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    If I could choose only one card to redeem from Trash Tier, it would be Gahz'rilla, the synergy with Kathrena Winterwisp is just too good to miss out on.

    Unfortunately, that is not quite the case. He is simply in the wrong class, which has no reliable way to abuse his effect. Big slow piles of stats tend not to be good from turn 6 and onward. If you have a deck which works, I will listen to you!

    Yes, tier 4 probably needs an overhaul too, both of the cards you mention are tier 5 material, but some cards are there because they could possibly have potential in the future.

    The biggest issue, however, is that the format has so many cards and there is not enough data. I have played Wild quite a lot myself, but you can play 1000s of games without ever encountering many of the legendaries. At lower ranks, you will rather face pure standard decks than experimental decks featuring rarely used GvG legendaries. The wild part of guide will unfortunately always have an element of gut-feeling.

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    Quote from Malastrana

    Hello there! I'm a new user from Austria.

    I almost always use my spare-dust to craft new legendaries. But it's tricky every time.

    Also I'm a Wild player.

    So today I looked at the data (last 14 days) of all the trash-tier Wild legendaries, to see if they're really that bad.

    Here is what I found:

    Tyrantus - Good Played Winrate, maybe some decks can make use of it. Suggestion: Tier 4

    Thanks for the feedback. In general, cards with a playrate that low go to tier 5, even if their winrate is decent. From rank 10 and up, the card has been played 6 times, so a the 50% winrate really does not mean much. However, if we actually find a deck which uses him, and the card is important for it, I will consider moving him up.

    Hobart Grapplehammer - Holds a Positive Winrate, maybe as a tech or meme card in aggressive builds. Suggestion: Tier 4

    See Tyrantus. This card might be useful in Hack the System decks, though.

    Knuckles - Good Played Winrate, decent Deck Winrate, maybe a card for aggressive, midrange and/or beast-focused builds. Suggestion: Tier 3

    See Tyrantus. This card was actually placed too high for a long time for this exact reason. The problem is that he actually makes said decks worse. A legendary with stronger cheaper replacement is not a recommended craft.

    Cho'gall - Surprisingly Good Winrates (Deck/Played), but sees very little play. Maybe for highlander and/or combo/control decks. Suggestion: at least Tier 3, maybe even Tier 2

    See Tyrantus

    Herald Volazj - Same as with Tyrantus. Suggestion: Tier 4

    Malkorok - Positive Winrates (Deck/Played), maybe playable in all kinds of Warrior decks. Suggestion: Tier 4

    Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale - Positive Winrates (Deck/Played), but not sure where to put it. Suggestion: Tier 4

    Rhonin - Positive Played Winrate, maybe a big drop to try out in highlander and/or combo builds. Suggestion: Tier 4

    Flame Leviathan - Positive Played Winrate, maybe as a tech card in spell-heavy control and/or highlander decks. Suggestion: Tier 4

    Gahz'rilla - Very good Played Winrate, high synergy with Kathrena Winterwisp. Suggestion: Tier 3

    The rest is trash for sure.

    See Tyrantus.

    In general, the list is made considering playrate, winrate and usefulness in decks. Tier 4 also has a lot of bad cards, but if you open it in a pack, at least there is some fun to be had if you slot them in a certain archetype, and they might even be buildarounds in meme decks.

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    Quote from Anton_ >>

    whens the next update coming

     If you have suggestions, bring them forth!

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    Quote from LucasPalandi >>

    Try not choose a hero with 1000w portrait, that works for me


    Still a pretty stupid bug that should never have made it into the game...

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    Mods, can you close this troll thread, please? I see no reason to discuss if Hearthstone is dying rn, even slowly.

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    Quest druid and almost everything else. They lack board presence AND burst...

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    Quote from KazaKazaMDC >>

    Lmao nothing is going to happen especially when Americans around the country cheered the blackballing of Colin Kaepernick. Nothing is going to change and people are just gonna go back to playing their video games. 

    The problem is that many fanboys who grew up playing StarCraft, Diablo and Warcraft games have felt Blizzard has been leaving them for a long time already. D3 auction house, milking old franchises rather than polishing new genres and  "do you have phones" to mention a some.

    I don't know how many will pull the plug on them, but it is the latest turn in a downward trend.

    It is a good thing some Blizzard employees are protesting at least!

    Ben Brode must feel so good he left!


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    I got really pissed about this too and actually felt bad about my newly bought Chinese phone as well.

    The reaction was WAAAY over the top and had the vibe of saying "don't you ever dear to do anything like that again" to anybody having similar thoughts. It was almost like Blizzard handled on behalf of the Chinese government or anticipated what they how they would have handled the situation directly. They could at least tried to make it seem like the same reaction they would do to somebody critizising the Hungarian president or something.

    I can't believe how Blizzard could not see this is a very controversal subject, and that the player they slammed the hammer on would get a lot of sympathy around the world. They missed a golden opportunity to make a stand for values like freedom of speech and democracy

    It is not even about tournament rules, it is about who is in power. The Olympic Games have a dark history of being abused for political purposes, but still reacted equally out of context to this episode:

    I am not uninstalling just yet but Blizzard is not getting any more money from me for the foreseable future, if ever.

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    Yes, there is a difference.

    But the obvious reason for the counterintuitive is that the Rush keyword did not exist when the final nerf of the card happened. This is a rather clumsy early version of "Rush" in the line of 

    and to a lesser extent

    They are essentially phasing out Charge from new cards altogether, when was the last one printed??

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    Quote from HoraceStapleton >>

    With the Wild Data Reaper Report out I have a few more suggestions:

    Glinda Crowskin is absolutely bonkers in Wild; pretty easily in Tier 1. SN1P-SN4P Warlock is an insane deck with virtually no weak matchups, and Glinda is a staple in said deck. The playrate's a little low, sure, but the winrate is incredible.

    Aviana can safely move up to Tier 3. Togwaggle Druid appears to be a pretty solid deck, with or without Star Aligner. Besides, it just makes sense to put it in the same tier as Kun the Forgotten King.

    Open the Waygate, on the other hand, should move down to Tier 3. Quest Mage performs absolutely horribly against the most popular deck in the game, Secret Mage, and as long as this is the case, the deck's a poor choice to climb the ladder with.

    Inkmaster Solia also belongs in Tier 3. Its playrate is low, but its winrate is excellent because of how well Reno Mage is performing right now.

    I suggest that Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound and N'Zoth, the Corruptor switch places. The collapse of Big Priest and low playrate of Darkest Hour Warlock means Y'Shaarj isn't really Tier 1 material in the current meta, whereas Reno Mage and Reno Hunter are making good use of N'Zoth, whose playrate is through the roof. 

    Thanks, all the suggestions are implemented except that N'Zoth is a tech card in the decks with the best winrates. He stays in tier 2 for now. With aggro secret mage being omnipresent in Wild, he is also slow for the current meta.

    Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Tier 1 to 2
    Inkmaster Solia Tier 4 to 3
    Open the Waygate Tier 2 to 3
    Aviana Tier 4 to 3
    Glinda Crowskin to tier 2

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    They all made sense thanks.

    Archmage Vargoth Tier 1 to 2
    Bwonsamdi, the Dead Tier 3 to 1
    Hex Lord Malacrass Tier 2 to 3
    Prince Liam Tier 4 to 3
    Boommaster Flark Tier 1 to 2

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    Quote from Highwayman37 >>

    Couple of suggestions

    Archmage Arugal - saw very limited play and doesn't seem to played anymore: Tier 4 

    Unseal the Vault - Quest Hunter is a good deck at the moment: Tier 2

    Flobidous Floop, Untapped Potential & Elise the Enlightened: Tier 2 (Quest Druid's winrate has gone up post-nerfs)

     Thanks, did the changes witht the exception of Elise, as there are very strong and common quest druid decks without her. Recent changes:
    Scargil Tier 2 to 1
    Unseal the Vault Tier 3 to 2
    Flobbidinous Floop Tier 3 to 2
    Archmage Arugal Tier 3 to 4

    Also updated the text of Shudderwock and some other cards.

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    This deck is probably 50-50 against Even Shaman

    Based on a 2-game sample size and at what rank? I highly doubt that this is 50/50 vs Even shaman, as that should be one of the hard counters to this style of deck. You simply won't have enough removal going highlander druid, remember Even shaman has a seemingly endless stream of big minions. Usually you will crumble by a big board of fatties, Windfury and burn.

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    Some Wild section updates, sorry for the delay:
    Vessina To tier 2
    King Phaoris To tier 3
    Dinotamer Brann Tier 3 to 2
    Barnes Tier 1 to 3
    Blingtron 3000 Tier 5 to 4

    Where is Sir Finley of the Sands played in Wild?

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    Quote from HoraceStapleton >>

    I was a little reluctant to suggest this change initially but after seeing some pros use him I think Bwonsamdi, the Dead should be higher, possibly as high as Tier 3. He's been a solid addition to Quest Wall Priest with Spirit of the Dead, he no longer has a "very low play and winrate", and he can also be used in Combo Priest to draw key cards like Northshire Cleric and Lightwarden.

     Thanks, bang on the money. The deck is doing well, promoted to tier 3 for now but tier 2 seems possible as well.

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