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    posted a message on Is this game balanced for new players

    No, it pains me to see other TCG's hit nerf bats after 2 weeks of the newest expansion cause some cards proven to have a bit too good synergy.
    Yet old goodie Blizzy waits a year or two to do the same....

    So again no, new players go player better games unless you are hard core Blizzard fan 

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    posted a message on People take Hearthstone way too seriously.

    1. The game is simple, not many things can work, so over time people will play what works.
    -you want gold?
    -want new cards
    -want new decks?

    Well bro, you need to play top decks to actually achieve all that.
    HS is expensive and new user unfriendly, also best way to get anything is to copy/net deck the best possible deck and earn extra dust in ranked mode and pray to all mighty Ben that the next XPAC wont fu*k you all over.

    2.Followed by my point 1.
    There are but few win conditions in every class that are good, and some classes have much better ones.
    Thus farming gold in casual is not a bad idea to that extent with "net decks".
    Which again ruins new player experience, but NOTE it's the games fault not "net deckers"

    3.Not really

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    posted a message on Game mechanics change/addition


    Quote from LongArmsofLaw >>

    The big thing that should be simple is to adjust card power at the beginning of each season.  The most played cards lose a stat and the least played cards gain a stat.  It would help to keep things fresh and it seems they just ignore the whole advantage of the game being digital. 

    Secondly the whole mana system is way to simple and RNG with all the effects they put on cards.  Playing cards and effects of the cards going off should be have two different counters.  Like rage for warriors and so on to play cards which would work like the current mana system and then actually use mana crystals for the effects of cards.  They would just gain one crystal each turn instead of resetting and gaining one or something like that.  So you can play cards without the effect triggering and actually have to manage your mana.  It would add skill to a game that has become nothing but curve and RNG now. 

    That's how I would fix this game because right now it's broken but people here don't want to listen to the game mechanic problems of hearthstone it seems.  Also the current mechanics severely limit future card design which is another problem. 

     Word bro


    Quote from DGneko >>

    For the Emeriss example you have to keep in mind, the next expansion is already finished and cards that don’t see any play now might be meta when the next expansion comes. 

    A good example is Leeching potion. When leeching potion was released it was a completely dead card. Then Kingsbane came with the next expansion and leeching potion became Auto include in the kingsbane archetype. 

    Although I do not dislike that direction they took, but betting that a card will get to see play cause one card down the line may exist is not my cup of tea.
    Same as lets say Pyros, when will this card or the whole element pack see love?
    Last 3 months before new rotation?
    Just cause of that I am incline to believe that some or most interaction were not even aimed at, and they overlooked it while the community used them to build good decks.
    Quote from parzival2345 >>

    The best way for blizzard to improve the game would be to add more build around cards and more win conditions, so that more viable archetypes spring up. 


    But the easiest change that would be a HUGE benefit to the game would be to make Explosive Sheep a classic card. 

    Reason why we want HS to look up trough the pool of things it has and revamp it is to get this.
     Sheep in current meta, for sure :D! <3
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    posted a message on Game mechanics change/addition

    Yeah I get your point, and agree that adding banish would need to be followed up with actually buffing resurrect effects.
    For your second point, that's why we complained that many cards have potential but for some reason are not use, dont really wanna see cards "shine" in totally oppressive decks.

    Loved Shadowverse, but started to play it when overaggressive meta was in play thnx to that one expansion, so moved to TESL.
    It also lets you get "bound" to specific class and it's game style, which I agree totally lacks in HS

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    posted a message on Game mechanics change/addition

    Hey folks,

    Was talking with few RL friends and we discussed the state of HS, what we think, love, hate about it.
    Most of us feel kinda irritated by "shove new arch types" on us expansions, or just adding some gimmicks that either
    just take card space or someone finds a broken way to use it (wont name decks, cause you'll see later in the wall of text) and or makes
    old decks useless in context "we want more new decks, out with the old".
    Well, we love some "old" stuff, something that attached us to a specific class we adore.

    Discussion led  to "new" ideas, more accurately, how to implement some MTG/other TCG interactions to keep the game fast yet to still have the feel that both players
    have a say on the board state.
    Then we made a summery of things we have.
    (charge, rush, taunt, discover, echo, draw a card, draw a specific card, battle cry, deathrattle, adapt, divine shield, freeze.....and so on)
    ^We actually managed to name all effects in existence atm xD

    When we actually named all of them, we noticed, well damn there is allot  actually that HS has to offer.
    But why the do we feel somethings are broken when there are so many things that can be used, and something feel like they should be awesome but again are not.

    I would love to hear ideas to from player point of view, what do you think Team 5/HS can do to further improve this game.

    This were some our thoughts/conclusions (cut short cause I am definitely not gonna write an 50 page essay.

    1.Stats - effect dis-balance
    I personally, more than others, feel like that effects (cards) need to be looked at the following way.
    -when is it dropped?
    -what effects it has
    -possible states on the board
    -board state after it

    Spells (aoe clears) need to be rigged in the same way by the ^.
    Removal needs to be more or less standardized, is it a single card, combination of cards and ect.
    I feel that specially at this point HS is in a bad shape, needs to get looked at and brain stormed.
    (and yes I am a mage/control player and this point dissed me off more than the rest)

    2.Curve impact (follow up on point 1)
    This time, mutual feeling is that the later the card is dropped (aka more manna it cost) the card should have some sort of
    immediate impact or high possibility of it.
    Example was Emeriss in Hunter class. (non of us are Hunter fans just fiy)
    It's a 10 cost minion, that in all respect does something awesome, but it's effect can be used next turn only.
    Till then it's nothing, further more in a class with no card draw nor the tools for late game style (atm non valid might I add).
    So idea is great, a dragon buffing your hand, but why not make it less stat's with lets say rush/charge and turn it in to a possible finisher?
    Or give it a taunt....w/e.
    The logic is, it's a 10 cost card that you can not cheat out before it, it should by all given rights have more significance.

    You all can name cards with much less manna cost that are more threatening then the named card.

    Basically following that logic, as cost goes down (rarity also included in the equation, specially legendary cards) the effect needs to be more balanced.

    Wont go further cause just on this point I could spend all day, but think you can get my drift.

    3.Non existence of graveyard / banish effect
    Huge fan of resurrection mechanics, hate when there is no way to counter it.
    Team 5, just make a legendary that banishes all minions/spells played till that moment.
    Hadronox Druid seems fun, but cancer to play against later in the game since he can actually pull out much quicker then trun 9.
    Make big Priest viable, make it so it can cheat and resurrect some scary stuff, but gives us tools against it also.

    4.Non existing tinkering with opponents  hand
    Dirty Rat was awesome and it needs it's replacement, be it with "Turn a minion in your opponents had in to X/X" or anything down those lines.

    5.Classic/Basic set problem
    Simply put, they need to revamp it, add/remove cards from it so it's more new player friendly.
    Atm have people quitting for other TCG's cause HS dos not give them enough tools to match make and have fun.
    Aka missing win conditions that can work almost always.

    6.Reviving mechanics
    Gonna keep it short, will let you guys discuss.
    -ways to attack a minion even if there is a taunt in the way
    -ways to go face with extra dmg like something Explosive Runes with spells and minions
    -hand buffing
    -deck buffing (our thoughts were why buff the whole deck, when you can have cards that buff 2-3 top minions)
    -swipe effects (attacking adjacent minions)
    -on X amount HP effects this one has so many options, yet I am aware of 2 cards in the current meta
    -cards that get boosted with higher manna, something like echo tries to do, add more value later
    -cards that you spend extra manna for extra effect to activate

    There were lost more stuff said, but can remember them all nor do I have the will to write any further.

    Again I am really interested in your thoughts where HS can go.
    And yes I am aware of all the peeps who make costume cards here, costume XPAC's, but the point here
    is just the general direction of the game.


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    posted a message on Worst Meta Since Launch?


    Quote from Bozeus >>

    Kid, just see Class Popularity chart...


     I play mage tho it's far from best class and far from having the best deck.
    Specially now since I am trying to get things to work, so your point is?
    Oh wait wait, yeah I got it, meta is fine, game is absolutely fine. Hope they print cards that win you at turn 3 next XPAC, that would be also dandy fine.
    Lets ignore that the state of the game is just cancer for any new players, and that one class has the top WR%, thats always fine.
    What I hate more than unjustified whiners are people who probably play top tier decks and just act mighty and dissing everyone off as hands down stupid imbeciles
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    posted a message on Can we just say it already?

    I am not sure how can you call this a good expansion or "the best meta" we ever had, when all decks just try to beat overaggressive paladins or king of "fairness" cubelock. And every other deck by stats is worse in comparison.
    Kay, add taunt druid, but still is it something that we want? Cheating huge minions turn after turn?

    Do we want aggro decks to be able to easily fill their board even past trun 8+? Had a game with my mage where I had taunts on curve, followed with 2xDragons, 2xBlizzard, 2xFlame strike and still after all that he chipped my health to 0.
    Why in the hell's name do they print "control" cards when they can simply say, we are gonna make HS an aggro race or give every class ways to summon and re-summon a whole board.

    Just so current top tier deck players do not get offended, I am all for aggro decks to exist, or for those cheating out huge minions.
    But I am against when it gets out of control, and calling a meta where 1 class has 3 decks sitting almost at 60% WR followed by 2 classes with 1 deck at 55%+ others at ~50%  <---this is not balance.
    And only reason why some have even 50% is cause of rock/paper game play in some cases which is also stupid AF.

    Is it legit from us "whiners" to want a game where my decision and maybe good RNG wins me the game? Or where my opponent out plays me hard and wins?
    Is it so hard to understand that I do not want to lose cause my class in every aspect is just worse? And where my win condition is basically opponents horrible RNG and my superb RNG?

    /end rant

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    posted a message on 65-28 70% winrate Mage

    I wonder if it's my bad luck or what, but with the exact same deck I cant get past rank 11.
    In fact lose streak to 13 from star till 10...
    No matter how much aoe I dish out, I get overrun by odd/even paladin.
    Somewhat ok vs Cubelock, but since most of them which I faced now also tech Rin, I lose to that deck 100%.

    Mage just does not work for me anymore in overaggressive meta that rose up.

    Oh and taunt druid, if you do not tech Sulking Gesit you also lose cause you simply do not have enough AoE clears (like running 8 is not enough, not sure if having 20 would be enough...)

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    posted a message on I have to say, I'm glad Blizzard is not taking your opinions into account regarding the balance of the game

    Can't believe people are defending Cubelock/Paladin to this extent and saying everything is fine.
    Numbers before WW and numbers atm state that they are a cancer that stayed put.
    Few tweaks could balance things in the right direction, so I am curios why such fierce rejection of the possibility.

    Also I am aware that there are other decks that are showing up to be broken, and they too should get looked at.



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    posted a message on 40-16 71% winrate mage


    Quote from GratedWasabi >>


    Quote from Lander44 >>

    i have actually played 2 times vs combination of book of spectre/arugal and big spells mage... i won both times and he even managed to copy 3 monsters

     Okay, dude.
    I was just trying to help a worse player rank up. Good luck at rank 10.
     Mmm, your deck list is something I personally tried and faced vs and can say it's not so great, would call it bad even.
    So don't get all high and mighty.
    And would like to see someone reach rank 5 "easy" with auto-complete deck
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    posted a message on Archmage Arugal

    That's why I am asking you folks to flood this post with ideas, decks and what not you played so far :D!
    I am simply not satisfied with mage having at best tier 2 deck again in this expansion.
    When all settles, we are all aware that dude paladin is not gone and Warlock is still here.

    So really want to see if we can build something good with this cause I think Toki, Time-Tinker is a bad card
    So building decks around it is horrible.
    "Crow mage" is not consistent enough for me. 

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    posted a message on Archmage Arugal

    Yeah it can be worse, but as shown from Thijs, even 1/2 is strong. But he made a deck based on dropping early giants.
    Book of Specters is here to fill your hand with Arhcmage, or simply to fill your had when you drop everything early on.
    Burning spells is also not a huge problem.

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    posted a message on Archmage Arugal

    Let's make thew new mage Legendary work like a charm!

    So my dear mage players/lovers, I am sure you all are play testing all the possibilities, as we all do every expansion.
    Thus far I am yet to see a deck that makes full use of Archmage Arugal mostly cause it's used in elemental 
    based decks which are slow, hard to use all the extra value and you get out tempo or aggro by everything else.

    Here is where I ask for your help, lets try making a deck (theroycraft and play test) version of decks that base them
    selves on Archmage Arugal , but lets not focus completely on elemental synergy plox :)

    My 1st version of it is called "Spiteful Archmage Arugal" .
    //note don't have all the cards so this was built and based on some funny results without Archmage Arugal and Book of Specters//

    The thing is I've manged to beat deck with it, that made me laugh and later think to actually build an legit deck.
    Early game aggression in combination with Fungalmancer if you get it and later on tempo with Spiteful Summoner
    poses problems for some decks that are on ladder atm (not that I am high ranked, rank 11 atm but still).
    If that fails and you get swarmed, you have clears and if my theory is correct, Archmage Arugal+Book of Specters  draw (with maybe Leyline Manipulator) can swing you back right in fast.
    On top of that you do have some elemental potential synergy with Frost Lich Jaina  (to stabilize if it drags on) and occasional proc from Steam Surger that gives you that one extra ping if you can get in on curve, if not well 5/4 is not bad of a tempo play.

    Pyroblast are here for Spiteful proc and a finisher.


    Again, I am missing 2 key cards Archmage Arugal+Book of Specters tho even w/o them it's looking good. So would really like some feed back.

    Spiteful Archmage Arugal
    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (21) Ability (8) Playable Hero (1)
    Loading Collection

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    posted a message on [TWW] Secret Tempo Mage

    How dose Ethereal Arcanist fair without Ice Block?
    Does it feel slow, to much set up? Or is it still good?

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    posted a message on Toki Elemental Mage

    I just cant agree atm that Archmage Arugal is a good card in element decks.
    Your had is filled with value but no time to use it all :/

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