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    I'm actually surprised to see no one mentioning Tundra RhinoStubborn Gastropod.

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    This fish frog gets an eye for an eye every time, and you could be too!

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    It's good to see one of my very first epics of hearthstone making a return. I love him so much, a tolerable one drop oftenly, but every so often, a snip snapping terror against paladins.

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    Spiked Hogrider

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    I played this in murloc paladin, one of my opponents was an exodia mage

    Me: 28 health, maybe 3 murlocs on board and a dire wolf, hydrologist still in deck, all minions frozen by frost nova, need to draw direct damage

    Opponent: 1 health, both ice blocks down 5 cards left in deck, waygate in hand, almost garunteed to have combo

    the turn before combo i draw hydrologis to obtain the sweetest BM, Eye for an Eye

    that is the reason why I love this card, most paladin secrets on their own are terrible, but when you have the choice and the proper moment, they can become quite playable.


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    I am baffled that Jade Claws can fit into a deck like this, with no other jade synergies. Is this a mistake? Am I imagining things? Or is it actually good enough to run?

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    Garrosh: Ready for smORC, Rexxar?

    Rexxar: *Smirks* no Garrosh...


    Rexxar: *plays crab* I smORC you now!

    Garrosh:*GASP!* *plays win axe* *>3/4 minion* *sad face*

    Rexxar: *evil laughter*

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    You would not believe your eyes!

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    Now I'm no expert of cards, I'd be happy to have a civilized argument about this.

    Let's look at this card from the likely common situations, even though the outcomes are completely random and undetermined. So, say you are a hunter playing for The Marsh Queen quest. Chances are your hand has one drops like Fiery Batalley catRaptor HatchlingJeweled Macaw, maybe Emerald Reaver. So yeah, pretty good feul, HOWEVER, how good is the average beast? it varies, but chances are, with all of the huge dinos coming out, you'll get at least one 6+ mana minion with the ideal Stampede

    The other scenario is turn 10. You're hand may or may not be empty, but chances are you won't have cheap beasts like before. so the plan here is to stampede and play your cheapest beast. and hope for the best

    In short the way I see it is that Stampede is the equivalent of playing 1 card to populate your board with whatever beasts available at the cost of randomizing your hand, and that's actually really good, but lacks the consistency to be insane.

    Overall, I love this card, It's viable, it's crazy, and it gets your heart racing.


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