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    Believe it or not, this card is bonkers in quest mage or other mage combo decks.

    Get ahold of your Molten Reflection or Simulacrums, then start casting these to cycle through fast for Sorcerer's Apprentice or Archmage Antonidas. You don't need to draw spells if you're drawing your win condition.


    Kinda wish this was a Shaman card, because the main problem with Malygos Shaman is that you can easily fill your hand up with burn but finding Malygos himself is actually pretty hard.

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    Quote from Heiseneberg >>

    People underestimate this card so badlly. With the new Genn card your hero power costs 1 and with the 2 mana 1/1 that summons totems and the 4 mana witch that summons totems this is really good. you will guarantee a totem on turn 1 and turn 3 always

     A) You'd be spending the first three turns playing 0/2's and 1/1's, which aren't going to stick on the board against anything that's not a control deck and even that's iffy.
    B) The Demonlock package isn't rotating out, so people are going to be playing Silence effects to counter Carnivorous Cube and friends anyway.
    C) Wicked Witchdoctor is rotating to Wild, so won't be in Standard, and is no where near powerful enough to see play in Wild when you're competing with 3/3 Silver Hand Recruits and 8/8 Giants.
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    Quote from Kuros241 >>

    Okey.. now lets find out witch three cards that has Rush, Lifesteal & Deathrattle we can use to set up lethal on our 20 mana curve. 

     Yeah, and no one's going to play Rin because no one has 40 mana lying around.
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    Quote from Leramar89 >>

    But why is it a legendary? you play it and at best your opponent loses two minions trying to kill it.

    Woo! two for one! 

    This a rare card effect, epic at best. What a joke.

     That's worst case scenario, and a 2-4-1 isn't bad.
    Best case scenario is that it trades with basically everything the opponent plays. There's a lot of wiggle room between the two.
    Also have to keep in mind that we might be getting a secret that heals since there is Secret paladin support this set.
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    Quote from Leramar89 >>


    Quote from VictorDrakkarius >>

    It does have seen play that, tho. A little,

     Am I having a stroke?
    Next time you play Hearthstone, you need to do what he did to that sentence to your opponent's face, though.
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    I actually think this card is pretty good, and I think this is the only Swap card shown so far that will see play in Midrange decks. Most likely after next Rotation, because of Voiddaddies.


    Against an Aggro deck, this comes down T4 as a 2/6 that can immediately trade into the opponents minions and leave a 2/3 or a 2/4 in play to trade a second or even third time. That's actually quite a bit of value from one card, and can help stop Aggro in it's tracks.

    Against more midrange or controlling decks, you can hold it in your hand until the opponent plays something that needs removing NOW and then you can "Fireball" it. And since you're a midrange deck, you've probably got some other minion you can develop if the flip isn't in your favor.


    I'm not entirely optimistic about it, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this being played.

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    Quote from diegoo >>

    to counter this you can use crab for murlocs, crab from pirates, the new dragon counter, sacrficial pact (?) etc. it isent very good


     Notta. First of all the crabs/counters have to be relevant in the meta in order to be a thing; no one is going to play Hungry Crab just because of this card. 
    Second of all this card turns on many different synergies and so may be playable just by bridging the gap alone. If you can play this to get (1) off on Thing from Below while also setting up the Elemental Chain.... that's pretty playable depending on if Shaman gets something to help fight against Giant Witch in Wild.
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    Quote from Trimutius >>

    But damn... we only have like 4 secrets left in Standard, with Getaway Kodo rotating, unless they print something in this set, Classic secrets are kinda meh... Avenge and Competitive Spirit were one of the reasons Mysterious Challenger was really good

     It's the beginning of rotation, they have two years to print secrets to go with this.....
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    Quote from Manuelo46 >>

    A great card but secrets are bad lol. Can work prettg well in wild though

     Deja Vu is a sure sign of a glitch in the Matrix.
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    This looks like a Babe.

    What babe?

    The Babe with the power.

    What power?

    The Power of Voodoo.

    Who do?

    You do.

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