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theoddone23's (71% WR) In-Depth Hybrid Hunter

  • Last updated May 13, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 2160
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/4/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Hello! My name is Ivona; I go by theoddone23. I am a multiple Legend Hearthstone player. I started playing Hearthstone in September 2015, and I first hit Legend in September 2016. Since then I have been entering Legend rank consistently, finishing in the top 1000 and reaching top 100 or top 200 throughout the month. My highest reached rank so far is #97, and I did it with Mid-Range Shaman. I am also a Hearthstone streamer; I stream multiple times per week with my colleague Zeronnix. You can find our stream on this link: https://www.twitch.tv/hswithtandz if you want to learn more about us and see what decks we play. Also, I invite you to like our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/HSwithTandZ where you can stay in touch with us and know all about when we will stream and what decks we will play.

Also, this is our YouTube channel, where you can see all our previous broadcasts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPwKrNaz6ZP_ro-8d5JezbQ

Now, about this deck! This is my newest version of Midrange - Hybrid Hunter that I found really suitable for this meta. I have tested lots of tech choices like FlareGolakka Crawler etc, but I found this "simple" version to be the most consistent. Hunter is the strongest the way it is - you play your game and make your opponent adapt to it; not the other way around. It is not made to counter anything since then it is weak to other classes. Just play this version that has decent winrate against all the other classes and you'll be fine :)

This is the newest stream highlight with this deck:

This is the whole stream video where I'm playing this deck in the first half of the stream:

Also, I played this version of the deck on stream and you can see it here:

Here, you can see the YouTube review that Khristophesaurus made for this deck (thanks a lot!!:) :

Here is an amazing video of this deck that Furo made (thanks!!):

Here is an awesome YouTube review that Ultimatevictor made about this deck (thanks!!):

General playstyle? Play your early game and CURVE OUT into your late game minions (like Savannah Highmane). People underestimate the importance of curving out in a Hunter and this deck is made to do that! Hard mulligan for your 1-drops and try to predict early game turns in order to achieve maximum synergy. I will talk about it when I go over general mulligan anyway!

Also, if you like the deck, please upvote so more people can see it!

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WINRATE UPDATE: http://prntscr.com/f4hkj3

NEW SESSION (06.05.2017. on a different PC so the winrate resets from the previous one):



General Mulligan and playstyle


Always a keep:

Alleycat - Arguably the best 1-drop a Hunter can have; its mini-Patches! If you have a choice between this and Jeweled Maccaw, always play the Alleycat first - it gives you more board presence. The only time you actually keep Alleycat (and have another 1-drop as well) is if you have Knife Juggler to pair it with on turn 3. But it is pretty much a must to play it on turn 1, regardless of whether you have the coin.

Jeweled Macaw - An amazing 1-drop that lets you predict your future turns by giving you another beast to play, and also helping you curve out in late game when you need something extra to play. It is second best 1-drop and is very desirable in early game and not as bad later either. 

If you have a 1-drop, I suggest keeping:

Crackling Razormaw - An amazing tempo card that should almost always be played with battlecry. One of its best uses (on 1-drops) are:

  • +3 Health on your 1-drop (Alleycat, Maccaw or coined-out Kindly Grandmother or Direwolf Alpha, Scavenging Hyena etc.)
  • +3 Attack on your 1-drops etc. to allow trading into the opponent's minions that have more health
  • Poisonous, to allow trading into power early drops from your opponent that you wouldn't usually remove
  • Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 plants, for a sticky board and more board presence
  • Divine Shield, for a good trade
  • +1/+1 for a good trade

You don't really need Stealth, Windfury, not being targeted or Taunt early on, but sometimes it can be useful.

Dire Wolf Alpha - not a very good keep unless you have a 1-drop, but can be amazing if you have Alleycat on turn 1! Also it is very good with Unleash the Hounds and Rat Pack deathrattle.

Kindly Grandmother - the least situational out of all the 2-drops you would want to keep. It is very good and amazing when adapted. I almost always recommend a keep!

Scavenging Hyena - kind of situational since it can be really strong and game winning if used properly. I suggest keeping it if you have a 1-drop that you suspect you will trade early with - like Alleycat and Macaw. If you can, keep it for Unleash the Hounds turn!

Knife Juggler - I don't really recommend keeping it unless you have a good reason (or a bad hand) since it is amazing with Unleash the Hounds! But you can play it as tempo and in synergy with Alleycat, Kindly Grandmother deathrattle etc. Use it wisely, but play it if you need to!


I don't really recommend keeping them since you already have a lot of early drops you want MORE! Unless you have a crazy hand, or at least something to play early on, you don't hold on to this - they will come eventually. But these I will mention and let you know when it is good to keep them!

Animal Companion - Probably one of the best 3-drops a Hunter can have. It is good to keep it when you already have something early on. Try to at least somewhat predict the outcome of the companion you get when you play it if you already have a board and try to decide whether or not it is worth playing it (for example, what if you get Huffer and your opponent has a minion on a board you don't want to trade into, and it contests your Huffer - do you trade or not). It can be really good with Unleash the Hounds if you happen to get Leokk! :)

Eaglehorn Bow - since the deck doesn't run secrets, you only use it for board control (don't go face in early game since those are your only charges and you need it to contest minions). You keep it when you suspect you are playing vs a class that needs to be controlled early (aggro decks etc).

Kill Command - usually not a keep. Use it for board control and possible lethal setup.

Rat Pack - not a keep, but has amazing synergy with adapt and Houndmaster. Make sure you don't fill your board when it pops to get all the rats :) Very strong 3-drop!

Unleash the Hounds - not a keep, not even versus aggro - you want early board control. But two copies really come in handy versus aggro decks, especially if you have Direwolf Alpha, Leokk or Juggler on board, which happens a lot :)

!!! Vicious Fledgling - MVP of this deck! Try to go face with it almost at all costs because it is usually game winning. Always try to go for Windfury because you will get to attack and adapt AGAIN! You always go for adapt that your opponent can't counter - not being a target of spells if your opponent is a caster is great, Stealth is even better. Health can be really good, attack into 4-attack minion versus Priest is also really beneficial... you get the point. Go face with it as much as you can and HIDE IT from your opponent as much as you can, and you probably win the game!!!

Other MVP's

Houndmaster - amazing with almost every card in the deck, especially with Rat Pack. It gives immense value and tempo!

Savannah Highmane - Hunter's only and the best Legendary minion. :D Extremely vicious and difficult to handle, this minion is sometimes auto win. It has amazing deathrattle effect and should almost always be played on turn 6!!

Matchups versus certain classes... What to do.. What do do...

  • Paladin (Murloc): Sometimes the deck struggles versus the aggressive version of the deck. Use your early game to control the murlocs as much as possible. If you stabilize after turn 3, Warleader and such, you have a chance for a few powerful turns until the Paladin legendaries hit the board :) try to kill all the murlocs by making valuable trades and don't go into Consecrate by making the board sticky and making his trades awkward. Beware of Tarim if he has a board, also don't leave up ANY minions on turn 6 if you don't need to because of the Spikeridged seed. 
  • In case you struggle: Deadly ShotHungry Crab
  • Warrior (Quest): Sometimes it is difficult, since Hunter is not as strong versus this deck as it used to be. But if you manage to curve out properly and create early pressure that you answer the taunts with, you'll be fine. Savannah Highmane is usually your best friend.
  • If you struggle: Deadly ShotHunter's Mark
  • Warrior (Pirate): Not as bad of a matchup as it used to be. If you establish a board quickly and contest his board while taunting, you should be fine. Try to put board control on the priority list and start going face when they run out of juice.
  • If you struggle: Golakka CrawlerNesting Roc
  • Warlock (Zoo): Not as common on ladder, but now you have a really strong early game and should not struggle versus the Zoolock. Just trade into his minions and press that Hero Power to stop the tapping! :)
  • Shaman (Elemental): Not as common in ladder at the moment; you have a pretty good matchup. Keep applying the pressure and beware of the big AoE, especially Volcano :)
  • Rogue (Quest): As usual, if they finish the quest super early, they can win. But you have the advantage of early pressure and by that you can stop them from quest progress. They don't run Sap and Vilespine Slayer so your Savannah Highmane can live happily ever after. Just stay at high health (which you will since they don't attack with small quest minions a lot) and deal enough damage to be able to smorc if they finish the quest at some point. 
  • If you struggle: Hunter's MarkDeadly Shot (both to reduce the damage from 5-attack minions when it's kind of too late to trade efficiently)
  • Priest (all kinds): They used to be good in this matchup but now they are just too slow. You shouldn't have problems. Just make sure you clear the board if you play vs Purify priest since your trouble can escalate fast if you ignore the minions, with all the buff mechanics!
  • If you struggle: Hunter's MarkDeadly Shot
  • Mage (Freeze, Quest, Aggro, Control): Not a difficult one if you know how to do it. Don't overflood the board (Doomsayer), press that Hero Power OFTEN, make the board sticky and awkward and try to rush down. DO NOT pop the Ice Barrier if you think you won't have enough board damage to remove the armor in time and he's only on few HP! Once you pop the Ice Block on 2 or 1 HP, you basically don't need the board anymore - just rely on Hero Power. Basically try to finish the game as fast as you can. Vicious Fledgling is usually your best friend :)
  • If you struggle: Hunter's MarkDeadly Shot for Doomsayer, Alex
  • Druid (Aggro): Trade the board as much as you can, use Unleash the Hounds wisely and you should be okay - your deck is still faster. They have no answer to big threats like Savannah Highmane etc.
  • If you struggle: Explosive Trap


The last few tips and explanations...

  • Why no tech choices? - as I said in the intro, the deck is strong enough to carry you through every game without having to tech. If you feel the need, all the tech choices are listed in the previous section! :)
  • Do you insta concede to any deck? - no.
  • Do you win just by playing minions on curve and going face? - no. It requires thinking and planning and that is what this guide is made to do!

That's it from me - for now at least! Please upvote  if you like the deck, and also make sure you visit our stream and say hi :) https://www.twitch.tv/hswithtandz