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    I don't believe in Power of Creation for this set, as the only 6-mana mage minions are 3-3s; which means, you're gonna have to choose the single rendom neutral 6-drop alot of the time.

    Conjurer's Calling however, is what makes this card potent. Slam your Mountain Giant anywhere from turn 3 an onwards. If it survives, great. If you have CC you basicly win the game. If you have Khadgar and CC, you most definetly win the game. (As long as you arent in killrange yourself). As of now, you'll have a 50% chance of getting the taunt from coinjuring your Giant, which is amazing!

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    Assumed it was other minion in the deck as the text started about the deck. But its just the "other minions" on the battlefield right?

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    Seems really strong, but I was expecting something more interesting/impactfull/brutal. More like deathwing less like Ysera.

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    Sprint+ Shield Block + Firelands Portal = Deal 5 damage. Draw 5. Gain 5 Armor. Summon a 5-drop.
    3 cards from 3 classes 17 mana.

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    Played around with many different hunter builds. Then as I was tired of losing, I came here to compare with a "real" deck. Ended up using this list. Lost my first game to the ditto, where my opponent had a double hyena blow out.  I thought I didn't like this deck, but decided to give it another go. Then I continued to defeat quest rogue and warrior, which was amazing as I had yet to stumble upon a list that beat the both of them.

    Awesome deck! :)

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    Thought this guy was the 5-drop to slam in aggrodecks (druid, warrior, hunter). Haven't seen much of him on ladder, destpite these decks being fairly popular. Haven't seen him aside from one tournament either.

    Is he even that good?

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    Anyone know if Tol'vir Stoneshaper triggers Fire Plume's Heart?

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    Would you play a neutral 9 mana Ancient of War?

    I don't think so. At 9 mana his "Elemental" tg doesn't seem much more worth than the option of going "uproot". I don't think its realistic to get a 5/15 consistantly; but even if you did,

    Would you play a 5/15 taunt for 9 mana?

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    "its good if you buff it!" is it actually good then? Any card is good if you buff it. But I guess the special effect, divine shield and taunt is extra good with buffs, just like with charge.

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    Any statistics of how many dragons you need for this guy to be playable?
    When will his expected draw value be closer to 2 cards than 1?

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