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    My sweet innocent child, you are obviously too young to know the legendary terror that once was the dreaded weapon Spirit Claws

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    Lol, little boy, you still have a lot to learn on this game. Polymorph is so great and praised especially because of its difference with Destroy effects : it is a Silence effect.

    Now, you really don't seem to have played a lot of hearthstone to be thinking damage minions are almost inexistent outside of enrage Warrior matchups. Your opponent has a King Crush that just destroyed a 1/5 scarab, and woosh, it becomes impervious to your pretty little "I activate my trap card !". And there's a lot of time you'll see that happen. Logically, the biggest the minions are and the more chances they got to be having multiple board fights, and those re the minions you seek to destroy with this.
    Furthermore, I'll add by saying that the current trend is that big minions tend to have Rush more and more lately, which is the worst nightmare of this card.
    And FInally, with every card having a condition needed to be met, the opponent is granted with the possibility of fighting against it, so if this happens to be used frequently in the future, good players will always look for safe trades in order to negate this.

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    What the heck does "copy all dragons" means ? Do you get a copy of each in your hand ? Do you summon them (obviously not...) ? Does it become itself a copy of each one subsequently ?

    EDIT : Just checked, and the most logical (in terms of mana and usefulness) possibility seems to be the one : It gets you 1 copy of each dragon in your hand.

    DISCLAIMER to further remarks on the clarity of the text : No the text was not clear, and anybody familiar with Hearthstone’s text habits would notice : 
    When a card makes a copy in your hand it always say “Copy X and add it to your hand”. Look at Crystalline Oracle, Devour Mind, Thoughtsteal, Feral Gibberer, Mimic Pod, etc…
    And when creating a copy on the board, they always say “Summon a copy of X”.

    Blizzard just started replacing “Copy X and add it to your hand” with “Copy X” and again and again proving how atrociously respectful they are to consistency.

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    @Magikurp You simply don't understand the meaning of "destroy". Carnivorous Cube and Moat Lurker effectively destroy the minions targetted. Gral DOES NOT. Destroying a minion means putting a minion IN THE BATTLEFIELD to the graveyard. Gral takes a minion from YOUR DECK, hence why they couldn't say the keyword "destroy" here

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    BLIZZARD DESIGNING 101 * Naga Sea Witch : Make a well-designed card, in flavor and in power. Change mechanics of the card to make it bad-designed. Nerf the card to keep the bad design instead of reverting to good design.

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    Quote from AntiFreeze666 >>

    Lord Godfrey strong card, will play in most warlock decks

     Simple NO. Lord Godfrey is good, but when you're talking about decks that are already completely well refined, good doesnt make it. Cubelock never uses lord godfrey for example, cause there are simply better cards for cubelock's plan. Lord godfrey will only see play in control warlock, that's all, which makes for 1 out of 3 warlock archetypes, that doesnt look like "most warlock decks" to me.
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    Well, it's not that simple. In order to get an shudderwock back in hand you must play it with murmuring, which needs to be discounted. And it is simply pointless to play shudderwock before having played at least 1 of each : saronite chain gang, grumble, lifedrink.
    So let's recap : before the combo, you must have already played 1 liferdrinker, 1 saronite chain gang, 1 grumble. Then you must have discounted the murmuring elemental with either grumble or fire plume harbinger. This means having drawn a total 6 specific cards of our deck. And finally you can play the combo for 10 mana. However it will only heal you for 6 if only 1 lifedrinker has been played. And you can't do anything more n this turn. The real combo only starts next turn. Now don't you agree it demands a high setup ?

    And keep in mind shaman stalling tools are like not even a third of the powerlevel of mage stalling tools (counting ice block, since we're talking about former quest mage).

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    Unfortunately, this is how it is intended to work. Tess's wording is inconsistent with the actual mechanic of its battlecry. She doesn't "re-play" minions but just summon them.

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    Just wanted to express my thoughts on the community's judgement of the card. This is a very slow combo and is even more difficult to achieve than Quest Mage while this combo was strictly a "Win the game" and wasnt hated by the community for the fact that its winrate was not high. This one has an even lower winrate and should have not gathered all the hate it did, because this by far not an overpowered deck.The reason it is complained in the community is because of the animation time but people confuse it with overpoweredness and asking for nerfs. The only thing where I completely agree and definitely ask for is to fix the animation by making the Battlecry cast all effects at once, or only cast those that actually do something.

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    I've got 60% winrate against Paladin. Face Hunter however, completely crushes the deck.

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