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    finally making dispatch kodo not need a buff to become amazing i like the mix of it and lifesteal.  same with wolf and snail.

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    i know people use this in mill.  honestly a lower cost could make it usable in every other rouge deck because in every other deck i have tested this i think the only playable thing i did with it was play when out of lethal and drop an extra arcane giant.  it is pretty bad otherwise.  like hunter gets a 6 drop board clear and we get something that could be 8 mana instead.

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    this card isn't bad but the main problem is that if you win with this deck you won without needing this almost 90% of the time.  adapt 5 times on a 5 mana 5/5 is strong since you are given enough options that you'll eventually get a good few but like i said you'll probably win with cards like the stegadon buff or using a good voraxx before being able to use galvadon.

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    purify laughs now

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     what makes this card great is not the ability but rarity.  we who don't throw money at this game don't have access to tons of cards let alone tons of golds.  this being just rare helps players like me get him hopefully with not too many pack openings.  that and crafting is possible too so i am happy about it.

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    well dragon priest isn't gonna die anytime soon

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    but lightbomb can kill alexstraza. but yah everything else is about right it is stronger and cheaper than flamestrike but hits your own minions.  still it is not something to take lightly.

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    aggro bruh

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    this is pretty much the new zombie chow.  yes it has less health but it heals your opponent less than zombie chow and heals you.  it is pretty much going into an aggro dec and will hurt since it will control the board like zombie chow or do face damage enough to not heal.

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    for the people who say it is dumb it is but not in a bad way. some say it is dumb that you can make a comeback with one card and sometimes yah but it wasn't just the one but every card before that.  likewise this card does not always just win a game as from my experience i have seen yog specifically fireball/ pyroblast itself or its owner's face more than heal them .  yogg likewise needs spells in the deck which limits who plays it and also forces sometimes a waste in spells or a too concervitive playstyle (similarly to holding onto emperor thaursan for too long to try to get more value out of it rather than playing a card) which both can loose a person the game.  overall it is fun and the RNG makes the randomness fun as you get cards that can be fun and add more to your experience and you can't win it all and being salty over a game doesn't show much besides annoying other people. my only beef with it is that i am having a hard time pulling it from a pack.

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