Clash of the Minions is This Week's Brawl

Clash of the Minions is This Week's Brawl

No time for cowards, soldier! Playing minions gives them Charge and Taunt! Ok, here's the Mulligan... go, go, GO!


  • This is the second time we've seen this brawl.
  • The brawl made its debut on February 24, 2016.
  • This brawl requires that you build your own deck.

How it Works

  • Choose your class and build a deck.
  • Minions played from your hand will gain Taunt and Charge. This can be silenced.
  • Minions summoned through effects will not gain the buff.

Popular Community Decks from Week 37

Check out these decks that were the most popular from the last time this Brawl was played. Keep in mind that it was over a year ago so these are going to be severely outclassed nowadays. You can find decks for the brawl here.

Discuss This Week's Brawl

We've got a dedicated discussion thread up on our forums to discuss this brawl.

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