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    posted a message on Which is the top 5 removals?

    It depends on the meta, but in general my opinion is:

    1.Lord Godfrey

    2. Vilespine Slayer


    4. Hex, Polymorph

    5. Defile

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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Half-Time Scavenger

    I want this card in my Oaken Summons deck , its so cool, very good against aggro, helps with spellstone triggers(3armor), because of the stealth you can make the trades. Its like made for exactly that reason. So for example you can run Grizzled Guardian Astral Tiger deck, so you can go infinite. These and  Ironwood Golems are good defensive tools, meanhwhile they keep thinning your deck. Also you run Carnivorous Cube and if you against aggro, you can easily eat this and get a bunch of armor after 2 of these Half-Time Scavengers slaughter their tokens. Its just get you to the lategame naturally.

    If not this deck type, but it will find its place. I am sure of it.


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    posted a message on What's your first legendary craft this expansion?

    Talanji or Janalai

    (wild question)

    By the way, what dou you think, for the resurrection pool, if i have a normal ragnaros and a rastakhan one from jan'alai, they count as different ragnaroses? cuase they have different logo printed on them. So for example in wild can i resurrect 2 ragnaros with a kazakus potion if i am lucky?

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    posted a message on New Rogue Minion - Spirit of the Shark

    I am just wondering, if spirit totems will be any good, that means everybody will just run 2 Void Ripper s to prevent the combos?

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    posted a message on Legendary spell discoverage


    I was wondering : will the legendary spells appear as frequent as normal ones or there is some kind of rule which stricts them, if they appear at all. ( I mean through various effects like discover or random spell generation.)

    Because there are already legendary spells , the Quests. they do not appear, but its for a reason, they need to build your whole deck around them, but, and thats my point, also some of the legendary spells need you to. / Zerek's Cloning Gallery is pretty bad if your deck not contains special minions with effects, Flark's Boom-Zooka also needs some preparation. Kangor's Endless Army worthless, if you are not a mech deck and there is Myra's Unstable Element.

    On the other hand, it would be hillarious if i could discover The Storm Bringer 3 times together with The Runespear in a midrange swarm-style shaman deck.

    What's your oppinion?

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    posted a message on New Druid Minion - Dreampetal Florist

    I understand the hate because of combo decks(maly and togwdruid) , on the other hand, this could make cards like star alligner possible to play with the battlecry, which sounds interesting to me. One question, can it pick a target which cost is already zero if i have other minions too? 

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Mecha'thun

    In wild you can OTK with this and shadow word death if you zola your thaurisan to grant 3 mana reduction, priest easily can draw his entire deck with some circle of healing, cleric shenanigens. 

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card Reveal - Storm Chaser
    Quote from Tomb >>

    All the Pandaria spirits look like different versions of that tho :)

     But why it is the water one? With a name like storm chaser should be the air one. 

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    posted a message on Play With Your Boomsday Cards Early - Attend a Boomsday Pre-Release Event on August 4/5!

    Just for clarification, i wont be able to get cards from the shop while i am at the event location right? Its a bummer, because i dont prepurchase, but have some gold stored and i would really enjoy open my packs with others. I could really appreciate if they make the shop also available at this event.


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    posted a message on What's it like Cracking 50/80/130 Boosters?

    I am a f2p , and usually i can get like 100 packs at least, on every launch. But this time it will be more, thanks to the amazing events firefest and timetavern. Its really doable  if you do all your dailys, and reroll if got the lowest. I love to open these packs, because they are rewarding me for put all of this gold together. Between expansions i dont open any, expect for tavernbrawl and arena rewards and blizzgifts, so that unpacking period is my favourite, like a kid who gets his new toys. cheers

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    posted a message on MadBomber in spotlight
    Quote from briankoontz >>

    I perceive Mad Bomber as an anti-Paladin tech card. So if Odd Paladin gets more popular it becomes more powerful.

    It's really *strictly* to deal with 1 health minions. You might think "what about against Even Shaman?". Nope - even a 2 health Dire Wolf Alpha or totem is far too likely to survive a Mad Bomber.

    Odd Paladin is only 6.76% of the current ladder, far too low a percentage to run Mad Bomber imo. A fancy tournament strategy to target Paladin though might consider running it.

    Mad Bomber compares most closely to Knife Juggler. It's like a Knife Juggler with all of the knives up-front, and where knives can target your own hero and minions. This makes it much stronger than Knife Juggler on Turn 2 (against one-health minions), but with far less value later in the game.

     i totally agree with your point, but knife juggler fits in token/aggro style decks, meanwhile this specific decks playstyle based on chip damages, i tried to make situation where every come out is favourable, like:

    1, hits enemy minion->always good, if kills perfect, if just damages , still can prepare defile

    2, hits enemy face->perfect ,cause your win condition is to reduce it to 0 and every damage counts doesnt matter how small is it

    3, hits own face->least good, but still can upgrade spellstone, and because the amount of self damage you cause, there is more built in self restoration than other decks

    4, hits your own minion-> doesnt happen cause you not have board, expect giants and reavers

    a vanilla 2 mana 3/2 is okay stat, everything above it counts premium, i think in this case mad bomber better than knife jugler in the early and in the late game too

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    posted a message on MadBomber in spotlight
    Quote from Velerios >>

    Nice thinking. I never paid much attention to Mad Bomber, but as you said: 1/1s are pretty rampart, and having him on a field with 2 1/1 is really helpful. Yes, there is the risk of hitting your face 3 times, but the payoff might be worth it. But not sure if he really works in controllock, since having him as a topdeck there might not be worth the benefits.

     appreciate the comment, im not sure if its a controllock, rather a tempolock, playing with lifetotals, the 1 mana draw is so op you push the button every other turn, so topdecking is not an issue :) try the deck, and you'll se

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    posted a message on MadBomber in spotlight


    I just find Mad Bomber a very satisfying card in my even warlock deck, as I always turn1 draw, if my opponent is aggro always has big chance to kill a 1 drop (pretty good as Lost in the Jungle ,Alleycat style cards are popular in aggro decks) and if it hits my face also not that bad , cause i get to upgrade Lesser Amethyst Spellstone , and come closer to my pecious Hooked Reaver activation, and it has reasonable stats.

    I just wanted to highlight thats pretty cool, how classic cards become viable through time in different architypes like Raid Leader and Stormwind Champion did.

    Also i share the deck if you interested to get the tune of it. 

    FaceRaceWarlock Barnabsx(wild)
    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (19) Ability (10) Playable Hero (1)
    Loading Collection

    in short the deck contains 30 inevitable damage from various simmetrical and normal spells, minions battlecry (without spell damage or any minion smorc damage) you guess the other... not many deck has much lifegain to withstand.

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    posted a message on Bonfire Elemental

    everytime I play it:


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    posted a message on an amazingly fitting EVEN package for paladin in wild


    Quote from theREALandy >>

    Interesting deck and concept.

    I think a few cards in your deck are too clunky/situational like Arcane Nullifier, Dark Conviction, Enhance-o-Mechano, and Glass Knight. I would recommend running 1x Silver Sword, 2x Murloc Knight, 1x Keeper of Uldaman, and maybe an Equality to replace the above cards. Murloc knight is very strong with the reduced cost of the hero power even if it doesn't fit your mech package. Also, I find that equality is a very crucial card to include as big priest and giantslock can be tough matchups without the card. Silver sword is just my preference over Enhane-o-Mechano as I think Mechano is too inconsistent and not that impactful. However, these are just a few of my first thoughts upon seeing your deck, so I will have to try out your deck for a few games before deciding whether I like it better than the more standard lists. 

    Hope you find these suggestions somewhat helpful and I'd love to know what you think about them!

    Also, I am very sorry for my horrific formatting as I rarely use hearthpwn and I am not too familiar with the formatting commands. 

     i made some adjustment myself: changed The Glass Knight and and Dark Conviction to 2 keeper of uldaman, but the other stuff just fine, believe me enchance-o-mechano create some pretty good board states, favorable trades etc, and u usually can generate an instant board, so it make in to the list
    i was thinking of murlock knight, just dont know what to replace, everything working together, murlock sinergy doesnt seem fit
    so far tarim and a spellbreaker was enough to finish off greedy control players, also keeper of uldaman
    thanks for the advice, it was useful!
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