs barring secret removal, loatheb, or life/armor gain.  
    Will it be strong enough to make the cut?  Time will tell.  But all everyone else seems to be talking about is turn 1 -> turn 2 Medivh.
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    posted a message on New Card - Kooky Chemist

    So both Youthful Brewmaster and Crazed Alchemist have bigger brothers now.  

    When do we get a big Coldlight Oracle for some Mill Deck fun.

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    posted a message on Blizzard intends to tweak Basic and Classic cards yearly

    Design wise, I can assume Blizzard might be looking at:   

    Savage Roar (It's actually the problem card of the combo, also they won't have to give people full Epic Dust refunds this way)

    Master of DIsguise (Prevents any card like Animated Armor / Malganis from being Neutral

    Archmage Antonitas (Limits design space of cheap mage spells, similar to Gadgetzan Auctioneer of the past.  On a lesser scale, maybe they look at Gadgetzan again, and perhaps even consider Sorcerer's Apprentice for these reasons)

    Charge (Limits what type of minions warrior can get their hands on.  Things like Gorehowl + Alex/Charge of the past for example)

    Tundra Rhino (Same situation as Charge/Warsong.  I mean, look at all of the silly things you can do in those Discounted Tavern brawls thanks to this card)

    Alexstrasza (Always have enabled quite uninteractive decks where you Pyroblast or Grom+Task to 2-Turn kill with the help of her.  Besides, Blizzard is definitely doing something to nerf Freeze Mage, so it's either the freeze cards, Ice Block, or Alex)

    Big Game Hunter (Makes 7+ Attack minions require an immediate board effect, or it'll go completely ignored)



    Although it doesn't quite limit much design space, I wouldn't be surprised if Knife Juggler gets hit by the nerf bat because of all of the havoc and tournament defeats he has caused all by himself.

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    posted a message on Fossilized Devilsaur

    Warsong Commander says hi to Dire Wolf Alpha and Raid Leader.

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    posted a message on New Legendary - Sir Finley Mrrgglton
    Quote from DoubleSummon >>

    I don't say it's good on paladin (paladin's hero power is pretty good) but.. turn 4 murloc knight

    turn 5 this + double hero power and you get the mrglglgl going.

     I agree.  I don't know if it's worth removing paladin hero power, but if you get this combo up it could lead to a good board advantage on turn 5.
    You could also run Old Murk Eye, and go: 
    T4 Murloc Knight
    T5 Hero Power > Finley > Hero Power
    (T6~9 somewhere; Murloc Knight + Hero Power)
    (T6~9 somewhere; Old Murk Eye)
    T10 Anyfin can happen

    Would summon 2x Murloc Knights, 1x Sir Finley Mrrgglton, 1x Old Murk Eye, and 3x Random Murlocs
    There's a 20% chance that at least one of those 3 random murlocs was an Old Murk Eye. Letting you charge for 16 damage.
    If you miss that 20%, there's still a ~30% chance that you get at least a Bluegill or Warleader. Letting you charge for 10 damage.
    There's also the chance of getting 2 Murk Eyes; 1 Murk Eye 2 Warleaders or w/e combination. But those are much less likely so I'll just leave it at the 2 figures above.
    20% @ 16+ Damage, plus a full board.
    30% @ 10+ Damage, plus a full board.
    50% @ 8 Damage, plus a full board.
    For paladin that lacks burst, it could be an interesting thing to play.
    But it does require that you add the Finley,Murk Eye and Everyfin into your deck.  (As many lists have Murloc Knight commonly in them already)
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    posted a message on New Rogue Card - Unearthed Raptor

    Won't fit into the current meta rogues, that's for sure.

    But it'll probably find a home in a new rogue type.  This card also scales well into later development of Hearthstone as more deathrattles are added.

    T2 Creeper/Nerubian/Thalnos > T3 Raptor

    T4 Shredder > T5 Raptor + Evisc

    Then of course the dream of tagging Sylvannas with this card.

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    posted a message on New Card - Entomb

    Seems this card is best for countering strong plays at turn 6.  Sylvannas / Highmane are two minions that come to mind here.  

    You can use this to seal off all value the opponent would have gotten for these, so if you have board you wind up ahead at this point.  It costs a little bit more than an Owl + SW:Death, but it only takes 1 card slot.  You also can possibly use those cards later to help seal out a game.  The downside is that that high cost minion you Entomb could end up being a dead draw as you look for answers later.

    It also works well for a powerful card like Tirion, or a Ysera that's immune to your Shadow words.  But those are so close to Mind Control turn, so I'd rather use that on them.  Entomb does provide redundancy in case you don't draw Mind Control by then, or it costs less so you can still play other stuff on the same turn.

    Not a bad card; I'd think that people are going to experiment with at least 1 in their priest decks to see if it fits in.

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    posted a message on What Legendaries should I spend my dust on?

    So, I have around 17000 dust saved up for when TGT hit, incase something caught my eye.  But as the charm of the new expansion starts to settle, I'm just about ready to start spending it on legendaries I've been missing for a long time now.

    So on my list of "To Craft" I have

    Any that I didn't list, I either have or I don't value as high as some of the junk (Gallywix) in that list.  

    I can only craft 10, and I've separated the 10 I'm most thinking about to be at the top of the list (Tirion < -- > Rhonin)

    I wonder if any of those 10 should be replaced by the 5 in the middle of the list (Cenarius < -- > Justicar)  As those are the legends I see floating around the meta most.  (My thoughts on those 5 in the spoiler, for people to see my POV)

    For Druid I typically run a fast-druid with double combo.  So I'm not sure if Cenarius is going to be changing my games much.

    Al'Akir the Windlord I've always wanted (When Buzzard + Unleash was still a thing, it was the first season I pushed Ranked and got to Rank 4 in 2 days as Shaman, unfortunately it was already the end of the month so I couldn't push to Legend that month.  But it made me love Shaman back in the day)... but Shaman as a class is generally lacking, that I'm not sure I want to invest in him.

    Sneed's Old Shredder I see in some slower decks (Priest/Warrior specifically), but I'm thinking Ysera will do just as good of a job usually (As well as filling in for the Dragon Archtype those two run these days).  Do decks that run Sneeds also run Ysera?  Or is Ysera cut for Sneeds?

    Toshley just seems kind of solid, but he doesn't really stand out in any particular way IMO.

    Justicar Trueheart just seems to dominate in Priest/Warrior/Paladin if you have the spare turn to get it off.  Although the tempo loss that turn is usually pretty massive,

    I'm not really opposed to playing any specific style of deck; and lots of these crafts would open up some styles I've been wanting to play for a long time (Paladin Decks, Control Warrior, Demonlock, Malygos Decks)

    I understand that Malygos and Rhonin are probably the two people are looking at first at some of my 10 to cut, but Malygos has been one of my top desired cards for a long time (Pre-Gadgetzan Miracle I wanted to run the Malygos variant instead of the Leeroy one.  Even now I want to run Maly-lock; Malygos Freeze, and Malygos-Rhonin Mass Explosion)  

    Rhonin is the questionable one IMO; even if it turns out that I decide I'll craft him... I'll still wait a while longer for the meta to develop more.  Besides, I'm currently just opening TGT packs, so I might end up pulling him randomly (Like I did Saraad this morning!)

    So if someone feels that it is a mistake to pass up any of the 14 Legendaries below Rhonin on my list, I'd like to hear something persuasive help in changing my mind.

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    posted a message on What's in Your TGT Packs? (Pack Sharing Thread)

    Normal Commons 177
    Golden Common 5

    Normal Rares 52 (4x Ball of Spiders, 5x Fist of Jaraxxus, 5x Coliseum Manager)
    Golden Rare 4

    Normal Epics 9 (Enter the Coliseum, 2x Mysterious Challenger, 2x Elemental Destruction, Dark Bargain, Master of Ceremonies, Recruiter, Sideshow Spelleater)

    Normal Legends 3 (Eydis Darkbane, The Skeleton Knight, Chillmaw)

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    posted a message on New Warrior Legendary - Varian Wrynn

    While this card is strong, I think people are overhyping it.  I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and call that this card will be the Troggzor of the expansion.

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    posted a message on New Card - Icehowl

    I actually like the Priest "Use this on medium sized minions before mind controlling" or Shaman "Ancestral Healing after taking down a big minion" ideas.  Of course, this still seems like a Druid card for me.  Provides hard removal for things like Chrommagus, KT, Rag; and synergizes with Aviana well.

    Now for a dream scenario that'll never happen except in Trolden videos.

    Turn 10 Aviana, Innervate, Icehowl, Faceless, Faceless; kill 3 high impact monsters to claim board control.

    Turn 11, Tree of Life (for maximum BM), Wailing Souls and go Face for 35.

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    posted a message on New Card - Icehowl
    Quote from AveryPhoenix jump

    I might try to make this work in mill or ramp druid. Then again, it can be BGH'd and I HATE BGH. Ultimately, probably better to still play around BGH by using 5 attack minions instead. Maybe if they gave him Windfury and Charge that would be pretty good. It wouldn't be like he'd be able to smorc until next turn silence (removing the windfury) anyway.

    Lol; Shaman plays this turn 9 to take board back from Ragnaros.  If it lives turn 10, you can Earthshock it and give it windfury to hit face for 20!

    Although I don't think Shaman normally has that much board control by turn 9, and they don't normally run the Windfury granting cards...

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    posted a message on New Card - Icehowl

    Off the top of my head, this could be used to counter Naked Grommash

    Otherwise, we have the Aviana synergy others have mentioned, as well as the Conceal/Shadowstep or Turn2 Silence plays that were mentioned in the reveal...

    I'll be pretty sad if I pull this card from one of my packs...

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    posted a message on New Warlock Card - Dreadsteed

    This thing is a permanent dude slayer.  It can help stave off a threat of Quartermaster midgame or completely negate a paladin hero power in a fatigue war.  It also always threatens divine shield, so you don't have to waste spells/silences/other creatures just to pop these.

    It's also anti-freeze mage stall.  It'll respawn after Doomsayer, Blizzard or Flamestrike.  Leaving yourself ready to buff it to push for the Ice Block proc.

    It's fairly likely that this card will never see play on turn 4 (or 3 with coin); as it's way too low impact.  But there may be situations later in the game that could warrant the use of this card.  (As long as you aren't completely losing on board when you decide to play it)

    Edit:  Not saying this card is particularly good... but it might be experimented on a bit before being deemed playable or crap.

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