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    posted a message on the worst decks ive ever seen in HS

    UPdate, now that I have the Mage deck that lets me cast spells with health, etc.....I have now won 5 in a row easy peasy. Doesnt even feel fair.
    And theres a 0 mana twinspell that refreshes my mana, and fills my hand with new cards. 


    Not even fair.

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    posted a message on the worst decks ive ever seen in HS

    This tavern brawl is so stupid and broken.` Mage can do 24 dmg on turn 2 with hero power ,  fireball and cinderstorm. Probably could do lethal with the right draw.

    Demon hunter cant even heal without taking damage.  

    These decks they give are just broken. 

    Turn friggin 2!! mage plays hero power, fireball cinderstorm for 24 dmg. fuk that shit. 

    the Druid deck has a 5 mana give a beast plus 2,2 , yet theres no beasts to buff!  

    I gett 3 8 drops and 2 7 drops to start.

    How is this even remotely balanced or fair? 

    I cant believe how lazy the design is for this brawl. Incredible. 

    Ive tried a bunch of times too. 

    HOw is giving mage the ability to cast spells with health instead of mana a good idea? How can I beat that? the hero power for mage gives a minion that casts all spells TWICE!  

    It feels cheap and broken. NOt fun. Glad my daily quest said only play 3 Tavern brawls instead of win 3.

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    posted a message on The new MMR matchmaking system sux!

    So I have been playing alot of Priest lately. Home brew decks. I win alot of games, but the matchmaking system makes sure I dont win too much.

    Rogue is the counter to Priest, and once I get a winstreak going, all I face are Rogues, cuz they are prob winning most of their games too.

    It feels unfair to face the counter to my deck 5 or 6 games in a row. 

    If I switch to another deck, suddenly I wont face Rogue as much! 

    Does anyone else run into this problem with the new MMR system of matchmaking? 

    Or am I just delusional? LOL

    In my first 20 games with a deck, I saw Rogue 3 times, but once I kept winning, I saw 5 Rogues in 8 games, for example. 

    The same happens with other decks I play too.....win alot and suddenly see the counter, switch decks, dont see the counter as much, or at all! 

    Anyone have ideas or thoughts on why this happens? Thanx everyone.


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    posted a message on Stealth/Cold Blood Rogue version #1 (no Galkrond) 7-1 so far @ Diamond

    Good idea! I think ill take out Master of Disguise instead of Waxadread. I find he can be really annoying to opponents. But maybe its too slow for this type of deck. Thanx for your input!

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    posted a message on Stealth/Cold Blood Rogue version #1 (no Galkrond) 7-1 so far @ Diamond

    Really hope people check this deck out!! I keep winning but havent faced Priest yet.......



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    posted a message on Stealth/Cold Blood Rogue version #1 (no Galkrond) 7-1 so far @ Diamond

    Ok boys and girls, Ive decided to start learning how to play other classes, and today its Rogue!!!

    I like to make home brew decks, and thru trial and error, learn whats good, and what works, rather than just copy pasta from HS replay or whatever. 

    Today I discovered Stealth Rouge! and my version so far is 7-1 at Diamond 10 to 7 so far.......

    Theres prob better or more popular versions , but I wanted to share my success and get some of you to try it out.

    This deck uses the Stealth mechanic with some cards that dont get used very often. 

    Cursed Vagrant   Master of Disguise    Burrowing Scorpid    Ashtongue Slayer   and some other interesting cards.

    The idea is to play on curve, use your Stealth/Draw mechanics to find more pressure, then use Ashtongue Slayer and Cold Blood to smorc em down!!! 

    This is my first version, and would love feedback on any changes or suggestions to make it better.


    Stealth/Cold Blood version #1
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    Minion (21) Ability (9)
    Loading Collection


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    posted a message on Can Gandhi hit legend ? Video guide

    You just showed an easy matchup for your deck and in fact, it looks slower than usual with dbl doomsayer!!  The only hard matchup for Priest is Rouge right now IMO.  How does this deck differ? What matchup did you think Doomsayer would help you in? Im interested in the concept, so please elaborate. I have been making many diff version of Priest decks for the past couple weeks, and all of them have basically the same winrates. What matchups does this deck do well with? Were you facing tons of Quest Warrior? Cuz im thinking it might be that? DH? 

    Priest has so many removal tools already, dbl Ooze and Doomsayer are quite slow picks for minions. If you could talk about your thoughts about this, I would love to hear it! 

    I am being real, not trolling. Genuinely interested in your thoughts.


    p.s  thank you for sharing your deckl! great job!

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Fukin Highlander Priest finds 4 Queen Alex in one game. Thats ridiculous and unfair. Cap it or something Blizzard, cuz if I lose another game to that kind of shit, Im done with this game. I played it perfect, was 3 cards ahead in fatigue, and then that shit happens. What ajoke. And they call some people "pros"ath this game. Yah right. 

    the amount of shennannigans is incredibly high, and turns the game into a shit show where the luckiest wins. Takes away from all planning and strategy when shit like this happens.

    Im so mad to lose a 30 minute game that way. Especially cuz I play it good and plan ahead.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 - Week 3 Preview

    Get a job!! lol  Oh wait, we cant! LOL 

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    posted a message on Cobalt Spellkin is broken in Tavern Brawl

    on second thought, your explanation is probably correct, and Im just a doufous!! lol  FACEPALM!!

    Thx again KnivesOut

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    posted a message on Cobalt Spellkin is broken in Tavern Brawl
    Quote from KnivesOut >>

    Probably because the class you are playing has no 1-cost spells from the sets used for this brawl.

     I thought about that too. But u can still discover a Dragon from another set so I am confused. Thx for the input.

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    posted a message on Cobalt Spellkin is broken in Tavern Brawl

    2 games in a row, when I played Cobalt Spellkin, the Battlecry didnt work. 

    It must be a bug.

    Just a heads up for other players......

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    posted a message on LEGEND - Thief Priest
    Quote from ertai222 >>

    this deck is pretty bad. 3 loses in a row so far.

     but you can easily go 3-0 too with this deck. give it a chance.

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    posted a message on Announcing the Outland Inn-vitational! - Watch With Twitch Drops!

    Kripp/Purple/RDU dont even play HS much, just Battlegrounds. I dont hoink they should get a slot. Wjhy not people like Hobbs, Dekkster,Funki Munki instead? 

    It seems like Blizzard ALWAYS uses the same faces time after time.....doesnt seem fair, and looks like only the cool kids get to participate.

    I am tired of watching the same Firebat,s and friends in these. 

    Give the smaller guys a shot for once!!

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    posted a message on Where is the creativity?

    Creativity didnt die with me, but my winrate sure did!! LOL  Had a nice 63% before the Rotation/Exapansion. Now its 43% cuz I make a deck and play it, EVERY TIME I get an idea!  Im that guy trying out Bulwrk Control Warrior, or Murloc/dragon Paladfin, etc... etc...etc...

    Losing sux, but being Diamond 5 , I csant go back and I can go to legend whenevr I want. Now, I want to experiment, try new things, and get VALUE for my pre order set!!!

    I feel you OP writer! Your not alone!!


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