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    Great deck, and great idea! Forge all the haters who cant understand why someone would play a "fun" deck rather than only the popular "better' decks. Good on you mate!

    Keep em coming.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2




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    Quote from Nicholasjh >>

    So you are ok if quest shaman on turn 2 plays an evil totem and you have wrath in hand to just pass the turn? God damn I hope all my opponents were this determined that completing the quest is more important than tempo.

     Kripp agrees btw. He said specifically to play it the way you're saying to play it and the win rate is much better

     Kripps is the unofficial Blizzard employee/long time player, who basically knows  all things HS, and he is the most popular Streamer as well, so he has a HUGE fanbase, and is a real link to the Devs of the game as well. Hes a great go to for feedback. Doesnt mean hes never incorrect however!

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    posted a message on My thoughts about Hearthstone
    Quote from Nohva >>

    I always find it incredibly funny that someone thinks he or she is so important, he or she must create a separate thread just to exclaim he or she no longer plays the game.

     It can seem silly at first, however, alot of us players are very passionate about HS. It is the main and only game some people play, and some have played since it came out. Imagine the loss one would feel saying goodbye to an old friend, for example. I know its not the same, but it can feel like it. 

    Writing a post about it is a ceromonial way of saying goodbye in a sense. But maybe also a cry for help, for someone to convince them they arent alone in how they feel, and maybe, just maybe, they could give it another try! LOL  

    Over the top response to a silly idea I know. Im in a weird mood tonite. LOL


    I think its more like the game is so important to some, thats why they write and share about it. 

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    Quote from RubenKoz >>

    Jepetto Joybuzz seems a great inclusion to this deck (although greedy). Also Siamat and Questing Explorer seem quite nice.

     Yes, Siamat is super fun and is in another version of this deck.  There are many ways to go with this deck for sure. Thx for your input.

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    I forgot to mention the sweet interactions between Mutate and Giggling InventorCrowd Roaster or even a Walking Fountain after healing up and value trading......

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    Once again, Im working on a Dragon Shaman deck. This version uses the Quest and the Dragaon package. Every Dragon card is a Battlecry!!! So I was very excited to build one.

    This is 1 of 3 versions I have tried so far.......

    For this one, I chose to not use removal spells and other Control tools like Hex and Earth Shock, and instead included Vulpera Scoundrel along with Firetree Witchdoctor as draw engines to find the tools needed depending on the matchup.

    Another cool interaction with this deck is the AOE abilities of Sandstorm Elemental and Dragonmaw Scorcher, both which do 1 AOE, and with the double Battlecry from the upgraded Hero Power, you can easily clear Token board like Druid for example, or Zoo, and stick a minion or 2 at the same time! Very usefull!!

    Barista Lycnchen is a greedy inclusion, however, she is also very helpful with getting multiple copies of whatever Battlecry effect you need. FAcing alot of big minions? Then copy your Crowd Roaster, or facing alot of Zoo or MUrlocs? Copys your Dragonmaw Scorcher and Sandstrom Elemental and clear their board!!

    Another sweet interaction from the upgraded Hero Power, is playing 4/18 Twilight Drake's and/ or getting double of anything, especially Swampqueen Hagatha  Its really amazing to make 2 different 5 mana minions with Battlecries for the next turns, and for your Shudderwock play.

    This version does not have Archivist Elysiana ATM, but I stil have managed to win the 2 I have faced so far.......

    This deck is a work in progress, and there are many ways to go with a deck like this. Feel free to tinker with the idea and let me know what you think. I expect this deck to get better and stick around for awhile.

    I know there are faster, stronger decks out there to play, but I would rather play something fun and challenging. The feeling of winning with this off meta deck is amazing!

    Dragon Quest v 1.3
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    posted a message on Prismatic Lens Should/Will Be Nerfed
    Quote from Popolito >>

    Let's discuss the odds to see what were actually at with this deck. Chance to be on coin 50%, chance to draw lens (on hard mulligan) by turn 3 is 66%, so that play is accomplished 33% of games. Chance to play a lens on turn 4 no coin is 70%.

    Chance to lens into lens is very relevant and can serve as a tempo killer, that number is harder to shorthand a total, but if you're sitting on a Tip its 50/50 and with all 3 spells in deck it's still 33.3%. Chance of drawing a Tip before playing a lens is roughly 45%. Chance of drawing a lens with lens is around 42%.

    So to actually play tip the scales on turn 4 is around 13%. Chance to play on turn 5 is around 27%. 

    This gives us a base. It does OP things that snowball in these draw scenarios. A coin lens turn for Tip is going to be game over almost every time. Warrior cannot warpath 3 times but can brawl, mage cannot blizzard or Reno, druid can starfall but quest isn't done, aggro decks cannot withstand that temp shift, rogue is probably hopeless vs fin on turns 4-6, only priest can punish with mass hysteria and priest play rate is usual 3% for the whole season. 

    How greedy is your deck? If its highlander you may have problems, there are not enough premier removal/counterplay cards to have only one of each for any hero. If your running a quest list without enough spells/counterplay it could be rough.By turn 6 decks should have answers or have created problems. Turn 5 can be game over and that's the highroll nature of the deck.

    Seems bad to play against or play with. Fun for a little while and then go 8 games without a turn 4-5 Tip and go on tilt.

     Great answer! Well done buddy!

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    posted a message on Great job running Hearthpwn!

    When the site was closing, some volunteers stepped up to keep it going. I just checked the "new" site, Outofcards, and Hearthpwn is more up to date with decklist submissions and meta reports being run by volunters! 

    Awesome job guys! Thank you for continuing to keep this great resource open for us playes!

    Its my first page I open every day online!

    Keep up the great work!

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    I think you need to 2 mana spell for buffing Undatakah with Lifesteal! It keeps all enchantments!! That way when you make 2/2 copies, they have it too!!

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    posted a message on How to climb to rank 5?
    Quote from RodrigoTambo >>

    Hi everyone, I been trying to rank in standar format, but i don´t know what decks are better for that. Right now i´m rank 8. 

    Thanks for your opinions and suggestions!!


     Its not about the deck you play with. The deck you use will def determine how long it can take though. Fast decks have shorter games etc...

    Its really about knowing the meta in a general way. Knowing what cards to play around for example. Knowing their "swing turns" etc....

    And its also about playing to your outs, like in poker, and make your plays accordingly. Sometimes you dont have the answer you need atm, but you plan ahead, and make some plays that help you if and when you do draw your spell/minion. 

    Dont just think about the turn your playing and waste cards etc....get as much value out of your cards as you can. Tempo is king. Value on the board equals tempo, and sometimes value in hand wins it back next turn....

    Knowing your opponent possible cards or deck, helps you Mulligan better. Is it more important in this matchup to play for tempo, or is this a slow match where I can keep something for later in the game in my opening hand?

    Dont keep switching decks every game. I do it alot and it hurts my progress, so dont do it. Stick with a deck, that way you will learn it inside out, and know how to handle diff scenarios in game. 

    Keep it simple, and adjust to your pocket meta. If everyone is playing the exact counter to your deck, maybe dont play that. Have another type of deck to play to counter when that happens, otherwise try to stick with 1 class style of play.

    Good luck. You will do it. Follow the basics of know your enemy, know yourself, plan ahead.....

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    posted a message on Pre release Streams ruin opening weeks creativity.

    Most of us have watched some or all  of the top Twitch streamers play the new cards, and as a result,most people will just copy those decks one day 1.

    This is bad for the game IMO. One of my biggest pet peeves about HS is how prevalent meta decks are in the first few days of an expansion.

    Rather than exploration and adventure on opening day, it will be about "this is the strongest deck I saw, and so I will copy that", rather than trial and error with all the new cards. 

    It feels like the meta is almost already solved! Thx to the pre release events, everybody already knows what the best decks are/will be!

    This is not healthy for the exploration/creative side of HS. Who wants to face the same 3 decks over and over again during opening week?

    Not me. 

    Blizzard should stick to the card reveal stream with a player in house playing some games, a few days before, but thats all. 

    Keep the mystery and excitement of discovering new cards and animations etc....it adds to the magical, fantasy of the unknown that a new expansion brings.

    Instead, its already decided that Battlecry Shaman is the best etc.....why not let that be discovered by us, the pl;ayer base, rather than the pros, who earn a living playing this game.

    They wouldnt have jobs if they didnt have fans, and HS wouldnt have content without us either! 

    So please stop pandering to the streamers and keep some things in the box for us to discover, seeing as how so many of us spend time and or money on this game. 

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    posted a message on I feel bad for Liv Breeden honestly

    Please keep your politics and leftist insanity elsewhere. PC culture is a virus IMO. Not needed here at all.

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    posted a message on Make 10 SoU Predictions Here!

    1. I will hit rank 5 every season with a home brew deck I made, on day 1 of every Season except August 2019. WORDUP!

    2. Almost every deck I make will have a better than 50% winrate. TRUEDAT!

    3. I will purposely build decks to counter the meta,  while complaining that everyone is only playing Tier 1 meta decks! POG

    4. I will switch decks every time I lose more than 3 games, and thus, fall back to Rank 5 from all the theory crafting games it takes to make a new deck!  LOL

    5. I will climb with my new deck to Rank 2 and then suffer a losing streak, and then, I will once again quit that deck and build another. JEEZ

    6. I will share multiple home brew decks on Hearthpwn, and make it on the front page of the site. STARPOWER

    7. I will offer advice, condolences, and general good discussion about Hearthstone. JP-EFFECT

    8. I will have salt from time to time. SPICEOFLIFE

    9. Siamat will be used almost as much as Zilliax and thus be referenced as the second Zilliax TOLDUSO!

    10. Zephrys the Great will be the most loved and hated card in the game and will win and lose key tournament games this coming Season of Grandmasters. NOTAGAIN!


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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Subdue

    Very good card for Control Paladin! Thank you Blizzard!

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