Our Hearthstone Arena Highlights for The Boomsday Project ft. HearthPwn Arena Mods

Our Hearthstone Arena Highlights for The Boomsday Project

We're here today with the HearthPwn Arena Mod Team to take a look at what the new Boomsday expansion has to offer for our beloved Arena. Here are the thoughts as we prepare to head into The Boomsday Project early next week, August 7th.

AbusingKel: I Will Hunt You Down!

Hunter is the Bomb!


Spider Bomb and Venomizer may be the best magnetic mechs in the set and they're both class cards for the mighty Rexxar (or Alleria, if you're into that). Because they are rare and common, respectively, it's likely they will show up often in arena drafts. Add Fireworks Tech into the mix (also only rare) and it should make the many Goblin Bomb spawning cards much more effective for Hunter. I'm excited to give it a try on launch day!

Sinti: Omega-Tank Max

First of all, let me just welcome back our dear old friend Force-Tank MAX in the new coat of paint (Bull Dozer) - I hear yellow is a hit this summer!

Second, I'm very happy Priest got pretty much nothing (arena wise), some decent early game, which he was lacking, but thank god no more steal and uber card value generation. He has too many of that already. But Rogue man, oh Rogue, I can't wait to play that class! I not only love Deathrattles but also getting random cards and doing the best possible with each given situation. Rogue can generally stand a chance vs value classes and that is what is most important.

Omega cards are another story, they feel way too powerful for arena environment. You basically get added value for literally nothing. Either you hold a card for a few turns, which you would do anyway if you had a better play, or draw into it later. Bam. Extra value. Completely removes the decision making process during drafting phase when these are offered. Do you need to go for a card to fit your curve, or something for late game? Now you dont have to decide which makes for bad design. Not to mention, that according to Blizzard, Omega Medic and Omega Mind are apparently better cards than Omega Defender and Omega Agent, since they are assigned in higher draft buckets. Wow. But hey, I am still looking forward to Arena like alway. New cards, new experiences, let's go!


Boozor: Mechanical Uprising

Mechs are here (again) and I think we will feel an immediate impact on the Arena scene with their arrival. Magnetic buff cards like Wargear and spread cards like Giggling Inventor will give players a lot of challenges as they try their best to maneuver between clearing the board or applying face pressure. What makes these new mech cards and the magnetic ability so powerful is that most of the minions do not sacrifice much for the versatility of also being a buff card. However, with great power comes great checks - queue E.M.P. Operative. The card isn't as oppressive as Dragonslayer or Mind Control Tech, but I can see it being a staple pick for almost every deck when offered. It's almost guaranteed to get value in this meta and produce some very satisfying/frustrating moments. 


Neonangel: Mecha'thun's Whispers

We got a load of Mechs with this set (39 of them total) and I was really hoping to see a new Piloted Shredder.  We got pretty close with Weaponized Piñata and a little further down the scale with Piloted Reaper, but neither one quite compares.  I think it's going to be interesting to see players screw up using the new Magnetic ability and accidentally play Mechs as a stand-alone unit (for reference, put the Magnetic minion to the LEFT of the Mech on the board if you want to fuse them together). One Mech I'm really excited to play with is going to be Bull Dozer, however you should definitely be cautious of E.M.P. Operative cause that will hurt - big time!

I don't know that any class really stands out in this set for me, but Warlock got several new cards that I really like, such as Doubling Imp and Omega Agent.  I think those minions can make some really strong plays for both the early and late game.  I think Warrior still suffers from getting no solid additions to their card pool (especially since they lost a card with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius being undraftable), and certainly nothing for the early game.  For crazy scenarios I'm looking forward to seeing Mecha'thun work at least once!


What cards are you looking forward to in Arena with the Boomsday set?
Share your thoughts with us below and be sure to join us over on The Arena Forum!


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