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    Updated the deck:

    i included the dragon package (Curator + 2x Primordial) and took out Sylvanas, Faceless and one of the Tar creepers.

    Sylvanas and Faceless manipulator are in the deck for the control matchup, more often then not they'll just sit in my hand and clog it for long time.

    The Curator on the other hand can be played any time past turn 7 because that as a 4/6 taunt he is decent blocker and most of the times he will draw a Primordial drake and Direhorn\ Direhorn's token so it's a great value.

    I think that Primordial drakes will be really strong in the upcoming Ungoro meta because of the hunter and warlock quest (spawn shitload of 3/2 every turn), having a strong 2 damage AOE is great ( as oppose to wasting brawl or 2 whirlwinds) 

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    I don't think the first deck will work, Twilight Guardian doesn't have taunt (the battlecry gives him taunt) and he doesn't count for the quest, so you're left with only 6 taunts, so the only way to complete the quest is getting another chillmaw from the historian.

    The second deck looks much better, and i'll use a similar deck when ungoro will be available (mine will be more greedy tho :P)


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    posted a message on Issue with Forum "Experts"
    Quote from Gucciboi23 >>

     i make a post on it and people flame it

     Can you link any of those threads?
    Half of your thread are either rants or nerf propositions, i can't see how rank is relevant in those thread.
    You're probably getting flamed because of other reasons, not your deck ideas.
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    posted a message on Patch 8.0 - Journey to Un'Goro: Card Flavor Text, Free Card Packs, Brawl Chalks, Maiev

    A new tooltip displays the number of cards in your hand.


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    posted a message on Now that we know all the cards predict the top 3 meta decks and get a cookie!

    A good deck must have at least 1 broken card and few good cards that support it.

    1. Pirate warrior - patches is broken and pirates + weapons are good enough to support the archetype.

    2. Jade druid - the idol is broken and jades are strong enough to support the archetype

    3. taunt warrior - Sulfuras is crazy good and the taunts are there to stall the game until the hero power overwhelm the opponent.

    Other decks that will be close:

    Quest hunter - the quest is powerful, but bunch of 1 drops will get overrun easily in the mid game, hunter has horrible card draw so unless you're lucky enough to draw 7 1 drops before the opponent completely dominate the board, it will just be something like the post-nerf patron but weaker.  (broken card with bad support).

    Elemental shaman - strong minions, great curve but no broken card, it will have the power level of  dragon priest without drakonid operative, viable but not broken (good support, but not broken)


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    I made a new wild for the upcoming expansion, it will be great if you can take a look at it and help me improve it.

    The core of the deck is based on a N'zoth Thaddius deck that i'm playing for the last 3-4 months in wild (it's quite good actually :P), i had to give up some of the strong cards in the deck to make room for more taunts, this is the current version:

    N'zoth taunt warrior
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    Minion (18) Ability (10) Weapon (2)
    Loading Collection

    The main goal of the deck is to stall the game long enough until one of the 3 win conditions is met:

    1. The constant pressure from the upgraded hero power overwhelms the opponent. 

    2.  An unanswered Kel'Thuzad behind a taunt wall outvalue the opponent's board. (exhaust single target removals) 

    3. N'zoth bring back a board full of taunts (20-30 mana worth) that the opponent can't clear (exhaust AOE)


    I have some doubts about some of the cards:

    Sylvanas Windrunner - She is here only because that i felt that N'zoth needed some more value, originally i had 2 deathlords but i had bad experience with them (backfired too often) so i decided to cut them.

    Faceless Manipulator -  Tech card for control match-ups (it's always nice to get a tirion or double my n'zoth before i use blood warriors) or for extra value in turn 10 with belcher+faceless or direhorn+faceless.

    Tar Creeper - i needed an early game taunt instead of the deathlords, i'm not sure that it's the best choice but i couldn't find any better taunt.


    Some cards left out because of space issues:

    The armor package: Shield SlamShield Block- i like the cycling of shield block and the efficiency of shield slam, but i can't find a spot for all 4.

    The dragon package: The Curator  + Primordial Drake + alex\yesra - The curator can generate tons of value by pulling some big dragons and one of the direhorns (or their tokens) and he is a taunt for the quest counter, the main problem with him is that the dragons are not good enough to replace other cards and it increase the chance for having clogged hand in the early game (x3 6+ drops -> x6 6+ drops).

    The whirlwind package: Whirlwind  + Acolyte of Pain +King Mosh - Ghoul is much better then the whirlwind spell for an early weenie clear, and Acolyte isn't that great even with death's bite and ghoul (most of the times it's draw 2 cards and deal 0-1 damage to an enemy minion), king mosh could be good but i think that 2 smart brawls is enough to handle most of the meta decks.

    The snowballing package: Frothing Berserker \ Grimy Gadgeteer - Both of them are really good cards (to hide behind a taunt wall) that i really wanted to use, but i needed to remove them to make room for more taunts.

    2 Drops: Fiery War Axe \ Doomsayer  - Both are great as early game answers to an aggressive start, against slower decks they aren't great and against aggro decks smashing my face into their minions is not ideal, i prefer having strong end game option then slightly improve the aggro match ups.


    Thanks for reading, any suggestions are welcome.

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    18 taunts are A LOT, i don't think we have enough good taunts that are worth playing.

    IMO, a quest deck should have around 10-12 taunts and 5-7 card draw, that way you are not put many subpar taunts into your deck, but because of the card draw you maintain consistency.  

    i would pick as a baseline:

    Direhorn Hatchling

    Stonehill Defender

    Bloodhoof Brave

    Tar Creeper

    The rest are not so good IMO, so the last 2-4 taunts should be picked based on the meta, taunts that might be good are: 

    Second-Rate Bruiser

    Alley Armorsmith

    Ornery Direhorn

    Tar Lord

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    posted a message on Best Wild Cards to Craft with Hall of Fame dust

    Where are all those people who use Dr boom?

    I'm getting to rank 5 every season for more then 6 months and i see Dr boom maybe 3 times each season.

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    posted a message on Best Wild Cards to Craft with Hall of Fame dust
    Quote from Trippicus >>

    Dr. Boom

     The only deck that even bother using Dr. boom is secret paladin (and some mages variants), and even then the N'zoth version of the deck is much better.
    N'zoth made Dr.boom nearly useless. 
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    posted a message on So you're a Jade Druid, Jade Shaman or a Dragon Priest playing Wild

    Just give it some time, ATM the difference between wild and standard is only 2 sets, so standard deck can preform optimally in wild despite the disadvantage of not using naxx\gvg cards.

    In few days the difference will grow to 5 sets, and at this point i doubt you will see any successful pure standard deck in wild unless blizzard will go too far with their powercreep trend.

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    posted a message on Quest + C'Thun Warrior Theorycrafting

    I think you need more taunts or more card draw, with only 9 taunt (+C'thun) you will have to draw almost all your taunts to get the quest done.

    Stonehill Defender is not bad choice in this case, it's 2 taunts in 1 card and the 2nd taunt can be picked to suit the situation best.

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    adapt really overcosted....

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    posted a message on New Warrior Card - Cornered Sentry

    Why people keep saying it's good with MCT? you will most likely steal one of the 1/1 raptors, so it will come down to:

    5 mana 2 card combo: Summon 2/6 taunt 3/3 and 1/1 + summon 1/1 1/1 for your opponent

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Spikeridged Steed

    If the token is indeed 2/6 taunt, it's playable in control paladin

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    posted a message on New Hunter Card - Raptor Hatchling
    Quote from BorkBot >>
    Quote from Humlepungen >>

    I think the 8/8 turn 5-6 and the raptors are good enough to defend running like 15-20 1-drops

     15-20 is too much. It defeats the purpose of extra draw the raptors provide.
    11-12 might be the happy medium. Take for example this work in progress deck:
     What about Questing Adventurer ?
    Dropping it followed by 3-4 of the 1 mana raptors can be really great
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