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    Introducing... the newest member of the League of Explorers... Izzy Jameson !


    Izzy Jameson is the greatest explorer of Azeroth! Well, she will be, anyway. First, Izzy has to go on an adventure, to prove her worth. She first finds her calling, travels from the great Un'Goro jungle to the chilly Northrend wastes, from the deep Kobold-infested catacombs to the eerie Witchwood, just south of Gilneas. Finally, Izzy explores the Netherstorm with her greatest idol: Reno Jackson, and busts up a moneymaking scheme lead by the decieving Nokano.

    Keyword Showcase: Decay

    Decay is the class keyword of Archaeologist, representing the antiquity of their antiques. Decay is shown mostly on weapons as a way to make effects that last over time, but in KoFT, it's shown on Decaying Armor , a new type of Armor that is lost one by one each turn. Also, Decay also deals damage so Scavenger Crab's effect would trigger because of Decay. Some examples are shown below:

    Decay cards would look dusty as shown above, and like Aluneth, the lightning icon would glow and the weapon, minion, or Armor would lose 1 Durability.

    Alternate Heroes

    These three alternate heroes can take Izzy's place as Archaeologist, featuring a young Pandaren, an explorer in some mud, and a Beast.

    • Li Li is given upon completion of a special daily quest on the release of Un'Goro, which is " Adapt 10 times."
    • Brann, Stuck is given upon completion of a special daily quest on the release of League of Explorers, which is " Discover 10 times."
    • Tristlehiss is given after you defeat Tristlehiss in the Dungeon run. Tristlehiss is an extremely rare encounter.

    Tristlehiss runs an Egg Hunter deck mixed with some Archaeologist cards. The Hero Power is not used often, only when Tristlehiss is losing or only controls Deathrattle minions.

    Archaeologist Playstyles

    Izzy Jameson knows many ways to outwit her opponent. She uses powerful, ancient artifacts to slowly beat you down, could recruit ancient temple golems to beat you down, or can utilize the scraps of Armor she finds along the way. Some of Archaeologist 's main playstyles are these:

    • Passive Weapon Beatdown: These high power weapons can be cycled through so Izzy always has an artifact up her sleeve. These weapons grant long-lasting benefits.
    • Killer Control: Every Indiana Jones movie features a main nemesis, but none are as iconic as the boulder. Izzy Jameson has a few tricks up her sleeve, many of them controlling the enemy.
    • Discover the Way: It would be wrong to have the League's standout keyword not also be a main keyword of Archaeologist. From the Quest to Nokano, Archaeologist prominently features Discover as one of the ways to play.
    • Armornipulate: An archaeologist would be nothing without ransacking ancient temples for everything inside! This includes everything, like random shields along the way, or an entire mine. Additionally, Archaeologist also can take advantage from "selling" off her Armor, gaining benefits from minions that need it.
    • Dig, dig, dig: In The Boomsday Project, Archaeologist popularizes a unique type of synergy. Although, yes, Rogue does also have shuffle, Archaeologist gains more even value, preferring Midrange rather than combo.

    Showcase Cards



    Challenge Created Cards


    The Last Crusade - Discover Archaeologist

    Top Men - Control Archaeologist

    Quel'Delarcheologist - Shuffle Archaeologist

    Scissorhands - Weapon Archaeologist

    Previous Phases

    Phase V - The Witchwood & Kobolds and Catacombs

    Phase IV - Journey to Un'goro & Knights of the Frozen Throne

    Phase III - Classic
    Phase II - Basic
    Phase I - First five cards

    Final Note

    I'd like to thank maxlot, teknician, Skarlon, Bazil, link, Shatterstar, Cheese, Grand Inquisitor, krowski, and anybody else I missed who helped with Archaeologist on Hearthpwn or Discord. Thank you for taking the time to look at my class.

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    Quote from maxlot >>

    This is probably my favourite of the finalists. Decay's not that bad of a custom keyword, the hero power's good, you've got well established themes and the card quality is very high. I've got a little feedback but I think most of the cards you can still update are fine.

    I think you should upscale Gnomechanic. As a 1 mana minion with a reward also worth about 1 mana, I think it's still a fairly disappointing thing to draw later on in the game, despite only working later on in the game.

    I think mechanically your Rumble set works well, but I'm not sure I'm getting enough Jani vibes from it, feels maybe a bit too generic. The flavour on most of the cards points to the arena, dueling, combat etc, but there's very little on scavenging, trash, or other prominent Jani themes.

    I think your Boomsday theme is fine but maybe Shuffl-o-Tron is a bit too direct.

    Hope you win.

    Alright, I updated several of the Rumble cards and Gnomechanic to be like you suggested. Thanks for the feedback and support!

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    The second Hero Power is the one upgraded by Justicar and Baku the Mooneater. Izzy continues to explore new places with the coming of Kobolds and Catacombs and the Witchwood. In KnC, Izzy will intermingle with the Kobolds, as they aid Izzy on her journey to find the mysterious Mnemostone, a valuable artifact that increases in power by other artifacts. In the Witchwood, Izzy will investigate the monstrosities of the wItchwood, as she comes into contact with new archetypes and powerful rulers.

    Optional Keyword Section

    Everyone who has seen my class knows the drill. It usually goes on weapons, as passive aura effects, however, it can go on minions or a special type of Armor.

    Example Cards

    These cards show the variety of new archetypes supported for Archaeologist.

    • Denkeeper Sinthi is a Witchwood local, and also showcases the main new archetype of the set: big hand! Denkeeper Sinthi can enable some really big plays if you have 9 or 10 cards in your hand, however, she requires a minimum of 9 cards in your hand to function.
    • Sand Filter may look like a timer, but it is, in fact, an ancient technology passed down used by Witches and Gilnean locals. Essentially replacing all of your draws for Shadow Visions , it may seem like a ton of value, but it's a 1 mana upgrade of value over three turns. It works very well in Combo decks, helping you tutor for more valuable cards, or as a control deck searching for cards that they can play. Additionally, this is synergy for the Mnemostone, adding on another powerful ability to its tools.
    • Scrappy Protector is another part of the big hand archetype, with a relatively high threshold, and he also showcases how sticky Archaeologist can make its minions. He can make really sticky Taunts, or stabilize a high-Attack low-Health minion.
    • Hoarder Wod is the wisest kobold around, making a sharp contrast to King Toggwaggle. Being the most knowledgable, he can guide you to the most valuable artifacts around, but passive ones, such as Aluneth Decay in the wrong hands, making them last only three turns.
    • Candle Peddler is the final missing piece in the Recruit puzzle. We had Gather Your Party , which Recruited minions, Grand Archivist , which "recruited" spells, and finally Candle Peddler, which "recruits" weapons. Candle Peddler can help you thin your deck and provide an immediate answer quickly.

    Remaining Cards

    Kobolds and Catacombs

    • Kobold Crafter is a card I showed off in my first phase. It still shows the basic mechanics of the class very well: Armor loss, weapons, Discover.
    • Chief Treasureplucker not only has a great name, but is really strong repetitive Armor gain and can synergise very well with some of the card draw of the set.
    • Bulwark of Azzinoth deserves better than a Common, but for now will chill as a two-turn delay on damage against token decks.

    • Ratty Investor shows off the animal humanoids of D&D.  This one is a typical shopkeeper, like in traditional RPGs.
    • Candle Peddler is a showcase card.
    • Lesser Topaz Spellstone shows the random generation of Archaeologist, and can lead to really fun combos with unlikely cards. I'm sorry for the arts, I'm not wonderful at GIMP.

    • Double Time is a really powerful shuffle tool and can set up combos and supports the shuffle archetype seen in the next card.
    • Nightblade Traveler is the only foreigner this way of the catacombs, but she came with a mission: to retrieve the lost blade Quel'Delar. The Blade is of course Blade of Quel'Delar , and Quel'Delar provides a fun wincon if you manage to survive a game with subpar cards.
    • The Mnemostone builds off of all of the Decay weapons you played this game. Although it's cheap, it's tough to maintain tons of weapons in a deck, and The Mnemostone enables that big payoff.
    • Hoarder Wod is a showcase card.

    The Witchwood

    • Bolting Banshee is probably the safest big-hand card, being closest to vanilla, and a pretty good payoff as well.
    • Cursed Construct is another big-hand card, being riskier to use but a bigger payoff, being as big as an Ancient Watcher .
    • Lost Fangs is the worgen card of the set, uniquely applied to weapons.

    • Scrappy Protector is a showcase card.
    • Excavatorc can help tutor cards you shuffled into your deck. Even if he doesn't get the stuff you want, 4/3/3 draw 2 is still really good.
    • Corrupting Woods is a sidegraded Arcane Intellect . While it does shuffle cards into your deck, they aren't better than the other cards from your deck.

    • Sand Filter is a showcase card.
    • Forest Forage can enable big plays, and is a cheap way to get a big hand.
    • Gravekeeper Damph is an anti- Val'anyr , being cheaper because weapons are less common and aren't buffed. Because the boss in Monster Hunt is all about Deathrattles , it makes sense that he is too.
    • Denkeeper Sinthi is a showcase card.

    Previous Phases

    Phase IV

    Phase III
    Phase II
    Phase I

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    Archaeologist is a control-oriented hero primarily, that starts slow and has less board presence than other classes. In Un'Goro, this will be changed with Elemental Archaeologist slightly, and KoFT helps to build off of the defensive strength with new Decaying Armor. Decaying Armor is separate from normal Armor, and at the end of your turn, you lose 1 Decaying Armor. Decaying Armor does not stack and appears separate on top of armor. Example:

    Ignore that it's a warrior. The bottom is normal Armor, and the top is Decaying Armor. Both counts as Armor, Decaying Armor is lost first and is lost once per turn.

    In Un'goro, Izzy Discovers her way around the jungle and begins on a quest to find the mythic lost Ark of Archaeologic yore. In KoFT, Izzy explores the caves around the Icecrown Citadel but is corrupted by what she finds.

    Strengths of Archaeologist:

    - Defensive Spells : Izzy can get herself out of any tough situation, with a bit of luck. These spells can help evade tricky situations.
    - Armor Generation: Izzy has plenty of cards that can generate more Armor to increase survivability.
    - Powerful Weapons : Using ancient artifacts, Izzy can have access to powerful effects that happen over time. Although Archaeologist has less weapons in KoFT and Un'Goro, they're still potent.
    - Card Generation : Archaeologist can Discover and draw plenty of cards.
    - Sticky Minions : Izzy has several ways to keep her minions alive, and plenty of minions that can survive on their own. These minions typically have high Health.

    Weaknesses of Archaeologist:

    - Limited Board Presence : Izzy typically can't summon a bunch of minions at once, instead relying on singular, powerful minions or weapons.
    - Limited Aggro Potential : Not many things in Archaeologist deal a lot of damage to their opponent's face, controlling the board instead.
    - Weaker Early Game : Archaeologist has more high-cost cards than many classes.
    - Synergistic Cards : In Un'Goro, this means that many cards rely on you playing Elementals. In KoFT, this means having Armor.
    - Decay : Archaeologist has many Decaying things that naturally die out on their own. This is a time constraint for the class.

    Optional Keyword Section

    This has been changed slightly to include Armor, for the Decaying Armor KoFT set. Although primarily seen on weapons, it's still possible on minions and is now on Armor for Decaying Armor.

    Example Cards

    These cards show the variety of new archetypes supported for Archaeologist.

    • Tortollan Trapfinder is my Challenge 1 card and great fuel for the Quest, completing one-third of its requirements in just one card. Although it is pricey, it's a great way to keep hand advantage.
    • Taletellers is a large minion that supports spilling your hand in Elemental Archaeologist because you can retrieve your cards one turn later. One downside is that it is pricey, usually taking up most of a turn.
    • Search for the Ark is Archaeologist's quest. A homage to Indiana Jones, Archaeologist searches for the lost ark deep in the wilderness of Un'goro, and what's a better way to show this than how Izzy Discovers her path of Un'goro?
    • Faraghoul is my example card to show off Decaying Armor. Because Decaying Armor is also Armor, the third line of text is to prevent loops. Although on its own, it lacks much power, it's very potent when used when gaining Armor multiple times each turn, or when you already have Decaying Armor.
    • Izzy the Greedy has been corrupted by gold, and the loot she found in the caves underneath the citadel. She no longer yearns for knowledge, but lusts for wealth and power. The Archaeologist Death Knight shows a key backbone of the Armor archetype, generating plenty of Armor and has a strong Hero Power that adds bone brothers to your hand, which has already been foreshadowed in Basic . The Hero Power supports the Un'goro Discover archetype.


    The Lich King Fight

    Versing Archaeologist, I imagined that games would stretch on some time. To counter this, and to nullify the card advantage that Archaeologist normally gets, I made a solution that forces you to play against your own deck, and perhaps something that forces a player to end the game quickly, so they aren't overwhelmed by resources.

    Remaining Cards

    Journey to Un'Goro

    • Mystick does not have the +3 Health or Deathrattle options, as those don't make sense on the hero. +1/+1 would give a permanent +1 Attack and additional +1 Health, which is removed after Mystick is.
    • Dino-might is a reference to mining tools and ties it to the Dinosaurs of Un'Goro. Here's how it works: 8 damage is dealt to a random minion, then 4 to a random minion, then 2 to a random minion, then 1 damage to a random minion. That's all.
    • Paven, Elemental of Surprise 's Escape Plan replaces the rightmost Discover option while dormant every time. When you click it, nothing is added to your hand, but Paven is revived instead.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne

    • Thanks for the hero card border, NiRaSt!
    • Keeper Greatooth 's effect gains regular Armor when Decaying Armor decays at the end of your turn, or when Decaying Armor is lost otherwise (taking damage). Same with regular Armor.
    • Effects that make you lose Armor lose Decaying Armor first, then regular Armor . If not specified, Armor gained is normal Armor. If not specified, Armor lost is both Decaying Armor and Armor.
    • Cavern Resolidifier is like Dreadsteed.

    Previous Phases

    Phase III
    Phase II
    Phase I

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    Looks good! Good luck to all, may the best class win!

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    The Archaeologist

    Introducing the newest member of the League of Explorers: Izzy Jameson! Izzy's an artifacts expert, focusing on retrieving valuable artifacts from dangerous temples. These latest Archaeology cards aid Izzy on her journey traveling the world.

    Strengths of Archaeologist:
    - Defensive Spells : Izzy can get herself out of any tough situation, with a bit of luck. These spells can help evade tricky situations.
    - Powerful Weapons : Using ancient artifacts, Izzy can have access to powerful effects that happen over time.
    - Card Draw : Izzy has several card draw options in Basic and Classic as a way to recover. In the future, she'll Discover lots of cards as well!
    - Sticky Minions : Izzy has several ways to keep her minions alive, and plenty of minions that can survive on their own. These minions typically have high Health.

    Weaknesses of Archaeologist:
    - Limited Board Presence : Izzy typically can't summon a bunch of minions at once, instead relying on singular, powerful minions or weapons.
    - Limited Aggro Potential : Not many things in Archaeologist deal a lot of damage to their opponent's face, controlling the board instead.
    - Weaker Early Game : Most of Izzy's arsenal lies among the higher-cost range, or generates higher-cost cards.
    - Synergistic Cards : Several Archaeologist cards rely on you controlling a weapon. If you don't have one, you're going to have a bad time.

    Decay is an aura effect that affects minions, like Lifesteal or Poisonous . Unlike these, Decay gives a knockback, forcing the minions and weapons with Decay on a timer. Decay will mostly be implemented on weapons, as this enables the use of aura weapons which last several turns.

    Example Cards

    • Dig-up Shovel is one of the unique ways to draw a card - once per turn. This card is an example of the class's good draw, which is cheap but slow.
    • Rolling Boulder shows the Hollywood side of Archaeology, which lies in the traps that hide in ancient temples, waiting to be explored. This card is an example of removal at a cost. Although it's cheaper than Assassinate, it has a price of also crushing your minions. Alternatively, play it on one of your minions to hit opposite minions.
    • Translife Mirror is another Archaeologist weapon. This one focuses on giving you small minions each turn. Although it is slow, it's a pretty effective way to keep board control.
    • Iron Preserver is a good way to maintain your weapons. This smart goblin allows you to play your weapons a bit earlier because you won't waste your resources. This is good in a deck that uses several weapons.
    • Rejan, Last Defender is a mighty golem that defends lost temples, and specifically the Excalibur, the legend of yore. While it doesn't have Taunt , the effect proposes a fascinating choice for the opponent, whether they could survive to ignore Rejan or take him out. The Decay on Excalibur provides an interesting dynamic, promoting the player to attack quickly with Excalibur and get as many hits in before Excalibur breaks.

    • Token:

    Remaining Cards





    - Master Eroder's Decay only triggers on the end of your opponent's turn, because it's your opponent's minions who have Decay .
    - Archaic Awakening is the Challenge 2 card, which supports the Decay minion archetype in Un'goro.
    - Sentry Orb has random targets.

    Previous Phases

    Phase 2
    Phase 1

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    The Archaeologist


    Archaeologist is a weapon focus class which focuses on board control, and sticky minions. The basic set will mostly be about controlling the board, and survivability through armor and taunt.

    Keyword Section

    Decay is a fairly self-explanatory keyword. It will not appear on any basic cards, but in Classic onward, it will go on mostly weapons as a way to implement aura weapons.

    Example Cards

    These cards show the various strengths and weaknesses of Archaeologist, showing that Archaeologist has decent draw, removal, AoE, and good armor gain and heal.

    • Sword in Stone shows what the class cares most about, again, weapons. It's a cheap cycle that can tutor good weapons, but it benefits from having more weapons in your deck. It is balanced around Forge of Souls .
    • Uncover shows a unique aspect of the class - unique token generation. The tokens (in the spoiler below) are all 4-Cost overstatted minions that you have to pay an early cost for. It's kinda similar to Animal Companion , which is what it was balanced around, however the minions are added to your hand, and are 4-Cost minions.
    • Skeletal Cast is the strange card of the Archaeologist's basic set, following in the footsteps of Tracking and Sacrificial Pact . Not only does it draw 3, it can duplicate cards, and let you know which next three cards you're going to draw. In the future, Archaeologist will care about the top and bottom of your deck, and this is a good starting point.
    • Earthshake is good AoE, and good draw. It's a fairly simple card which can provide a board clear and a refill at once, like a twice as large Fan of Knives .
    • Cavern Crash is the biggest card of the set, providing a large tempo swing and an extra 10 armor for your hero. The idea is that you wear the rocks as Armor!

    Uncover Tokens:

    Remaining Cards 

    • Slapdagger is the typical Archaeologist weapon. Super high durability gives the class a ping for up to six turns, and it synergises well with cards that care about your weapon's durability.
    • Splinter is the class's direct damage card. Along with many other Archaeologist cards, it gains Armor, but this can be used to remove an early threat as well.
    • Shelter is another example of what the class values - sticky minions. This will help a minion survive an additional 6 damage, and it also cycles.
    • Shielding Smasher is a solid taunt, with prime stats and a midrange-y cost. It's use is obvious - as a slightly bigger Shieldmasta, it can defend your hero.
    • Safeguard is an amped up version of the hero power, and the biggest recovery of the basic set. It can restore a third of your health, or help out a minion by fully healing it.

    Previous Phase

    Phase 1 Post

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    Format shamelessly stolen from Demonxz.

    The Archaeologist is a weapons-based class; however, it also can support plenty of other archetypes, such as Armor, Discover, Deathrattle, and more in the future. Decay , which is a reasonably simple keyword, is used to allow the existence of passive aura weapons because of the way Decay weapons naturally lose Durability without attacking, which Archaeologist has several of, it being the core use of the keyword. Additionally, Decay can affect minions and heroes.

    Showcase cards:

    Armor Loss and Armor Gain

    One aspect that makes the Archaeologist class unique is that it destroys your Armor for gain, in this case, to Discover a weapon. Kobold Crafter is just one example of this type of synergy, and there will be more to come. Another thing to note is that Kobold Crafter Discovers , making it decent support for a future Discover archetype. Hallkeeper is amazing for slower weapons with high Durabilities, such as the ones shown below. It can extend the time of Decay weapons, and also is a great cheap source of Armor gain.

    Deathrattles, Deathrattles, and more Deathrattles!

    Being a class that digs up artifacts after they're dead, it only makes sense that Archaeologist has Deathrattle synergy. Deathrattle decks in Archaeologist will be unique from other Deathrattle decks because Deathrattle minions are temporarily removed for turns at a time, instead of quickly dying and resurrecting, or just triggering their Deathrattles . One unique thing about Divvy Digger is that she benefits off of survivability - each of your turns she survives, she draws an extra card on death because the Deathrattle does stack indeed.

    Decay Weapons

    The class's core mechanic, Decay , finally finds its way onto a card. Right from the get-go, Decay is already being used uniquely on Timesnipper . Because you don't want the weapon to break, the Decay actively works against you for a powerful weapon such as this. It's similar to Moat Lurker which that it temporarily removes a minion, but instead of the resurrection based only on a minion's destruction, it's based on time. Because it's cheaper than most removal options, it can also destroy your minions, and it doesn't sacrifice much tempo to trigger their Deathrattles .

    The Big Guy

    Rejan, Arisen is very much a card to be afraid of. A potent threat on the board, it benefits a lot off of weapon removal, and your Aura weapons, which might make the opponent think twice before oozing. Rejan gives the class a way to close out games, by making the player do one of the things it does best, breaking weapons.

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