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    I have an idea for Moorabi, but I don't want to spend/waste my dust to test it out.

    The idea is to run minions that discount themselves, eg. Thing from Below, Dread Corsair, giants, Corridor Creeper, Happy Ghoul, Arcane Tyrant, Nerubian Prophet.

    If any of them are in play and survive, you can play Moorabi + Hyldnir Frostrider to put a copy of them into your hand, which you can potentially play on the same turn or a future turn for free (this is especially useful with Thing from Below/Dread Corsair as they are still useful as Taunts while Frozen).

    Since these minions also have decent synergy with Evolve, maybe you can throw in the Evolve package as well. Playing Evolve after the Moorabi + Hyldnir Frostrider combo is also a decent way to negate the Freeze.

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    I really hope Blizzard reverts Force of Nature back to its unnerfed form, but with Rush instead of Charge (and maybe cost 1 less).

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    I wish it actually casted Explorer's Hats so you could also potentially use it to Mill the opponent and other shinanigans

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    Dragon Pally with Onyxia :PogChamp:

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    Quote from Ndy19 >>


    Quote from RichardBlow >>

    it sets the bar for power level in Standard. If you're not doing something faster or more powerful or that can reliably answer every threat then what you're doing isn't good enough for constructed.

     That is the exact definition of a suffocating deck. Back before the nerf, Quest Rogue was exactly the same way. You were either built to either rush it down before it did anything or answer its board repeatedly, or you could not play constructed. You would just lose no matter what you did. No outplays possible, no lucky shenanigans, the game is just over. Quest Rogue, by the way, was worse that Cubelock currently is and it still got nerfed because playing against it was absolutely miserable. To Aeris, I would contend that it just plain is not a control deck. A control deck in the traditional sense aims to grind its opponent out with value. Removal and board clears in this case are both a means of stalling to the deck's big turns, and another avenue for grinding out a favorable board. However, stalling tools alone do not make a deck a control deck, just as people would not call Quest Rogue or Freeze Mage control decks.

    When you actually look at the way Cubelock plays, it actually has the most similarities to Quest Rogue. Get a certain combo of cards in your hand (Lackey+Dark Pact, maybe the Cube if you're feeling feisty), and then win by cheating out some garbage that only the most dedicated of counter decks can deal with. Basically, if you fail to kill the Cubelock fast enough, or otherwise run something like 6 polymorphs somehow, you just are not going to win. Sound familiar? Frankly, the sooner Blizzard sends Cubelock into the effing dirt, the better.

     Well, the easiest way to deal with it would be removing the charge from Doomguard and granting it on battlecry. This way they can't otk you out of nowhere and you can at least play the removal/value game.
    THIS. The best suggestion I've seen so far is to change Doomguard to only gain Charge from the Battlecry, so that other Control decks can contend with CubeLock, still remain playable as a decent 5/7 body when cheated out, and still functions the same way in ZooLock/DiscoLock.
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    posted a message on I need the meme deck suggestions.


    Quote from Garlic_Jr >>


    Divine Spirit, Inner Fire priest with Potion of Madness and Djinni of Zephyrs (casting potion on an enemy grants Djinni charge).

    Sadly Potion of Madness no longer gives Djinni of Zephyrs Charge :( 
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    posted a message on Guess next card reveal - Game


    Quote from TD3000 >>

    Toxmonger, rogue legendary, battlecry: give your minions poisonous

    Both Rogue legendaries have been revealed 
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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Reveal - Lady in White

    Its ridiculous that this costs 6 while Emeriss costs 10...

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    Are you all forgetting that 1-drops in Hearthstone tend to be extra powerful (x2 1-Cost minions are usually stronger than a 2-Cost minion)? I think this is a decent card draw for Aggro decks.

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    As a Hunter, I don't think you can afford to spend an entire turn clearing the opponent's board without developing your board.

    Like Unleash the Hounds, this benefits from auras like Timber Wolf/Leokk. It is more flexible than Unleash the Hounds/Deadly Shot (eg. Can be played for Tempo on an empty board), but alot weaker for the same purposes.

    i don't think this is something you'd include in your deck, but something you'd be happy to find off Discover effects, and is especially powerful when paired with other low Cost minions with Deathstalker Rexxar (eg. Timber Wolf, Ironbeak Owl, Cave Hydra).

    I just wish it was a 1-Cost 1/1 instead. That would be more flexible, alot more powerful with auras, and could potentially single-handedly make the Quest Hunter archetype viable.

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