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Reminder: Warsong Commander Nerf This Week

The end of Grim Patron Warrior as we currently know it will be arriving sometime this week. It was announced last week that our favourite commander would be receiving the following card text change.

Quote from Zeriyah
Warsong Commander now reads: Your Charge minions have +1 Attack.

Popular Constructed Decks of the Week

Not a whole lot of changes this week to which decks ranked among the favourites of HearthPwners.

Deck Author Cost
 Weird Mage (Control) minntzu 5280
 Surprise Warrior zGGLeoz 5840
 Midrange Veeena 7880
 Fast Druid Bloor 4500
 OTK Dragon Priest Dwayna22 6960
 Bloodlust Shaman Comeback_khv 2820
 Tempo Mage tDsYONKOU 4020
 Midrange Hunter  TalionHS 3240
 Cutpurse Rogue Mazbaz 1500

ASUS ROG Play It Cool Marathon Decks

This weekend, Forsen, Savjz, Firebat, and Reynad all participated in a 24 hour live ladder marathon at the DreamHack studio. The winner, Forsen, reached the highest rank on the ladder, and took home $5,000. You can find their final decks below.

The basic rules of the competition were (Full rules here):

  • There was two banning phases, one for the first 12 hours and another for the other 12.
  • Everyone started with an account which has unlocked all basic class cards.
  • Each account had Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain unlocked.
  • Each player starts with 10 card packs, and gains 3 packs of their choice every hour.
  • Every 6 hours, a mini tournament between the contestants takes place, with the winner getting 5 packs.


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