Valeera the Hollow

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Hero Power

Card Clarifications

  • You can never have more than one Shadow Reflection in your hand.
  • Shadow Reflection leaves your hand at the end of your turn, so it only works on 5 mana cards or less. (Source)
  • Death's Shadow is hero Hero Power.
  • Shadow Reflection is the token spawned by her hero power.
  • Remember how Stealth works! If you wish to attack, do attack BEFORE using this Hero card.
  • Effects that invoke Mana Cost reduction will not be copied by Shadow Reflection. (Like Emperor Thaurissan ticks, Preparation, Shadowstep.)

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Card Text

Battlecry: Gain Stealth until your next turn.

Flavor Text

"Run away. Hide in your precious keeps, behind your walls and your bodyguards. Night always falls, and shadows will fill your hallowed halls. One day, one of those shadows will be me."

Card Sounds