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[K&C-Legend] Tera's Onyx Control Rogue

  • Last updated Apr 15, 2018 (Witchwood)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Kingsbane Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 7020
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/1/2018 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • Tera
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Howdy, Tera here! It has been over a year since my last deck write-up and I thought I would hit the new years off with a bang! I am a multi-legend player and I try to climb as far as I can with my own list every season! I climbed with variants of this deck from rank 16 to Legend. This deck is a new archetype for rogue in itself, Control Rogue! I have spent the last month working on it and was able to hit legend with it on the last day of the season. The deck features Lesser Onyx Spellstone which hasn't seen much play since release. Kingsbane works in tandem with Lesser Onyx Spellstone to generate upgrades. One of the most amazing plays is after using Valeera the Hollow you can follow-up with double Greater Onyx Spellstone for a total board clear. The deck has a really high skill ceiling, but hopefully with my guide you will be able to navigate it efficiently!

P.S. I believe this deck is far from refinement. I aim to further refine this deck and with your help it I think we can make it great! If you have any card suggestions please don't hesitate to comment below or pop into my stream. I am more than happy to hear your suggestions!

Twitch << Check out my Twitch

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Special Thanks: Ice_Poncho for helping refine the deck thus far!

~Legend Proof~

The last game of my climb, my opponent sadly conceded :( such a great hand too.

~The Deck~


This deck is a control deck aiming to draw through your deck as fast as possible. In total this deck has 13 draw without considering Cavern Shinyfinder. The deck needs lots of draw to find answers, buff Kingsbane and upgrade Lesser Onyx Spellstone as quickly as possibly. By doing this you're able to survive even the longest of battles, Kingsbane allows fatigue to be a thing of the past and with a 9+ attack weapon with lifesteal you can demolish minions and face for that lethal late game.

Card Choice

Deadly Poison x2 - Best card to buff Kingsbane.

Doomerang x2 - Allows for some crazy swing turns with Kingsbane. This card with a high attack, leeching poison weapon can win the game on the spot.

Kingsbane x1 - The card that allows this deck to even exist. Without Kingsbane there would be no way for rogue to sustain and create infinite value at the same time.

Cavern Shinyfinder x2 - Seeing that this deck is reliant on Kingsbane, you need some way to seek out the card. Even with as much draw as this deck has, you want to consistently draw Kingsbane out as soon as you can. This makes it much more likely to start with a Kingsbane.

Eviscerate x2 - Eviscerate is a way to clear minions and provide lethal damage late in the game. After using Valeera the Hollow you're able to pair Bloodmage Thalnos with double Eviscerate for some insane lethal turns.

Leeching Poison x1 - Needed to sustain with Kingsbane. Without sustain you're unable to go for the long game.

Fan of Knives x2 - Draw that also clears small minion boards.

Shadow Strike x2 - The perfect card for removing Corridor Creeper which are huge in the meta currently.

Elven Minstrel x2 - One of the best draw mechanisms for rogue. This card allows you to get deathrattles for Lesser Onyx Spellstone or find Cavern Shinyfinder to get your Kingsbane.

Southsea Squidface x2 - While not the best card, it is almost required to buff up your Kingsbane. If there was a better means to buff Kingsbane I would go for that. Being a reactive deck makes waiting for the deathrattle not as devastating. Silence can be annoying.

Lesser Onyx Spellstone x2 - Being a control deck means we often aren't looking to build a board. Lesser Onyx Spellstone once upgraded can clear some really powerful boards. With Valeera the Hollow an upgraded Greater Onyx Spellstone can clear the largest of boards.

Valeera the Hollow x1 - Just the card needed to swing the game back in your favor. Valeera the Hollow allows for some crazy combinations, ways to control the board and ways to find lethal. Late game Valeera the Hollow is one of the best cards, giving stealth for a turn is almost broken.

Bloodmage Thalnos x1 - With so many damage spell Bloodmage Thalnos gives the draw and extra damage needed. Providing tricky board clears and minion executions, Bloodmage Thalnos is a classic.

Flex Spots

Backstab x1 - While Backstab is great against aggro, it is a dead card against control type decks. Trying to find a healthy middle-ground between beating aggro and other control decks is why there is only one Backstab in the deck.

Preparation x1 - Preparation is necessary for Sprint. Preparation can also activate swing turns with Fan of Knives, Shadow Strike & Blade Flurry.

Blade Flurry x1 - Works well against small and big boards. With Kingsbane retaining buffs this works as a board clear that is sure to surprise your opponent.

Sprint x1 - Needing to draw quick, Sprint is one of the few cards that draws so deep and fast. With Preparation, Sprint becomes much more usable. Only one Sprint is in this deck since it has no impact on the board. Two Sprint is often death since it has no impact unlike cards like Ultimate Infestation.

Loot Hoarder x2 - Deathrattle for Lesser Onyx Spellstone and draw are two things we need in this deck. While not being a strong play, it has the potential to find the answers you need.

Plated Beetle x2 - A stronger River Crocolisk. Plated Beetle surprised me working so well with Lesser Onyx Spellstone and the control game plan. 

Notable Omissions

Evasion - Evasion works incredibly well against both aggro and control. Against Raza / Anduin Priest Evasion can completely lock them out of finishing the game while push for face damage. On turn 8 an Evasion can give you just that one more turn you needed to get to Valeera the Hollow.

Shiv - Shiv is a card that is hard to fit but may provide additional draw needed to cycle through the deck even faster.

Doomsayer - With aggro paladin flooding the meta, Doomsayer can be a quick way to halt board and take it back with low cost minions.

Fal'dorei StriderFal'dorei Strider is devastating against any deck who has a longer game plan. Late game you are guaranteed to board fill quickly and it also makes Sprint not as devastating to play when you hit a Leyline Spider.

Harrison Jones - If the meta is heavy with weapon decks, Harrison Jones can be an alternate option for card draw. Harrison Jones relies on the meta and is a weak drop when weapon decks are in short supply.

Deck Tips

- Your Kingsbane is extremely valuable. Sometimes it is best to use other forms of removal until you draw Doomerang to keep your weapon longer.

- After using Valeera the Hollow using Kingsbane twice will allow you to avoid taking fatigue damage. Just be sure to attack with the correct Kingsbane.

- Remember that you want to draw as fast as you can. Sometimes dropping cards like Bloodmage Thalnos just to draw for future answers or to get through your deck faster is the right answer.

~Mulligans & Match-ups~

General Mulligans


Druid (45 / 55)

Keep: Fan of Knives & Blade Flurry


Aggro Druid (30 / 70) - Aggro Druid is the toughest match-up for this deck. It feels almost impossible to win. There is just not any way to clear wide boards with such high health minions when buffed. Surviving long enough to buff up your weapon for Blade Flurry is the goal. Sustain with Leeching Poison and Doomerang can get you through the rough turns. I have not played against this deck enough, but I can say it is an incredibly difficult match-up. Luckily it isn't super prevalent on the ladder.


Jade Druid (60 / 40) - Since this match-up is easier than aggro druid, we do not mulligan for it. You want to draw through your deck as quick as you can. The goal is to build a Kingsbane faster than they can build up their Jades. Save Doomerang for later in the game if you can, you want it to swing your health or push for lethal while still clearing big Jade minions. Greater Onyx Spellstone after Valeera the Hollow is key to winning the game when the board is flooded with Jades.


Hunter (60 / 40)

Keep: Eviscerate, Blade Flurry & Loot Hoarder


Midrange Hunter & Spell Hunter (60 / 40) - Your goal is to always make it to the late game, not go for face damage. Focus on killing your opponents minions with your own. Draw deep for your Blade Flurry for when they play their Greater Emerald Spellstone. When the time comes Kingsbane, Leeching Poison & Doomerang swing will provide you with the health needed to lock them out from winning.


Mage (50 / 50)

Secret Mage (40 / 60) -  Your goal is to disrupt the secret mage as long as you can until you get your sustain on. Set up to always be able to take out Kirin Tor Mage. Putting Deadly Poison on your hero power if you do not have Kingsbane yet is a common play. Play Southsea Squidface or Plated Beetle if you suspect a Explosive Runes to minimize the impact. Figuring out how to play around Counterspell may be difficult. I would focus on getting rid of low impact cards first such as The Coin or Preparation when encountering a Counterspell.


Quest Mage (55 / 45) - Quest Mage is interesting as a match-up. Never focus on clearing their minions. Your goal is to buff your Kingsbane and push face damage as quick as possible. Quest Mage doesn't have many ways to stop your weapon from pushing damage. I have used Shadow Strike on my own Southsea Squidface just to buff my weapon for more damage. If you suspect they have lethal use Valeera the Hollow to go stealth to buy an extra turn.


Control Mage (60 / 40) - Fatigue the Control Mage to beat them. Save your Doomerang, Greater Onyx Spellstone, Blade Flurry all for taking care of Water Elemental. The worst thing that can happen in this match-up is getting freeze locked so you want to avoid that at all cost. Patience is a virtue in this match-up. Valeera the Hollow is a good way to escape from getting freeze locked.


Paladin (35 / 65)

Keep: Fan of Knives & Blade Flurry


With Coin Keep: Shadow Strike


Aggro Paladin (35 / 65) - By far the most annoying match-up and the match-up that kept me down the most while climbing. The deck is just so aggressive and goes so wide that unless you have Fan of Knives on the ideal turn things can get out of hand. You need the right answer, for the right turns. You want to try to hold off on Fan of Knives until after Call to Arms is used if you can. Shadow Strike is used on Corridor Creeper. Toward mid-game, once you hit Kingsbane, Leeching Poison & Doomerang you can generally quickly turn the game around.


Priest (60 / 40)

Keep: Shadow Strike, Southsea Squidface, Lesser Onyx Spellstone & Loot Hoarder


Razakus / Anduin Priest (60 / 40) - Your main worry this game is getting one turned killed. This is the one match-up I will say that substituting a card for Evasion if you're seeing a lot of them will dramatically increase your chance of winning. Evasion will completely stop any kind of Burst from Shadowreaper Anduin for a turn. You want to draw and buff your Kingsbane as quickly as possible. Without a buffed Kingsbane you will not be able to sustain after the Shadowreaper Anduin turn. If you're going to play Loot Hoarder try to drop it when you don't have other minions on the board. Otherwise they will Potion of Madness it and steal your draw. If Southsea Squidface is silenced try to save a Deadly Poison or your second Southsea Squidface for the turn after you use Valeera the Hollow. This way you can double up later in the game for the one that was silenced. Late game you just push face damage until you win, using Doomerang if they try to burst you down.


Dragon Tempo Priest (60 / 40)- This match-up is difficult to navigate initially, but once you understand it will be much more easy. The main issue is not drawing fast enough to reach end game. Onyx Spellstone will be your best friend this game. It will help you clear big minions especially on the Spiteful Summoner turn. Don't be afraid to use Onyx Spellstone before it hits 3 minions. You do generally want to save at least one Onyx Spellstone for after you use Valeera the Hollow. Late game your Kingsbane should be all that is needed to keep control of anything they can play.


Big Priest (60 / 40) - Big Priest is probably one of the funniest match-ups. It feels amazing to just slay huge minions one after the other. As long as they don't Barnes out Y'Shaarj the match-up is incredibly winnable. By the time they cast Shadow Essence you will already have minions on board or a Shadow Strike to kill the minion. After you should have more than enough removal to keep killing their big minions. When Y'Shaarj is summoned is when I avoid clearing the board initially and go into Valeera the Hollow. Having them summon more minions to set up for a bigger board clear with Greater Onyx Spellstone or Blade Flurry.


Rogue (50 / 50)

Keep: Fan of Knives, Shadow Strike & Lesser Onyx Spellstone


Tempo Rogue (50/50) -  Tempo Rogue can have some crazy starts. If it wasn't for huge early game Edwin VanCleef or double Prince Keleseth starts this match-up would be much easier. Some games are just over from the start from sheer luck of the draw. However, games which aren't over from the start are incredibly winnable if played correctly. Always try to minimize board size and use Onyx Spellstone as a last resort. You want to have the board completely clear on turn 6 to prevent a follow-up Bonemare on turn 7. Shadow Strike will aid in dealing with Corridor Creeper and Cobalt Scalebane. Late game it is all about clearing the board with Onyx Spellstone and Kingsbane & Doomerang combos. 


Mill Rogue (50/50) - If you realize your opponent is a mill rogue do not try to draw. You want to focus on doing your best on holding off on buffing your Kingsbane until you have already used Valeera the Hollow. You never want your opponent to have a stronger Kingsbane than your own. Eviscerate will aid in obtaining lethal late game.


Shaman (70 / 30)

Keep: Backstab, Fan of Knives, Blade Flurry & Loot Hoarder


Shaman is a class? Anyways, they all normally go wide. We mulligan for wide boards and it is generally pretty easy to keep up. Control Shamans are just laughable against us late game.


Warlock (65 / 35)

Keep: Southsea Squidface, Lesser Onyx Spellstone & Loot Hoarder

Zoo Warlock (55 / 45) - Zoo warlock is not that prevalent on ladder right now. Even though we do not mulligan to beat them, they are easy enough to beat regardless of that. Just draw to late game and use your removal efficiently to clear minions. You will need leeching poison as quick as possible to survive any damage.


Cube-Lock (65 / 35) - One of the best match-ups for us. The main idea is to out control Cube-Lock. I generally end the game with extra removal left over. This game is all about draw, draw, draw. Your minions will aid in destroying their threatDoomguard and Voidlord. You want to save Doomerang for destroying Doomguard behind taunts. Most games you lose will be from getting burst down completely randomly. You're playing for the long game. Be patient and don't use your Greater Onyx Spellstone the first chance you get. Save it for the moment that you actually need it to survive the following turn. You always want at least a 9 attack Kingsbane by late game. 


Rin Warlock (70 / 30) - Rin Warlock is easier to beat since they do not have the burst like Cube-Lock. You want to hold onto Cavern Shinyfinder and Doomerang as long as you can for late game. You will always be able to draw your deck out before Azari, the Devourer drops. The trick is keeping your weapon in hand and not in deck so they can't destroy it at that point. You should be able to kill them before coming close to running out of Kingsbane charges though!


Warrior (60 / 40)

Keep: Fan of Knives, Lesser Onyx Spellstone  & Loot Hoarder


Warrior is a class? 


Pirate Warrior (45 / 55) - Pirate Warrior while not impossible is not nearly as strong as other aggressive decks in the current meta. Most warrior decks are also control at this time, so the mulligans are built more toward control over Aggro. Against Pirate Warrior try to avoid taking face damage as much as possible. Even if it means using removal in-efficiently, it is worth it. Pirate warriors tend to run out of steam faster which allows us to capitalize on their lack of threats compared to other decks at this time.


Control Warrior (65 / 35) - Control Warrior is interesting since at this time they can generate infinite value through Dead Man's Hand and Woecleaver. By the time they get to late game we already have our Kingsbane ramped up though. In general, using our Kingsbane and Greater Onyx Spellstone is enough to take out their threats and push for lethal.


~Deck Spotlight~

Kiwiinbacon | Tera's Control Rogue

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