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[93% WINRATE] SUPER IN-DEPTH GUIDE Legeind in 1...

  • Last updated Nov 28, 2016 (Yogg Nerf)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 6520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/28/2016 (Yogg Nerf)
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Hello, guys, i'm Daniel and you also know me as Зератул#2543 for my demohandlock deck, which is currently in top 10 decks for Gul'Dan
Well, i haven't played HS for 1 year, since September 2015
I'm from Russia and have NOT really good English speaking, don't swear



I've just returned this month and take my friends account with all new cards.
Analysed meta, then played a bit from 25->15 rank as Renolock/CW/Druid/Shaman
Well, after a few days(i haven't played, was wathcing Dreamhack) it's 27th November and my friend has't legend card back, so i watched few streams, analysed several shaman versions and made mine best. 

Let's talk about winrate and a deck

The main thing is that games are fast for the most part. Match ends usually on turn 9-12.
My deck version is "midrange", like everybody's, but it's much more effective to beat control decks and also it's able to live against aggro secret hunters/zoo warlocks, and after you have controled the board, you can easly pressure your opponent with fire elem/rag on turn 6->8.
From rank 15 -> rank 4 and 3 stars with JUST 2 LOSES. Rank 4/3stars -> Legend 24-2.


Double mana tide
Картинки по запросу mana tide totem

Mana Tide Totem is a minion, which your opponent has to kill as fast as he can, so, usually he waste even large removals, like HexExecuteShield SlamFireball and others. Double mana tide is extremely good, because you force your opponent to waste his removals and in you already get a very good value from this card, because it draws a card in the end of your turn.

Fire elemental
Картинки по запросу fire elemental card art

Standard veroins of midrange shaman are still weak against Control Warriors and Renolocks. Also in mirror matchups you usually hope for luck, but if you want to take legend as fast as you can, you have to win in mirror matchups allwaysFire Elemental is a great 6 tempo card with pure good stats for the meta, which has to be killed very fast, because it has 6 damage and it's 1/6 of hero health. It's just one, because it's really enough, i can't explain more, because card fits the deck extremely good.

Картинки по запросу barnes card art

Barnes a great legendery with 3/4+1/1 stats like 4/5 for 4 mana. At first, let's see, what we can get from him: Tunnel TroggBloodmage ThalnosFlametongue TotemTotem GolemMana Tide TotemAzure DrakeThunder Bluff ValiantFire ElementalThing from BelowRagnaros the Firelord.
As you can see, the most part of card has a great synergy with the deck and then it's Barnes + 1/1 minion(even Mana Tide TotemFlametongue Totem with 1 attack), which is well-synergised with all cards in our hand. I'll write a bit more about it in matchups.

Ragnaros the Firelord
Картинки по запросу

"By fire be purged!"
Ragnaros the Firelord is a great lategame card and the best comeback card, which can also be summon from Barnes. No more words.


I'll explain mulligan and key tips/choices against every deck, which works fine in meta.
Mirror matchup is the last one, because it's the hardest.



99% lose against good freeze mage mulligan/player :) Has 0-2 with them, lol. 


The deck, which can beat us as well, but not mine (:

Met many tempo mages, was lucky sometimes, but they couldn't defeat me.


Tunnel TroggTotem GolemSpirit ClawsLightning Storm
Trogg can easily kill Babbling Book, also has synergy with 3/4 totem -> 2/3 trogg
Totem Golem is imbalance 4 health minion with 3 attack, which kills Cult SorcererSorcerer's ApprenticeAcolyte of Pain
AoE to prevent spamming minions, but usually you play it, when he has 2-3 minion on the board and you can play nothing good or just heropower.

Mulligan combos: 
Tunnel TroggLightning Bolt seems great. You play trogg on turn 1 then heropower on turn 2 if he doesn't play Mana Wyrm(or kill it with bolt, then on turn 3 heropower/golem 3/4 + bolt or weapon, depends on your hand.
Spirit ClawsBloodmage Thalnos. You usually don't play Thalnos if he plays nothing on turn 1-2, just spamming golems 3/4 or heropower to 25% spellpower totem from heropower.

The game:

Try to play by curve as good, as you can. Shaman depends on it very much, because can spam different totems from heropower. Try to waste all mana every turn. Play Mana Tide Totem untill turn 7, because it's Flamestrike coming. PLay it when the board is clear. Also u can play Thing from Below with board clear on turn 6-7, because Flamestrike deals 4 damage, not 5; so next turn your opponent has to waste 2 mana for heropower and not play Firelands Portal or Ragnaros the Firelord for tempo for himslef. Try not to play Azure Drake on turn 6-7 if it's not extremely need, because you have to play around AoE.

You have great combos with spellpower, try to get the most value from it.

Always aware of turn 3-5 Flamewaker + coin and others. Keep your removals like: Lightning Bolt+any spellpower/Hex.


The game is all about tempo.
Always keep Hex for Sylvanas Windrunner
Play around Brawl
Don't let him to get value from Acolyte of Pain(2-3 cards)
Be aware of Revenge, if he has 1-12 health. It's important to play around this card, because i saw many decks, which plays x2 copies.
Try not to waste Hex for Justicar Trueheart
Sometimes you use your spells and your weapon to down his armour, because of Shield Slam. I have many examples, when warriors had to play heropower + Shield SlamExecute, instead of simple heropower + Shield Slam, so sometimes it's really important, depends on the current game actually.
Sometimes you try to roll for heal totem from heropower to avoid Revenge/Execute

Mathcup is not really easy, but winable. 
Doesn't matter, if it's CW or Dragon/C'Thun warrior. The main difference is of using Hex


Tunnel TroggTotem GolemSpirit ClawsFeral Spirit

Mulligan tips: 
Totem Golem and Spirit Claws are very important here, because the Warrior usually has to trade his Fiery War Axe for 3/4 minion or totems, if you have weapon 1/3 played. 



The hardest matchup, because the have great earlygame and Cloaked Huntress
It's all about getting the board. playing around secrets: Cat TrickExplosive TrapFreeze Trap.
Also try to kill ALL BEASTS on the board if your health going down fast and you have to push his face faster.
Btw sometimes you have to Hex your minion to save yourself, that saved me couple of games, really. For the most part, if u have a board and 12+ health, you hex his minions, like Kindly GrandmotherAnimal CompanionSavannah Highmane.
Try to control the board and push his face as fast as you can.
Always be aware of Quick Shot + any card if he has 1 card in his hand. Also 5 damage Kill Command if it's beast on the board.


Tunnel TroggTotem GolemSpirit ClawsFeral SpiritLightning StormLightning Bolt

No tips, the game is all about your starting hand.


Actually, it's a strange matchup, because if he has a great starting hand, it's 99% lose, there is no counter, as several streamers said.
Anyway, the main thing is not to keep AoE in hand. Play As many minions as you can, because you don't afraid Swipe
For the most part you have to 100% control the board, because the spelldruid has very many combos.
Always keep Hex for Malygos/Arcane Giant/Fandral Staghelm if you can't remove it with your minions and spells/Ragnaros the Firelord.
It's easy for the most part, but sometimes could be hard, idk, met only 4 -> wins.


Tunnel TroggTotem GolemSpirit ClawsFeral Spirit, Lightning Bolt



Very easy, because u have Lightning Stormx2, Maelstrom Portalx2
It's all about board control
Use AoE for 3+ minions for the most part.
Combo your AoE with spellpower
Comeback in 1-2 turns
Keep Hex for Darkshire Councilman/Doomguard/Imp Gang Boss
Always kill Malchezaar's Imp/Knife Juggler/Dire Wolf Alpha
Be aware of Doomguard turn 5-7 + Silverware Golem discarded.


Tunnel TroggTotem GolemSpirit ClawsFeral Spirit, Lightning BoltLightning Storm

Mulligan tips

If you have Bloodmage Thalnos, try to combo it with Lightning StormMaelstrom Portal

 Reno decks

They all are different 
And matchup is not that easy, because he has 3-4 good AoE: 2 damage 3 manaDemonwrath, 3 damage(but hit his face too) 4 manaHellfireShadowflame(need to have a minion), Twisting Nether that just kills everything you have.
The game is all about board control and playing around AoE(heal totem and 3-4+ health minions wil help you much!
Keep Hex for Twilight DrakeMountain GiantSylvanas WindrunnerEmperor ThaurissanRagnaros the Firelord
Kill all minions, because of Shadowflame
Be aware of Reno Jackson after turn 6+
ALWAYS kill Brann Bronzebeard


Tunnel TroggTotem GolemSpirit ClawsFeral Spirit, Lightning Bolt


I met only decks with Malygos
And it's the easiest matchup
Just spam minions, kill his Bloodmage ThalnosAzure Drake
Be aware of keeping Hex for Edwin VanCleef
Be aware of combo your spellpower to kill 5/4 Tomb Pillager on turn 4+
Usually you use your AoE for 1 minion and it's ok.


Tunnel TroggTotem GolemSpirit ClawsFeral Spirit, Lightning Bolt
Never keep AoE.



Met only 2 with much healing, but had no problems. Idk what to write...
Be aware of Hex for big minions, thats all!


Standard: Tunnel TroggTotem GolemSpirit ClawsFeral Spirit


They still exist? /w me if you found one!

 Mirror - Shamans!

At first
Most decks are using Argent Horserider and i used that a bit too, but found it too week, because in mirror matchups you can easily use your Maelstrom Portal or Spirit Claws or even 1/1 totem from heropower to kill it. 
The matchup is all about using you AoE to be the most effective, because you comeback in 1-2 turns. 
Use Hex for Thunder Bluff Valiant/Thing from Below/Ragnaros the Firelord, but i mostly recommend you to kill Thunder Bluff Valiant with spells and minions. Because mostly it's like: "using AoE + Spirit Claws/using Lightning Bolt
The second main thing is the start. Try to get low drops and play by curve untill turn 5-6.
Be aware of overload. Be aware of HIS overload.
Don't spam the board much with 3-4 health minions, because of his Lightning Storm and Mealstrom portal
Be aware of good 8 mana combo: Azure DrakeLightning Storm
You have to kill his 3/4 totem, because it's too strong. Usually, if you have Spirit Claws equiped on turn 1, and he plays 3/4 Totem Golem on turn 2, you use heropower first(if you haven't Bloodmage Thalnos, then hit 3/4 -> 3/3 / 3/1, depends on you roll. That makes you able to kill it faster, because he's gonna trade all your heropower totems for the most part if you will not use Feral Spirit on turn 3. Don't play Tunnel Trogg if he has 3 attack minion/spellpower minion or weapon on the board.  
You usually play first Lightning Storm when he has 3+ minions(cards, not heropower totems) on the board, like Feral SpiritTunnel TroggBarnesTotem GolemFlametongue Totem. It'll be better if you have spellpower/weapon playable.
FORCE HIM TO WASTE REMOVALS FOR YOUR Mana Tide Totem, it's very important if he has no minions on the board  and you play mana tide + heropower instead of Azure Drake, for example.
Late game is all about your trades and skill, huh.


Tunnel TroggTotem GolemSpirit ClawsLightning StormBloodmage ThalnosLightning Storm/Lightning Bolt/Spirit Claws


Thank you for reading this guide. The deck is not really hard and not too easy and if you need to get rank 5 or legend, so it's going to be the right choice.
Don't forget to +upvote, it motivates me much<3
Also you can add the account, where i'm playing ladder this and next month PVA#21769
And my main account, where i play arenas 7+ wins Зератул#2543
Will be glad if you have a quest for 80 gold, because i'm F2P player (: