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    posted a message on Since hearthstone has given up the gold economy, are f2p players now unable to compete in standard?
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    So I spent money on the mini expansions when I first started playing hearthstone, but went f2p when they moved to 3 expansions a year.

    Since that time I have been f2p and have been able to maintain a decent collection, get 80-100 packs every expansion and continue to enjoy the game. I make legend pretty much every time I shoot for it (for example 4 of the last 6 months). So I could have continued to go on like this for as long as hearthstone was a thing. 

    There were leaked details a while back of what this system would look like. The gold rewards would be nerfed, and basically only people who spent money could open enough packs to compete in standard on opening day. 

    The most fun I would have in hearthstone would be on release day, opening those packs, trying out the new decks, trying to home brew my own, trying to figure out which crafts were worth it. Balancing the need to earn rewards with the limited resources of a f2p. Was a fun little mental challenge which sparked my interest 3x a year. 

    If what was said about this new track is accurate. All of this will go out the window with the new system. Even with max rewards, you could open max say 40 packs on opening day which would make competing in standard impossible and depressing. I could limp along in wild, which I may do, I do have quite an extensive collection at this point. But basically, unless this new system is completely different than what was leaked. I am basically unable to play standard competively as a F2P next year (I will still be able to buy 100 packs of the new expansion this time around). 

    So I am curious what the rest of you think of this. Should a f2p be able to compete by grinding quests and managing resources? Or should we be relegated to being 2nd class citizens and lose out on the pleasure of enjoying release day?





     Ftp here, bro i dont see the problem, we are gonna spend the gold we save until 12 november plus the gold we will loot along the way of the rewards track, on April we just spend the gold we earned playing during the whole expansion. Eitherway play some wild with decks you love, competing the old-timers (mostly) and the classic strong combo aggros control and supermemes. As an ftp balancing the need to earn rewards with the limited resources isn't the only thing you can do while you are also a veteran. You earned it to have some WILD fun with that cards.

    Quote from SebaMadness2 >>

    They removed gold? Time to quit then.


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    Come One, come All! 

    So maybe it coul be an alternative game where you play with all cards from all classes?

    or a tournament mode in which you enter to play 10 different class decks????

    and seeing those 3 baloons 1 green-common, 1 purple-epic and 1 red-? a new type of cards with a red gem???

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    posted a message on SO, you wanna be a priest...
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    I'm probably gonna get some flame because of this, but I miss playing as, and against raza priest. The rush you get when both of you are aware that you are on a timer was really fun for me, even tho a lot of times it was frustrating, I loved it. I almost exclusively play priest in wild, and make homebrew otk decks. 🤷‍♂️

     The day i will buy Blizzard, the very first thing i will do is to delete Priest from the game . But when i read such comments im thinking of deleting all the acounts that played raza for more than 1001 days or reached  legend more than 5 times with it.

    And because i see you have no idea what is to play against priest and espesially machine gun raza/on 5/ +4-times zephrys reno godpowertopdeck priest, i ll just say that if a new streamer shows up with a name like disgustig triest

    playing only priest counter decks without touching this disgusting class he or she would be the most popular and succesfull because of the amount of priest haters out there.

    Soooo if you wann be a priest look it up, seek help

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    Hi there, what ranks you play this list mate?


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    posted a message on ice block question

    Thanks everyone for the answers, i never noticed....

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    posted a message on How is my beloved community spending its days on quarantine?

    I am fine and don't know not even 1 person got sick. But i know several people who lost their jobs because of the lockdown and the luck of turism. 

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    posted a message on Official Music Thread!
    Quote from abupaco >>

    Sherman! wE share Man the same kind of taste in mUsic, reAlly?

    ...its diabolical



    LMAO, WTF was that shit??? Ok, to be honest, that made me laugh a bit, but I'm not posting stuff here to see who shares the same kind of taste in music with me. Do you seriously think I am that kind of person? That's offensive, my unknown friend. :(

    I'm posting on this thread because this is my beloved forum, my beloved community and I've the right to do whatever I want here as long as I don't break any rules. Does this shit annoy the hell out of people like you? Very probably. Do I care? Of course not. ;)



    Sherman.....what exactly in my post made you feel so bad? Who told you that you cant post whatever you want here, what about rules and how the people like me are? what they done to you? WTF ?...?..?.? ? ? ? ?.?..?...?....?.. ..?. .?  ..??? ?  ?? ????      ?           ?????..................?........?....................?.???.?.?.?..?..?....?...?....?....?.......?..           ..?

    im singing this song while writing this reply, asking to forgime me if i hurt you in any way posting in my not so beloved forum and this totally meaningless community


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    posted a message on Legend has become to easy to hit

    maybe, but that doesnt mean that you are less skilled or less gud!

    its the star bonuses that award the true skilled and really  very - very good players

    easy for you, and you, and maybe you my friend but remember...You are not as any other common player here, you are a skilled legend


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    posted a message on Until they cut back on RNG, this game will continue to suck

    hardcore cope??????????????  denial?????


    you now eternal, the most interesting part in your posts in such threads is the luck of arguments, 

    but im here to defend my words and opinion so, yes it makes me happy, i dont get furstrated by the game, i dont expect anything from this game to feel valuable or intelligent, and as a music teacher i always say a gifted musician is the one that is harder to get bored with music....sorry but in my word it applies perfectly at any activity, even thinking and arguing :)

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