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    Quote from SilverBlooD >>

    In your place i would probably do long term investments when it comes to wild. Aggro decks are cheap indeed, however they are also the most unsafe to craft. If you have most of the standard cards, that means that you probably have: Bloodmage Thalnos, Zephrys, Polkelt. Those are 3 cards used in Reno Priest, which is currently tier 1 deck and i don't see them nerfing it soon. Even if they nerf it, they will just try and decrease win rate of the deck, they won't kill it. 

    My suggestion for craft would be:

    - Reno and Kazakus (Those two are very important cards for Reno Mage, Priest and Warlock).

    - Raza and DK Anduin (Those two are important for Reno Priest).

    That is 6400 dust, you can use rest of the dust to finish cards for Reno Priest and later gather dust for other two Reno decks (Mage and Warlock)


     Malygos aproves!!

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    Come One, come All! 

    So maybe it coul be an alternative game where you play with all cards from all classes?

    or a tournament mode in which you enter to play 10 different class decks????

    and seeing those 3 baloons 1 green-common, 1 purple-epic and 1 red-? a new type of cards with a red gem???

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    posted a message on crafting Raza Priest-instant LEGEND
    Quote from Biomass >>

    Why do you feel entitled to blame anyone else for your inability to reach legend ? 

     i am multi times legend bro, try something else more degenarating to impress me


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    Quote from MvonTzeskagrad >>

    Renolock with Grizzled Mage and Sir Finley mauls Raza priests...

    wich reminds me I actually want to find some goddamn raza priests.

     2 card combo tech in a tier 4 deck!!

    which reminds me why i wrote this post

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    Quote from Frijamabob >>

    lots of easy mode decks to legend for wild.. chill bro~

     All the other easy mode decks have tones of risks to not perform well while raza now is a godpower deck, no matter how it draws or the opponents archetype-execpt maly druid, which can also disturb- and can survive the most op highrolls and win


    Quote from guyopt >>

    - There are some good tech counters to Raza (beneath ground, the Finley and swap combo, the Drakness, bombs)

    - Quest mage is strong counter and great deck to play.

    - Agree that Raza Priest is very strong now (best deck for sure), it needs some balance changes (maybe Raza to 6 or 7 mana?) 

     Rip Quest  Mage.... finally

    Raza is a big balance problem but recently given tools to spam zephrys or kazakus or easy counter combo decks that used to win against raza is the reason of this post.



    Quote from Saber_L >>

     Saber: please just take a look to this post and valuate the 3 quotes and my responses / or take a look at this post and pick the more degenarating quote, By the way i upvote cause it seems yo just farm upvotes!! kdos

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    Why not? Just when you click ''Done'' you all priest players should get to legend and let the others have some fun.

    Legit questions to Raza players out there

    How many more times you plan to hit legend spaming the hero power that looks like.........?


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    Quote from user-100219410 >>

    I'm probably gonna get some flame because of this, but I miss playing as, and against raza priest. The rush you get when both of you are aware that you are on a timer was really fun for me, even tho a lot of times it was frustrating, I loved it. I almost exclusively play priest in wild, and make homebrew otk decks. 🤷‍♂️

     The day i will buy Blizzard, the very first thing i will do is to delete Priest from the game . But when i read such comments im thinking of deleting all the acounts that played raza for more than 1001 days or reached  legend more than 5 times with it.

    And because i see you have no idea what is to play against priest and espesially machine gun raza/on 5/ +4-times zephrys reno godpowertopdeck priest, i ll just say that if a new streamer shows up with a name like disgustig triest

    playing only priest counter decks without touching this disgusting class he or she would be the most popular and succesfull because of the amount of priest haters out there.

    Soooo if you wann be a priest look it up, seek help

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    Quote from Liam3Bucks >>

    Play wild. 

     OP is a main prits player so .....no, dont play wild we dont need another raza around to bring in wild all this shit that OP complains here for.

    Wild is the place my friend, but no with Prits.

    you can choose  a strong deck -legend able- to compete with 0 random or discover in any of the texts of your cards, and the majority of your  opponents will also play more ''solid'' decks.

    ofcourse mage and prits play tones of random cards and make the game less fun  but the game is open to all ages.


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    Quote from HatShapedHat >>

    How come I never see any threads involving incidents where people have greatly benefited from RNG?  Seems like those incidents are always conveniently forgotten.

    good idea!!! so i made a thread


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    Hi there, i hit Legend today  i want to speak about RnG highrolls and to show some pics proving that maybe i didnt ''deserve'' to be a legend this month playing such a deck - perhaps the fastest highroll deck causing quite a few opponents to concede in 1 or 2 turn.

    i play a big shaman deck in wild, a bit modified to make it through aggros and the  variance of OP decks in wild ladder . i screenshot most of my highrollls during some last games.The file allready contains 15. i post here the most extreme. 

    I have made also another file named -unfun HS- and still has 1 picture -Jaina-, just 1 screenshot of an extrem highroll that made me lose. Any other game i lost seemed fair and deserved.

    This is not a peper thread im not showing of my ''best wins''

    it isnt a salt thread asswell while im  saying that no matter how lucky ancestor call i had with Raza priests,pulling Raza , Zephry or Reno or whatever,  this deck 90% wins playing the perfect cards every turn in any situation, stealing minions, turns, and part of the fun.-i hate priest-

    and i do say that i am Benefited by RNG. cheers!! delete rpeist



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    Nice touch-Zul'jin-! congrats! keep beating priest!!

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    congrats man!! and very interesting deck you made there, always nice to see priest counters 

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    posted a message on Are Blizzard employees following threads?

    Scorpyon and   xskarma  are undercover   blizzard's agents. 

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    posted a message on Best counter for bomb warrior

    My paladin's deck easiest matchup



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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, Mage, Paladin:

    Super cool, intelligent, likeable, friendly guys that everybody they meet in real life just likes, fun to party with and pulls ladies by the hundreds and are true gods in the sack. Humorous and good-looking and generally just really likeable and just ridiculously enjoyable and smart human beings that are fucking normal and cool.

    Priest, Druid, DH, Hunter:

    ******** fucking tryhard scumbag waste of oxygen amoebas, everyone hates their guts in real life and they have no friends and never even talked to, yet touched, a girl. Fucking awkward and disgusting little introvert dogshit nerds that sit with their greasy bucktooth faces and grins while counting their arguments ”won” on forums on whiteboards. The most ******** and obnoxious people, the friend that nobody fucking likes, the most pitiful slobbiest nolifing fucking subhuman filth that ever walked this earth 

     please write something about Shaman players!!


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